Monster Paradise Chapter 965

After letting the nightmare switch Pang Bing’s complete hypnosis to an outsider who couldn’t see any abnormal semi-hypnosis, Lin Huang left Tianzhushan and galloped toward the residence where the leader Liang Shuo was.

Liang Shuming is one of the three heads of the Royal Prison. He actually has a hidden identity – Pang Bing’s nephew.

Liang Shuo’s strength is strong. Before he was promoted to Emperor Palace realm, he was a veritable Exceed Quality enchantress. In the big world, it is also considered to be Talent. It is a pity that there is no origin, and luck is not so good. He was raised by a small force in the small army. But when Liang Shuming was still Long Life realm, the little power was hit by the door and completely destroyed.

After that, Pang Bing always took him to steal the chicken and touch the dog.

After Liang Hao was promoted to Emperor Palace realm, the two formed a small force in the big world, specifically swindling some new people in the main city. After the pit is finished, in order to avoid exposure, they also kill people.

Thanks to these unscrupulous resources, Liang Shu and Pang Bing all went all the way to the Purple-Gold Emperor Palace realm.

However, it didn’t last long. Finally, one day, I accidentally provoked a member of the royal family. The whole force was destroyed. Only Liang Shu and Pang Bing were thrown into the prison space.

After entering the prison, Liang Shu quickly discovered that his strength can be called the king in this space, so he challenged the leader of the previous one. After killing the leader, he naturally became the new leader.

This information, Lin Huang is known from Pang Bing’s memory.

Liang Huang’s strength, Lin Huang has no doubts. After all, it was once the Exceed Quality enchanting. After the promotion of the Emperor Palace realm, the strength may not be weaker than the Pseudo-Myth Grade monster. After becoming the new leader, he not only gathered a complete set of Half-God equipment, but also got a sword artifact, and the strength went up to the next level.

But in the face of the same level of combat power, War Soul, Lin Huang does not think that Liang Shu will have a slight chance of winning.

After spending more than half an hour, Lin Huang rushed to the place where Liang Shuo lived – Longchi Mountain.

In midair, he sensed that there are more than one hundred Emperor Palace realm in the area of ​​Longchi Mountain, most of which are Yellow-Gold Emperor Palace realm, and a few White-Gold Emperor Palace, which should be Guard.

He also saw the giant building on the top of Longchi Mountain, which is obviously a Half-God palace.

The atmosphere inside the palace was completely isolated and there was no way to sense it.

But he knew that he had been sensed by people in the palace.

Not only the people in the palace, but all the Guards of Longchi Mountain looked up to the sky and put on a vigilant gesture.

In the palace, Liang Shu, sitting on the brass throne, looked up slightly, “Trial?”

“Boss, do you want to catch it?”

In the palace hall, there are four people, three men and one woman, and the breath is obviously the Purple-Gold Emperor Palace realm. These four people are Liang Shu’s personal guards.

“Just the Seven Steps Long Life realm… Is the royal trial demand lower now?” Liang Shuo whispered, then shook his head and said, “Don’t care for him, the outside Guard will handle…”

His voice had not completely fallen, his expression suddenly became sluggish, and his face became less pleasing.

Because he saw the young man who looked less than twenty years old summoned a monster, and then the Guard of Longchishan fell down one by one, as if in the invisible curse.

In the next second, the young man had taken a token from the doorway Guard hanging around his waist and pushed the palace door open.

After pushing the door open, Lin Huang and the nightmare walked side by side into the hall. With a faint smile on his face, he swept through the five people in his eyes and finally fell his eyes on Liang Shuming.

“Who are you?” Liang Shuo asked Lin Huang, but his eyes were staring at the nightmare. His strong instincts made him feel the little beast. I have a deadly threat.

“Liangtou collar, hello.” Lin Huang introduced himself with a smile. “The slut, the trialer Lin Huang. The purpose of this trip is to make you sleep beautifully…”

“Hands!” Didn’t wait for Lin Huang to finish the conversation, Liang Shuo suddenly burst into a burst.

The five-person figure bounced off the seat almost at the same time, as the arrow slammed toward Lin Huang and the nightmare.

At this moment, the nightmare of the nightmare was raised high, and a long scream was heard in the mouth. The sound wave swayed at nearly a hundred times the speed of sound, and the five figures suddenly stagnate.

The eyes of the four people were sluggish in an instant, and only Liang Shu’s eyes struggled for less than 0.1 seconds, or they fell into a hypnosis.

After completing the brain reading quickly, the nightmare again transmitted the information to Bloody.

After searching the treasure house, the nightmare set the five people to a semi-hypnotic state, and Lin Huang galloped away with the second leader.

It took nearly one and a half hours to hypnotize the second and third heads. After finishing the search, it was close to four in the afternoon.

Lin Huang didn’t go any further, but stayed in the third leader, Liu Hong.

“The three heads have completed hypnosis and can execute the plan.”

“Well, now you can let the nightmare control the three heads and release the hunting notice for the trials.” Bloody nodded.

“The notice must be clearly written. The specific hunting rules are: find the trial, can provide accurate information, get 10% of the meat share. After the final kill, get 50% of the meat share.”

“In the thirty-five divisions, the top three divisions, all members receive 30%, 20% and 10% of their own hunting bonuses. Ranked fourth to tenth, everyone gets their own hunting The 5% bonus is awarded. In the last three divisions, everyone deducts 10%, 20% and 30% of their own hunting income.”

“The three regions, ranking first, all get a 10% bonus on their own meat. The third place, collectively deduct 10% of the income from their own meat. Ranked second, no rewards and no Discipline “”

Around 4 pm, the joint notice was sent to the symbol of every prisoner in the prison space.

A bunch of people are excited and inexplicably eager to try.

Under normal circumstances, prisoners are required to turn in 50% of their food. 20% of them must be handed over to the leader, and 30% must be handed over to the district head and the deputy head, and they can only keep half of them.

But now only to find the trial, 10% of the meat can be taken, plus 50% of the kill, you can get 60% of the benefits. If the partition is ranked first and the region is ranked first, adding 40% is equivalent to 100% gain.

It is naturally unhappy for the regional chiefs to see this announcement because this rule has taken over their own interests.

Just when the regional chiefs disagreed, another notice was sent to all regional chiefs and deputy regional chiefs.

“There are only 5% of the meat in this hunt. The total of the three heads is only 5%. The excess 95% is distributed to the top ten district chiefs and deputy heads. The first place is 30%, the second is 20%. Take 10% for the third and 5% for the fourth to the tenth.”

When the notice came out, everyone suddenly had no opinion.

The district chiefs and deputy district chiefs of the thirty-five divisions immediately began to convene human hand hunting testers.


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