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The pale white hand grabbed an empty space, and the palm of the hand was shot on the ground. The irregular rocks of the piece of rock swelled and spread.


Five fingers twitched slightly,


Hey, the back of the hand cracked a gap, and a dark eye appeared on it.


Why are my food missing?


“No, the sacrifice is gone.”


The pale white hand was arbitrarily wiped on the ground, the dust was smashing, and the undulating ground was flattened by a palm, leaving only a smooth and flat crack on the ground.


Two fingers and a hook, point to the crowd.


A youngster with a white face and a slight greenness on his knees squatted on the floor and looked around with his eyes open.


Suddenly I saw two giant fingers grabbed like pillars, and then witnessed splitting.


“Don’t catch my dad!”






In the sending team, a head and a corner are like two white smokes in the nostrils of the long-haired black cattle.


The water mist gathered into a knife, and the translucent water knife slammed down and the two fingers were cut off directly.


The figure caught on the finger fell with two fingers.


Losing two fingers, the giant hand is angry, madly waving in the void, three fingers grabbed the wall fragmented.


“Fang Yan, what do you do!” The elders of the tribe were shocked. “You know how terrible you are.”


The youngster named Fang Yan stood up with his hands on the ground, because his legs were a little numb.


“So a waste of goods also scared you like this?” Fang Yan sneered, “I see you for a long time, it is ridiculous to see what is superior.”


Behind Gao Peng, there were more than a dozen people standing in trembling. They stood in a pile and secretly looked at the back of Gao Peng. This benefactor saved them.


It’s just that they don’t know what the fate of waiting for them is.


Gao Peng looked back at these people and asked, “Where are you from?”


These people did not seem to expect Gao Peng to ask them such a question, hesitated for a long time, and then looked at each other, a person whispered: “Qi Yan adults, I am from the fire soup tribe.”


“What are you talking about!” One person next to him pulled the arm of the Lana.


The tone is full of anxiety, these aliens are very bad! Who knows if this is their plot.


They lie to them to tell the tribe’s place, and then take the opportunity to wipe them out.


I have not done this before.


The fire soup tribe… Gao Peng meditates, he can be sure that there are absolutely no words in the ancient tribe.


If he didn’t deceive me, those flamingo tribes are not people on our side.


Looking at the situation of these people, it seems that their situation is not good.


I am afraid that even the ability to act freely does not…


In this rigorous world, it is difficult to move without power, and even the streets cannot run out.


On the other hand, Fang Yan’s Monster Familiar continued to defeat the white hand, and the big hand looked fierce, but he retreated after the attack of the captivity.


Soon the big hand will retract.


“Wow~” The cry of the baby came out from behind the black fog, and the range of dark fog shrouded.


There is lightning in the dark fog.


All around, they kneel down and pray for Pluto’s anger.


“Fang Yan, you are too disappointing. Today is only the son of Pluto. It is not the real Pluto. Now, Pluto is angry. What do you want to anger at Pluto? You are killing. Others!” The old man saw the appearance of the Pluto, and then he became full of anger and shouted Fang Yan.


In the black mist, a black and red giant door slowly emerges. There are two huge eyeballs on the giant door. The eyeballs rotate downwards, and the bloody eyes are covered with sinister sin.


“You dare to hurt the only son of an adult, wait for you to die!”


After the door was opened, the dark cracks spewed out a lot of black fog, and the black fog covered the sky and the black wind roared.


The whole rock city seems to be in a piece of hell.


Gao Peng wonders, how is this Pluto’s breath so weak? A ghost that has always been holy.


He thought that at least one god, who knows the atmosphere of this fellow is not the peak of the holy.


But glance at the rest of the city, the atmosphere is weaker, not even the holy class, but also a group of weak chicken.


The big hand that came out of the door was first vigilant to investigate around, and he found a sigh of relief after not finding a vigilant opponent.




The field is distributed from the palm of your hand, and the street cross is transformed into a human hell.


All the houses and cauldrons disappeared, leaving only the wilderness of the wild grass, and a few ghost trees in the surrounding area grew alone.


“I am the Pluto of the Rock City, and I am offensive to God, and deserve it -”


The environment is broken and there is a scream in the black and red giant door.


“I am wrong, forgive, ah…”


The screams are very familiar.


It seems to be the voice of the Pluto.


Everyone looked at each other and didn’t know how to be good.


A figure floating in the void disappeared into the sky and disappeared at the end of the horizon, leaving only a huge door.


Bai Haixuan walked in. He brought a new batch of clothes, a hood and a fight, and distributed it. Gao Peng said: “If you want to leave the city, follow me.”


After half an hour, all the people left Yancheng.


Standing on the hillside, blowing the cool breeze, looking at the undulating mountains in the distance.


Someone has a red eye, “Thank you.”


“Thank you.”


All of them fell down, whether it was true or not, at least this moment they expressed their goodwill.


“What are you going to do? There is no Monster Familiar. There are problems with your identity. Even if people in the city don’t chase you, you can’t run out of this forest.” Gao Peng said indifferently, though it was very harsh, it was a fact.


They look at Gao Peng. Although they are not smart, they are not stupid.


Since Gao Peng said this, there must be a way.


“Take me to your tribe.” Gao Peng smiled. “I protect you.”


Gao Peng saw that they were unmoved and nodded. “If I want to kill you, I will kill it. I am not malicious to your tribe.”


“Take him there.” Suddenly someone said.


Others rioted and turned to look at the person who spoke.


This is an old man with gray hair and dark skin.


Although old, it is refreshing.


He seems to be very important.


Everyone else defaults after speaking.