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Tianzhu Mountain, in the conference hall.


These four people are the regional chiefs and sub-regional chiefs of the 17th region.


After the old man said something, Wang Xing, sitting on the left side of the old man, suddenly spoke.


“The region is long, my deity says there is a deal I want to talk to.”


“Transaction?” Pang Bing listened to a brow. “What transaction?”


“A trial-tester found my deity about half an hour ago, saying that he brought a lot of food resources and wanted to trade with us.” Wang Xing explained, “My deity has checked what he can provide. The food, in addition to meat, as well as vegetables and fruits, and even drinks such as alcohol. Obviously this trial is prepared.”


Food is the scarcest resource in this space. From the beginning of the world, they basically only eat meat, and there is no vegetable or fruit at all. Because the land is too barren, it cannot be planted at all. Not to mention drinks such as alcohol.


The other three people present were listening and couldn’t help but swallow.


“This prison is extremely poor. What does this trial-maker want?” Pang Bing, though he is heart-warming, still keeps his reason.


“He said that he only needs the storage equipment that we can’t decrypt.” Wang Xing said the terms of the deal.


“He thought it would be beautiful, use food for storage equipment. Those storage equipment he took out and decrypted, the food in it was enough to pile up hundreds of Tianzhushan.” poker face cold snort Obviously, I am extremely dissatisfied with this trading condition.


“Old Ning, can’t say that. The storage equipment is valuable outside, but it can’t be decrypted in this prison. It’s a pile of rubbish. It’s even God’s God Grade exercise, it can’t be taken out, it’s rubbish. Food resources are the scarcest resource we have in this prison. With a pile of garbage for scarce resources, why can’t we change?” The Fatty opening sitting next to Wang Xing gave a different opinion.


Poker face snorted, no rebuttal.


“I agree with Hu Yan’s statement. These storage equipment can’t be decrypted, it’s useless. Some have been put away for thousands of years and can’t be opened. Even if there is really something good, it can’t be taken out, it’s better to change it. Food.” Wang Xing and Fatty have the same opinion.


“Why didn’t your deity directly arrest the little devil and force him to hand over all the food?” Poker face asked Wang Xing.


“I thought about it at the beginning, but when the little devil came up, they said that they have an organization and want to reach long-term cooperation with us. This first time cooperation, only he brought the ingredients together, just want to see if there is cooperation. The possibility of success. As long as the first time cooperation is successful, every time after the trial is started, they will have dozens of members bringing food in and out, which is dozens of times of the transaction volume. Moreover, what food we need in the future, You can order his list.” Wang Xing’s doppelgänger relayed the interpretation of the deity.


“The cooperation of farts, when the next royal trial is the turn of our trial space, I don’t know if it is decades later. He said that if you want to start long-term cooperation, you will believe it?! Who will not speak the empty words?!” Poker face is a look of disdain.


“Is he empty-mouthed to speak the vernacular, do you know the test of the exhalation?” Wang Xing turned to look at Fatty.


“That’s it, Old Wang, your deity will bring people directly. Let’s let the test be tested first, and the test will pass. We will talk to him about the following things. If the test fails, kill it directly.” In the discussion of people, Pang Bing finally made a decision.


Thousands of kilometers away, Wang Xing’s deity still has no focal length, and the situation on the doppelgänger side is retelled.


“The things they have agreed to have been agreed, but before the formal negotiations, they will test you one time to confirm whether the long-term cooperation you mentioned is true. If not, they will kill you directly.”


“Test? Is it similar to hypnosis interrogation?” Lin Huang listened to a brow and he probably guessed what the so-called test was.


“Almost. There is a sub-regional called Hu Yanzhuo who is good at Illusion Art. He can easily ask for the information he wants.” Wang Xing added, “In addition to the cooperation information, they should also take the opportunity to take your mouth.” Put out some information about the world you are in.”


“I know, take the lead.” Lin Huang nodded with a smile.


Pang Bing, they have other ideas, why not?


This mountain is the highest mountain in the 17th district and is the residence of Wu Bin, the first leader of the royal prison. Tens of millions of years ago, the first head of the prison had four people, and Wu Bin was one of them. It is also the four people who have established order in this prison before they have a stable development.


In order to show respect for Wu Bin, Tianzhushan has never been occupied. Wu Bin’s palace was slowly evolved into an office building in the 17th district.


He didn’t feel very surprised about this. He had already known this information from Wang Xing’s mouth.


After landing at the top of Tianzhu, Lin Huang walked behind the palace and walked straight into the palace without any arrest. The guards didn’t even look at him with a single interest, completely ignoring his existence.


Lin Huang felt that it should be the reason that Pang Bing had greeted him in advance. Otherwise, even with Wang Xing’s face, I am afraid it is difficult to step into this palace.


After tens of millions of years, this Half-God palace looks as new. Of course, in addition to being enriched by energy for generations to come, there should be no credit for someone to take care of.


Lin Huang smiles and walks forward slowly.


When the little white cat fell on Lin Huang’s shoulder, the nightmare had completely turned dark.


Pang Bing three eyes suddenly fell into a sluggish, sitting in a chair and motionless…




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