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Chapter 650 buys fish and looks for me (first)

679.第650章 买鱼找我啊(第一更)

The name of the Yangtze River God has gradually spread in Hope City, and its reputation has become louder and louder.

    第650章 买鱼找我啊(第一更)

Some people say that the Yangtze River River God was born 3,000 years ago. It was a fisherman in the mountains. He was a good man in his life. He was a good man of the world. Later, in order to rescue a child who was unfortunately lost in the river, he was entangled in water and grass and died. Sealed for the Yangtze River God.


It is also said that Shen Chang was originally a big demon who lived for thousands of years in the Yangtze River, because the people who often rescued the waters also have the ability to display the people on both sides of the Yangtze River. The temples were built and worshipped for a long time.


Someone found something in the mountains somewhere filled with vines, and some people dug up the stone in the mud by the river.


These messages all look real.


Some people believe that they have become long-standing believers, and some people do not believe it, but they have gradually become suspicious under the overwhelming bombardment of this news.


These are naturally the movements made by Southern Sky and the authorities.


But they still pay attention to Faith’s freedom, and they are not compulsively asking you to go to Faith, but if Faith Yangtze River God can get a little subsidy every month in the government.


After a while, Hope City quietly had an organization called River-God Church, which was crowned with a semi-official title.


The River-God Church has too complex powers inside, and the number is not too large, but it is Elite. Currently, Pope of River-God Church is served by Huang Tao.


Because authority is easy to degrade, the rights of River-God Church are not large, and even subject to official jurisdiction.


The main task of River-God Church is to take charge of the River God Sacrifice Festival in the Yangtze River. If anyone wants to sacrifice River God alone, they can contact the River-God Church to get a dispatcher to teach them how to sacrifice.


Gradually, the Yangtze River River-God Church is becoming more and more famous. Many teams will sacrifice River God in advance when they go to Earth Star to hunt Monster.


Sometimes when they encounter Monster who can’t fight, there will be a servant from River God or River God to help.


But gradually they also found something wrong.


For example, the frequency of the appearance of River God and River God’s servants is related to their Faith and the frequency and extent of sacrifice.


Like the kind of meditation in the bottom of my heart, occasionally a scent of incense, when the danger is encountered, a few water monsters from the Yangtze River will help the attack on the shore, or sometimes will not be affected when crossing the Yangtze River. The attack of Monster in the river.


Then the frequency of the sacrifices is higher, or the team of believers with a higher level of Faith will have more powerful monsters to help them in the event of a crisis, and sometimes even if they are lucky, they will meet River God.


Some people think that this River God is too realistic…


But some people refute him. The Yangtze River is so long, there are so many believers, River God is always busy with it every moment. The same reason is sure to help Faith’s higher level of believers. You can also blame River God. It’s not your own Faith enough to be pious.


Of course, the establishment of a new power or church must be accompanied by wind and rain.


When River-God Church was on the right track, Gao Peng temporarily put aside the attention of Earth Star, took Monster Familiar to Black-Mist World and hunted Monster and then exploded the cultivation Monster Familiar.


Xiao Huang and Xiao Yan were left behind by Gao Peng to take care of Xiao Cao.


Xiao Cao’s grafted location is behind a new villa in Grandpa.


It was an empty area, all around with a low hillside blocking the line of sight, and a small river in the distance.


Xiao Huang had dinner, patted her own round belly, and went out for a walk with her big eight characters.


“Xiao Yan, I finished eating and going out for a walk.” Xiao Huang casually said, and helped support his sunglasses.


Xiao Yan turned her head and glanced at Xiao Huang, coldly snorted and then lowered her head and closed her eyes.


Xiao Xiao sneaked up after Xiao Huang walked away, and then a few pits from the mud, and soon a hole was exposed. There was a tin box at the bottom of the pot. The box was filled with half a box of dried fish. .


Xiao Yan looked down at her round belly, and her eyes were vividly revealing a few hesitations. Then her eyes were firm and she was full of energy before she could lose weight!


