As soon as the power of the nightmare started, Pang Bing was hypnotized without the slightest resistance.

After spending less than a minute reading the brain for the three, the nightmare passed the information read to Bloody again.

It took about three or four minutes for Bloody to filter and classify this information before I came back.

“How, is there any useful information?” Lin Huang asked.

“There is a lot of information about this prison, and there are some things about the royal family. I think you can look at it.” Bloody said, pushing a tentacle and pressing Lin Huang’s forehead.

After a while, the massive amount of information classified and filtered by Bloody poured into Lin Huang’s mind.

After the information was transmitted and Bloody retracted his tentacles, Lin Huang closed his eyes and digested for nearly half a minute before opening his eyes again. The first sentence spoken by the opening is: “Is the royal family so strong?!”

In fact, in the morning, Lin Huang had already obtained some memories of the prisoners from Bloody and knew a lot about other worlds.

But until the memory of several people in Pang Bing was transmitted, Lin Huang had a general understanding of the royal family. It also has a preliminary understanding of the gravel world, the little world and the big world.

The so-called gravel world refers to the little world with incomplete rules. It may be a little world that is growing, or a little world that has been declining.

Lin Huang is in this world, and this seems to belong to the latter.

In the world of gravel with incomplete rules, it is impossible for True God to appear, and even the promotion of False God is extremely difficult.

Little world is the complete state of the gravel world. Such a world, with complete rules, can produce True God. There are even a handful of powerful little worlds, and for some special reasons or opportunities, it is possible to create a God God Grade who surpasses True God. Some people refer to such a world as the middle world. In fact, the essence of this world is little world.

The big world is the ultimate state of world evolution. Here, even the master God Grade can be born, they can wipe out a little world between them.

Even if there are thousands of people, the genius of the big world, the number of gods is also very few.

According to Pang Bing’s memory in the big world, the royal family is not a ethnic group, but a special organization from outside the big world. Only one branch is established in the big world.

But it is such a branch, where the Lord God sits. And in the big world, comprehensive strength ranks third among all forces.

The royal family’s acceptance of members is extremely open. Except for the minority groups such as Zerg and Abyss, they treat all races equally and without discrimination. Every time they are separated, they will recruit members from all walks of life. Regardless of whether the source of the other party is the gravel world, the little world or the big world, as long as the trials are passed, the royal membership can be obtained.

The advantage of having a royal membership is that in any world, you can enter the royalty market to redeem the resources you want.

Due to the large number of royalty members in various worlds, there are a large number of Spiritual Gods. Almost everything you can think of can be bought here. Don’t say that God has a fetish, even if you want to cultivate to the main god’s exercise, you can buy it.

“In this way, the royal family is a bit like an enhanced version of the enchanting alliance, but the requirements for personal strength are much higher. Ten thousand comparable Exceed Quality enchantings participate in the screening, and only one person can pass.” Lin Huang couldn’t help but sigh. “According to the strength of the qualifiers who have appeared in the memory of Pang Bing, even if I am not there, the Emperor Wuji of the five-level powerhouse will not pass the screening probability.” %.”

“However, it is possible to exchange different resources from various worlds. Only this point, the identity of the royal family is worth fighting for.”

Gaining some information about the royal family, Lin Huang is more likely to have a royal identity.

“In this trial, only the people with the highest points can get the royal identity. Although under normal circumstances, our points are not difficult, but it is difficult to protect other people’s special means, after all, we can’t see other people’s points. To be on the safe side, I recommend that all other trials be cleared first.” Bloody gave a bold proposal.

Lin Huang listened to it all, and he didn’t expect Bloody to give this proposal.

See Lin Huang for a long while, but Bloody added.

“From Pang Bing’s memory, we can see that most of these people who participated in the trial came from the little world, but also from the big world. But the same is that these people are from the big forces. Some forces There are True God, and there are even some gods sitting in the town. The seed players sent by these forces should have extremely strong cards in their hands, and even do not rule out threats to you. The easiest way to eliminate these threats is to let They are out.”

Bloody’s remarks made Lin Huang unable to refute.

“What do you mean, we didn’t go to the top of the three leaders in the same way as the original plan? Instead of hunting testers?”

“It’s still largely planned, but we don’t clean up the 17th district.” Bloody shook his head. “Because hunting hunters, these prisoners are needed.”

“You want to borrow the power of local prisoners to eliminate all the other trials?!” Lin Huang understood the meaning of Bloody’s.

“Yes.” Bloody nodded with a smile. “We are too inefficient at all. The trials are only open for a month. Tryers who want to kill the light and hide in the place may not be enough this month. Borrow the local prisoners. The power is much faster, they are more familiar with the terrain, and the number is ten times that of the testers. Under the full cleansing, it should not take too long for all the trials to be eliminated. Let them do it, we can still Avoid the risk of being attacked by these testers with a card.”

“So what do we do under One Step?” Lin Huang asked. “Let’s find the three heads to hypnotize them and let them order the co-workers?”

“It’s almost like this, but it can’t be so straight White’s ordered hunting. After all, these prisoners have no obedience. Directly ordered hunting, most people will not actively execute instructions.” Bloody smiled and shook his head. “Be a little bit more about ways to let them If they feel profitable, they will be motivated…”

After finishing the plan, Bloody then said his own concerns.

“There is one more thing. The three heads are among the top in the Purple-Gold Emperor Palace. From the memory of Pang Bing, it may be the Exceed Quality enchanting Emperor Palace realm. The nightmare’s power is only White-Gold. Emperor Palace, I am a bit worried that hypnosis will fail.”

After listening to Lin Huang, she smiled and took out the Half-God Grade soul crystal from the storage space. “It has been kept for a while and can now come in handy.”

After feeding the Half-God Grade soul crystal to the nightmare, it took only ten minutes for the nightmare to successfully digest the soul crystal, from White-Gold Emperor Palace to Purple-Gold Emperor Palace realm, becoming the third Purple of Lin Huang’s. -Gold Emperor Palace, the god of War Soul.

In the past ten minutes, Lin Huang also asked the regional chief Pang Bing to search the treasure house in the 17th district hidden in the Tianzhu Mountain.

“Can you set off now?” Looking at the end of the nightmare promotion, the spoils were also searched, and Lin Huang couldn’t wait to take the One Step action.


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