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Chapter 649 Little Fatty (second more)

678.第649章 小胖(第二更)

“What do they have in common?” Chen Kailun barely squeezed a smile.

    第649章 小胖(第二更)

“Oh, good, that’s all you can eat.” Gao Peng thought about it, honing his chin, “very delicious!” added a positive tone.


“Hey!” The big mouth squats and stands tall, the loud frog sounds, the squatting on the back, and it looks a bit horrible.


“Look at this fellow, although I have eaten a little more, I have a little more on the back, and I like to play fart when I sleep, but it is a good heart.” Gao Peng pointed at the bigmouth.


Chen Kailun 😕 ? ?


“There is also this violent king pig, although it eats a lot, but its meat is much longer! It never refuses to waste food, insists on being a good pig with the least amount of food and the longest meat.” Gao Peng The violent stomach king pig who took the fat head and the big ear, the violent stomach king pig was very happy to scream twice and nodded again and again.


Chen Kailun takes a deep breath, if not for Gao Peng, she definitely wants to jump up and hit Gao Peng’s head.


Feelings I have an impression in your mind that is a big stomach king.


“Don’t!” Chen Kailun firmly refused. “I want to look good at Monster Familiar.” Chen Kailun finally understood that he must not let his cousin choose Monster Familiar for himself.


“Good-looking?” Gao Peng snorted and muttered: “I didn’t expect you to be an appearance association.”


Gao Peng does not have much requirements for the appearance of Monster Familiar. As long as he has the ability to do well, it can be seen from the original Ah’Ban and Da Zi.


“Let me think about it.” Gao Peng sighed for a while and finally clap his hands.


“I thought of one, but I have to agree with its father and mother.”


Chen Kailun followed Gao Peng’s ass and was full of vigilance. Now she is extremely distrustful of Gao Peng’s unreliable cousin.


Gao Peng left the lab with Chen Kailun, then left the back door of the lab and walked in the direction of Chen Kailun.


Coming to the backyard, through a small garden, behind the garden is a large lake.


The lake is not beautiful, and there are no picturesque scenery on the shore. The only advantage is that it is relatively large.


“pā pā pā.” Gao Peng squatted and patted the water.


Scratch, a silver-white head popped out of the water.


There are two pointed little horns on the top of the head, and the big eyes of the water seem to be very happy after seeing Gao Peng.


“噗~” took a sip of water and spit at the foot of Gao Peng.


“Little Fatty, recently lost weight.” Gao Peng praised.


The big fish on the top of the head is the fat son of White Dragon and Silver Dragon. When Gao Peng first saw it, he was as fat as a white silkworm.


Not only is it a long horn, but it is also thin, just like opening a beauty.


“╭(╯^╰)╮, I used to be puffy, now is what I was.” Little Fatty happily squats on the shore.


“This is…” Chen Kailun didn’t seem to have seen such a spiritual Monster, not only a little surprised.


“This is the son of Little Fatty, White Dragon and Silver Dragon. There is Dragon Blood in the body and it is a descendant of Dragon Blood,” Gao Peng said.


“This is the descendant of Grandpa Monster Familiar!” Chen Kailun eyes shined, and she also heard others say the descendants of this Advanced Monster Familiar.


Many Monster Familiar descendants of Monarch Level and even Sovereign Level have become highly sought-after rookies. Monster Familiar of Monarch Level Trainer is naturally Monarch Level Monster Familiar. Innate Talent of Monarch Level Monster Familiar is naturally not comparable to Common Monster Familiar. However, the descendants of these Advanced Monster Familiar are basically not sold to outsiders.


They will only pass on to their descendants or relatives, and now they have vaguely revealed the prototype of the new Level class – the family.


Passing on from generation to generation, as long as you can maintain the advantages of Level, it will become a family of Monster Familiar after several generations.


Little Fatty Innate Talent Although good, the fish is also very smart, but Gao Peng is not ready to accept the new Monster Familiar, unless it is very capable and is a missing attribute in his Monster Familiar Team.


If Xiao Yan is really pregnant and gave birth to Xiao Yan Huang, it is a descendant of the double Emperor Level legend and Mythical Grade.


“If you like Little Fatty, you have to go through the permission of White Dragon and Silver Dragon. If they don’t agree, I can’t do anything, and Little Fatty agrees,” Gao Peng said.


“I like it!” Chen Kailun nodded quickly and stared at his cousin.


Little Fatty’s face value is much higher than the four Monsters, and the Grade is also very high, the most important is the descendant of the White Dragon she admires.


The two slender black shadows at the bottom of the lake approached quickly, and the stronger the pressure on the water, the stronger the pressure.


Boom, bang.


Two slender figures smashed out of the water.


The mist of the sky rushed into the sky, and when the water mist evaporated, a looming rainbow remained in the same place.


Gao Peng told Chen Kailun about Monster Familiar and very much like Little Fatty to tell White Dragon and Silver Dragon.


White Dragon and Silver Dragon glanced at each other, then looked down at Chen Kailun, White Dragon snoring. “We don’t have any opinion, as long as Little Fatty likes it.” After the White Dragon lazy, he sneaked into the lake.


Silver Dragon looked back at Little Fatty, didn’t say anything, and went to chase White Dragon.


“It seems that White Dragon’s status at home is not low.” Gao Peng seems to have discovered something wonderful and secretly enjoyed it.


“Become Monster Familiar?”


Little Fatty was shocked, want me to be Monster Familiar?


“No, no, no–” Little Fatty screamed wildly.


Unexpectedly, I thought that the biggest resistance, White Dragon and Silver Dragon, did not refuse, but the neglected Little Fatty did not.


“Ah, little, Little Fatty, why don’t you want it.” Chen Kailun was on the shore, very anxious.


“Hey, I am sleeping in the lake every day, sleeping and eating. The days are so comfortable. I don’t want to be a Monster Familiar to fight every day.” Little Fatty blinked and showed a hint of crafty in his eyes. “Unless high Brother Peng is my Trainer, I agree.”


Gao Peng can’t help but this little Fatty is lazy, but his eyes are quite good. At first glance, he has hit the best Trainer of human.


Touching his face, Gao Peng feels that he can eat on his face, but now he has to rely on talent – really tired.


Gao Peng’s smile on his face was serious and said: “Little Fatty, my Monster Familiar is already a lot, unless you can beat me any Monster Familiar, I will agree to you as my Monster Familiar, you can do it. ?”


“Ah.” Little Fatty was stunned.


“She is my cousin, like you, you should have a lot of common language, and she is not the kind of Trainer who likes to go out to fight.” Gao Peng said with a smile.


Little Fatty lowered his head and dive for a while.


It took a long time to surface, and the white face was facing Chen Kailun. “That… you will give me a lot of fish to eat later.”


Chen Kailun’s eyes bent into the crescent, carefully bent over the shore and bent down, and the white palms touched Little Fatty’s head. “Okay, my name is Chen Kailun. I will buy all the pocket money for you later.”


(End of this chapter)



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