Monster Paradise Chapter 966

Huang Chenyu carefully hid his body in the branches of a big tree, his back was close to the trunk, his breathing was completely stagnant, and his heartbeat was weak to a state of near nothing.

This is a kind of camouflage ability that he masters, which can quickly integrate him with his surroundings and make people unable to sense it. With his current Scarlet-Gold Emperor Palace’s strength, he can even fool the Yellow-Gold Emperor Palace’s Domain Explorer.

This day, he has assassinated three native prisoners, a Black-Gold Emperor Palace and two Scarlet-Gold Emperor Palace.

But at this moment, he was the second prince of the dynasty, but he was not hunting, but was avoiding the pursuit.

He was hiding in the canopy for ten minutes, and he swept through two wave search teams in midair, sensing that the two teams were getting farther away, and he was relieved a little.

“What happened in the end? During the day, it was still good. How did the prisoners suddenly become diligent, so large-scale searchers?” Huang Chenyu whispered.

“That is because the three heads jointly issued a hunting order.” A voice suddenly came from the top of Huang Chenyu’s head.

Huang Chen Yu’s heart trembled. He didn’t look at the other side at all. He had a little branch on his toes and his body quickly slammed into the jungle.

A gray shadow follows the bones of the bones, and the closer it is, the closer the sound is to the ear of Huang Chen.

“You have a good means of hiding and disguising. If the combat power is higher than a small realm, you may be able to escape my feelings. But now, like the fireflies in the night, it is useless to escape. It is a waste of effort. Escape, it’s better to fight with me in front, at least to die.

Huang Chenyu did not say a word, as if he could not hear what the other party said, and kept moving in the jungle, turning and trying to get rid of each other.

The two fled and chased in the jungle for a few minutes, and the gray shadow seemed to be afraid of attracting others, without attack.

But all of a sudden, a smudge of black awns flashed forward. Huang Chen Yu’s heart was shocked. He wanted to dodge, but it was already late. Black mans passed directly through his chest and smashed his heart.

Huang Chen Yu’s breath annihilated on the spot and his body fell to the ground.

The gray shadow behind him quickly stopped his figure, and his original appearance was a tall and thin man. He screamed with anger and anger. “Who dares to rob Laozi’s Hu? Get out of Laozi!”

At this time, the jungle slowly walked out of a thin figure, wearing a white robe, long hair scattered. He looked up at the tall, thin man. “Do you have an opinion?”

“No… no opinion.” The tall and thin man quickly waved his hand, and his forehead oozes a fine cold sweat.

“This meat is what I found, let’s go.” The white robe man used an understatement as if to say a fact.

“Yes, yes… I didn’t see anything.” The tall and thin man quickly turned and fled, and fled to dozens of kilometers away. Then he stopped and wiped the sweat on his forehead. “Scared me, this singer even joined the white robes, this madman is involved. This guy is not always a lone ranger, even the regional leader is not in the eye?”

At the same time that Emperor Chen Yu fell, a large number of other trials were killed.

Many of the trials didn’t understand when they died. They killed two or three prisoners in this trial space. Why did all the prisoners in the entire trial space suddenly go crazy and started to search and kill the trial? .

They don’t even know that when they carefully explored this trial space, some people have already played this trial space. And this person is the initiator of all the prisoners in this space.

While outside the invigorating trial-makers clearing the action, Lin Huang, a trial-maker, sat on the sofa of Liu Hong’s home, studying the memory content that Bloody screened and transmitted.

“The original so-called False God, True God and the like is just the name of God Race…”

According to the name of the big world, False God realm is actually a destiny, a realm that unites the life. There are nine changes in the life frame, and each change is called a turn, so the total number of days is nine turns.

In this realm, the original invisible Domain is affected by the life frame, which is called the god domain, and is also called the god country by the people of God Race.

After the fate of nine turns, the God Fire is ignited, and the sequence of rules is realized. Only when we enter the state of God, that is, what we call true God Grade. In the case of God, there are nine sequences from low to high. Each time a sequence is broken, the mastery of the rules of the world will be deepened.

After the control of a rule breaks through the ninth sequence, a complete chain of order is formed, and a strong person who covers the entire divine domain with the Divine Authority is constructed, which is called the god rank. Since the Divine Authority can’t be rebellious, the realm is called God God realm by God Race. Divided by the strength of Divine and Divine Authority, there are five major titles from high to low, namely Gong Houzizi.

In the upstairs, nine or more order chains are formed, and the absolute Divine Authority is constructed. The gods are transformed into the supreme power of the gods. They are called the gods and are called God Gods by God Race. In fact, in a strict sense, only the divine domain of God’s extreme can be called the real kingdom of God. Because even if it is only the strongest who entered the polar world, the kingdom of God is fully developed, enough to accommodate thousands of little worlds, and it is easy to establish a huge country of its own.

However, in the minds of three leaders, such as Liang Shuming, the understanding of Combat Rating also ends here.

God’s polar environment, or the main God realm, how the specific realm is divided, Liang Shuo they do not know, let alone whether there are other realm above God’s polar environment.

But for Lin Huang, this information is enough now. He doesn’t even have the Emperor Palace realm now, and the False God realm is far away, let alone a higher realm.

In addition to understanding the realm of the combat power, Lin Huang also knows about the distribution of race and power.

In the whole world, the most powerful group is God Race, the second is the alien Zerg, the third is the fairy, the fourth is the alien abyss, and the fifth is Dragon Race. Human is ranked sixth only and is the lowest ranked among the five big families.

The fifth-ranked Dragon Race is also the first six-only one by one group that is not a big family. In fact, the strength of the Peak is not under God Race.

Other ethnic groups, like Dragon Race, are not on the order of magnitude compared to the five races. Overall, there is no such thing as Dragon Race, so it ranks behind human, but it doesn’t mean there is no strong.

“According to the current situation in the world of gravel we are in, it is very likely that our world is within the scope of God Race. So the invasion of our world has always been God Race and servant…” I understand the distribution of the population. In the case, Lin Huang suddenly realized this.

“I think it’s more likely to be at the junction of God Race and the Abyss territory.” Bloody added, “There are a lot of abyss creatures in the abyss, which should come from the abyss.”

“Listen to you, the situation seems to be even worse.” Lin Huang shook his head and smiled.

“It’s really terrible. It’s just a copy of God Race’s experience. They will leave on their own after a wave of experience. Once God Race and the Abyss are fighting, it’s not a wave of experience. It is possible that the gravel world will be blown up.”

“After the arrival of God Race, it is not a solution to the problem. Even if it is finally resisted, it will only cure the problem.” After listening to Bloody’s words, Lin Huang frowned. “To solve the problem completely, you must Find a way out of the gravel world!”

“After I am going out of this trial space, I will break through to the Emperor Palace realm as soon as possible, and then deal with some of the things that are going to be done, and leave the gravel world!”

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