Xiao Huang also does not shun the suspicion, the bright and honest walking on the main road, like a bully to patrol his own territory.


Left and right, even the birds on the side of the road have to go and threaten.


“What pull? I don’t know if this is the site of my Grandpa Huang. I will allow you to pull it, you can eat it, give me a go back!” Xiao Huang throws a stone from the ground and looks at the warehouse. The birds that fled and flew down and pulled down couldn’t help but make unscrupulous laughter.




Xiao Huang’s bad taste has been greatly satisfied.


Happy touched a bald head, Xiao Huang continued to arrogantly go to the villa area of ​​Grandpa.


A girl with a long shawl in a long red dress walked on the road with a white, thin-headed, long-horned fish.


The fish absorbs the water in the air and continuously condenses into a dense small water mass to continuously soak its body.


Xiao Huang glanced back and regained his gaze.


Although Xiao Huang has always been arrogant, she does not casually bully other Trainers, especially those living in the vicinity. It is not necessarily a relative of friends of the Master. In this year, even if it is out, it is cultural.


“Little Fatty, my pocket money is all for you, I have only one million monthly coins in my monthly pocket money… I will buy you fish in the next Yue Family and I will buy it for you.” Chen Kailun sighed, Little Fatty’s appetite was too embarrassing, the average fish did not eat at all, the minimum to eat Commander Level fish.


Commander Level fish are sold in pounds, the price is not cheap, even if it is small, it needs dozens of credit points.


“One million?” Xiao Huang stopped, the eyes shined under the sunglasses, could not help but suck in a breath of cold air, this girl looked at the age is not big, actually so rich! Is this the legendary Kay?


Turned his head and looked at Chen Kailun, then strode over.


“Hey, Xiao Guliang, do you buy fish?”


“Ah!? Ah… ah.” Chen Kailun suddenly saw a duck talking in front of himself and was scared.


Xiao Huang’s left hand did not reveal the traces into his pocket, the fingers rubbed the temperature of the banknotes, and his own private money to save money plan, the heart could not help but care.


“I sell you fish, but I don’t want to pay the price, five… six, one thousand! One thousand!” Xiao Huang opened a price.


The originally greedy Xiao Huang wanted to offer a price of 1,500, but she was afraid of scaring others and finally decided to make a long-term flow.


“Grandpa Huang?” Chen Kailun recognized Xiao Huang, Xiao Huang did not know her, but she knew Xiao Huang! Now who doesn’t know the famous Monster Familiar around Gao Peng.


“A thousand credit points…” Chen Kailun reveals a difficult color. Her monthly pocket money is also a million integral coins, equivalent to a thousand credit points.


Although she still has a little money for private housing, she can’t buy a few.


“Credit points? I am talking about alliance coins! You don’t want to fool me with something that is worthless, Gao Peng said, credit points are deceptive things! Although I am just a duck, I have seen hundreds of Movies, dozens of TV series, my life experience is beyond your imagination.” Xiao Huang was furious.


Chen Kailun suddenly got a little confused:? ? ?


Are you misunderstood about the purchasing power of credit points?


Chen Kailun suddenly thought of something, his own cowardly and vicious cousin is always deceiving this silly duck.


Nostalgic nod, “Sorry, Grandpa Huang, I was wrong. In order to express my apology, I decided to increase the price of 1000 alliance coins for each fish. I bought two fish for two thousand allance coins. What do you think?” ”


Xiao Huang, this anger disappeared, my heart sneered, this fool, Grandpa Huang, I was so angry that I was so crowded, at first glance, it was a lot of money.


“Yes, but recently Grandpa Huang, I have something. I don’t have time to catch fish. You give me the money. After a while, I will go to the river to catch a few fish for you. Don’t worry, Grandpa Huang will not pour you money. Xiao Huang nodded in satisfaction, then turned and walked back.


(End of this chapter)



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