Towering to the top of the cloud, the top of the hat stands a palace, like the tip of this huge hat.

Lin Huang patted Thunderclap’s neck. “Go on.”

Thunderclap’s wings were closed, and the body shape fell sharply. When the ground was about to land, the wings suddenly opened, and the figure was stagnant in midair, and it fell firmly at the door of the palace.

Lin Huang rolled over and took Thunderclap back, summoning a nightmare and reaching out to open the palace gate.

The door was just open, and the next second he saw the scene of the fragrance.

Six women were naked around a man with the same naked body, smashing the body of the man.

Lin Huang also glanced at the thing between the legs of the strong man reclining on the recliner. He couldn’t help but smile. “It’s no wonder that six wives can be married. This guy is really rich.”

At this time, Lin Huang’s voice came to the ear of Bloody’s ear.

“He is not Pang Bing, he is the deputy regional governor Wang Xing.”

“Hey…” Lin Huang suddenly felt that the green color of the Cap Mountain was very good.

The door was suddenly pushed open, and Wang Xing Li Ma got up and looked at the people with wide eyes.

The six women were also exclaimed, and quickly picked up the floor and covered the underwear to cover the key parts.

Wang Xing just did not sense the existence of Thunderclap, but he was not concerned. Together with Thunderclap’s Scarlet-Gold Emperor Palace atmosphere, Lin Huang’s Long Life realm breath completely covered the past, he did not notice the existence of people on the back of Thunderclap.

In this prison space, there were many local monsters in the beginning. Later, as the number of prisoners increased, the local monsters were almost wiped out.

The heads of the time, who were aware of the serious shortage of food, banned the hunting of native monsters. In order to obtain food sources for a long time, they allowed these monsters to freely move and multiply, and only hold one time hunting every year. But even if it is hunting one time per year, it is forbidden to hunt no adult cubs.

Therefore, when Wang Xing sensed Thunderclap, he did not concerned, thinking that it was just an ordinary monster passing by. But I didn’t expect Thunderclap to dive directly when I arrived over the Cap Mountain. Then Lin Huang pushed the palace door open, and the whole process was completed in less than a second.

He is enjoying the services of six women, and it is already late when he reacts.

Unlike the panic of the six women, and sensing the intensity of Lin Huang and the nightmare, Wang Xing quickly calmed down. He didn’t even bother to cover his body with his clothes, and stood up and yelled at Lin Huang. “Trial, are you looking for death?!”

“I am sorry to bother you to exercise.” Lin Huang spread his hands. “If it is not in a hurry, I will be happy to wait for your workout to end.”

“You don’t have to apologize, you can die directly to death.” When the voice fell, Wang Xing raised his hand and shot it with a sword, and took Lin Huang’s door.

But at this moment, his eyes suddenly sluggish, the sword gas that had been fired was automatically dissipated in the void, the attack came to an abrupt end, and the body seemed to be standing still in the same place as Control.

At the same time, the six women who were hurriedly dressed all fell to the ground, as if they were in a deep sleep.

“Put your clothes on.”

Lin Huang sat on the recliner and waited for Wang Xing to wear the underwear before he began to interrogate.

“who are you?”

“My name is Wang Xing and I am the deputy head of the area on the 17th.”

“Why are you at Pang Bing’s home?”

“Today, the trial of the royal family is open, and the regional governor is going to preside over the meeting. It is just not at home. It is the six ladies who are about me.”

“Do you not participate as a deputy head of the conference?” Lin Huang asked a little surprised.

“Most of the meetings, we only need to use doppelgänger to participate, this time I only attend the meeting doppelgänger.”

“Now he is hypnotized, will doppelgänger be affected?” Lin Huang asked at the nightmare.

The nightmare shook his head and a consciousness was directly introduced into Lin Huang’s brain. Lin Huang immediately understood the interpretation of the nightmare.

The hypnotized deity seems to be in a deep sleep, and Wang Xing’s doppelgänger acts independently, even if the deity sleeps, it will not be affected. Moreover, what happened to the deity, doppelgänger is not sensed. Conversely, what the doppelgänger has over there, the deity can know clearly.

Confirming this, Lin Huang finally assuredly continued to interrogate.

“Do you know Pang Bing’s relationship with the six ladies?”

“He doesn’t know that his whereabouts and my six ladies are very clear, there is no need to worry about being discovered.”

“How long have you been maintaining this relationship?”

“Twenty-three years.”

“I don’t wonder if you hooked up one or two ladies. How did you hook up the six ladies?” Lin Huang didn’t understand the problem.

“The six ladies are actually the inside line that I placed in the side of Pang Bing. After I knew that Pang Bing couldn’t do it, she helped me secretly match the bridge. I just reached this relationship with the six ladies, and then slowly developed into Now it is.”

“This female spy is amazing. Not only did she send five women, but she also sent herself in.” Lin Huang whispered.

“Maybe this female spy is interesting to him.” Bloody’s voice came out of the cuff.

After asking some gossip questions, Lin Huang finally began to interrogate the business.

“Where is Pang Bing?”

“At Tianzhu Mountain, I am hosting a trial meeting”

“What other people are attending the meeting besides you?”

“There are two other deputy heads.”

“Do they use doppelgänger?”

“No, they used the deity this time.”

“When is the meeting over?”

“According to the current progress, I am afraid that it will not end until one o’clock in the afternoon. It may take a little while later.”

“That is, you don’t have to visit one by one, you can go straight to the net this time.” Lin Huang was happy when he heard the news.

Asked a few more questions, Lin Huang simply let the nightmare read the brain directly to the seven people, and then share the information brains to Bloody.

On the Bloody side, I quickly completed the detailed plan for the One Step.

“These six women have no need to keep it, but Wang Xing can’t kill now. When he dies, doppelgänger will automatically collapse, and Pang Bing will immediately notice the abnormality.”

“In addition, there are a lot of defense forces on the Tianzhu Mountain. It is much easier to rush into the Thunderclap. It is much easier to bring Wang Xing in.”

“But this kind of meeting that the regional leader can participate in, I am afraid it is not easy to bring people in.” Lin Huang feels that even if he is behind Wang Xing, I am afraid he will be suspected and vigilant.

After all, Bloody’s previous plan was to break into the residence of the district chief and the deputy district chief, killing them one by one, but not now.

When I heard Lin Huang’s doubts, Bloody smiled.

“Do not worry, I have my own way, let Pang Bing not only do not doubt your identity, but also take the initiative to let Wang Xing invite you to attend the meeting!”

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