The first thousand nine hundred and seventy-four chapters descended on the mainland of the gods

Chu Mo is finally here!

When his figure appeared in the sky above the gods, the whole godland was almost boiling!

The Rune network over there is also boiling!

On the mainland of the gods, it is a joy!

“Heavens, Chutiandi heard our request, he finally came!”

“Chu Tiandi is mighty!”

“Chu Tiandi is invincible!”

“Great, Chu Tiandi, we don’t structure the perfect world, we decided to stay in this world. With all the creatures, there are no longer those ideas.”

“Chu Tiandi is our fault, we all know it wrong.”

“We know it is wrong!”

On the side of the gods’ mainland, under the jubilation, there are also a lot of words of apology. Numerous Protoss, under such complex emotions of sorrow and joy, finally truly face their own hearts. Sincere apology.

However, on the other side of the world, there is some incitement.

Too many creatures do not understand, why is Chu Tiandi really going to save the gods continent?

“Why? They are coming to attack us! Why are we saving them? Don’t you be afraid, will they turn back and bite us again?”

“Yeah, why should they save them? Heavenly Emperor, you are a good man, but you can’t even save your own enemies?”

“I can’t understand, why should I save them?”

“Although these years, the Protoss have been very quiet, but their minds of perfection of the real world have not been completely eliminated, they are an enemy of Heaven is I! Now save them, return to the head, will they come to bite us? ”

“Don’t look at the gods who are apologizing. Who knows if it is the tears of a crocodile?”

On the other side of the world, this voice can be seen everywhere.

However, there are some other sounds coming out.

“Reassure, Chu Tiandi is not the kind of person who does not divide. If he saves the Protoss, there must be a reason to save them. Also, don’t forget, the horrible river… If you swallow the Protoss, will you not? Will it continue to wreak havoc on our five days? At that time, will it not cause great harm to our five worlds again? Another point is that Chu Tiandi is not afraid of such a big robbery. Is it still afraid of the area protoss? Can you not see? What is the situation of the now-always in the mainland of the gods?”

“Since Chu Tiandi has done this, he must have his reasons! You guys, who have just been saved by Chutian Emperor in the crisis, have begun to question the Chutian Emperor’s work? Chu Tiandi this endless years, every step We are all looking at the growth, when did he do things that are sorry for our five days of the world?”

“The brain is a good thing, but some creatures are not. It is a pity that I support Chu Tiandi. He doesn’t care what he does, he is right!”

“This incident, I am standing on the side of Chu Tiandi, for specific reasons, I can analyze it for you…”

“The Chutian Emperor did everything and thought it out. Do you think it is naive like you? Everything is judged by personal likes and dislikes?”

On the Rune network, because of this, it was a mess. However, both sides are still very restrained. After all, whole world has just suffered a major crisis. Those creatures even questioned the practice of Chu Mo, but they never dared to swear.

As for the Protoss… This argument for the five great heavens of the world is that even the explanations are not dare to explain. I can only look at the weak side. At the same time, they must be careful of the first generation of gods that may appear in front of them at any time.

On the mainland side of the gods, Chu Mo came slowly.

He did not go to see the seven masters, and went straight to the long river of the sky above the gods. Here, it is also a long river. But this river is similar to the three long rivers that Zijintian appeared.

This river is very huge!

Throughout the entire void. Yokohama is here, the waves are smashing, and this piece of emptiness is slap. Countless first-generation gods are still coming out from the inside.

After the arrival of Chu Mo, this long-term river has directly erupted a supreme will and directly suppressed Chu Mo!


Chu Mo The sky around the body is directly crushed by this supreme will!

The seven masters who are far away from each other, instantly squirting out a golden blood, and then the face is very shocking expression. They discovered that the long rivers of the past had such terrible abilities, and they were able to launch such supreme will to attack.

They have been fighting here for so long, and there is no reaction in this long river.


The seven people looked at each other and all had a kind of feeling, especially uncomfortable!

They realized that they had never been looked at by the years.

At the same time, the heart is rising again!

Because if this kind of attack is launched against them before the end of the year, they are seven… How long can it last under this attack?

At this time, look at the Chu Mo over there, still a look of light and faint, still a step by step toward the long river.

All of these seven people’s eyes showed an unbelievable shock.

The supreme will, they are only being contaminated a little, they feel that they may die at any time. And Chu Mo… bears the brunt of it, and fights against the supreme will, but the wind is bleak?

This… Is this true?

Just… just before, when Chu Mo arrived, what were they thinking?

After you want to stop Chu Mo from repelling the long river, do you shoot him?

I wonder if I want to let him go?

This kind of existence… is it really that they can put a horse?

No wonder he really came!

No wonder he dares to save the Protoss!

It turned out that today’s Chu Mo, even the already sturdy to this point. Already completely turned into a real heavenly emperor!

The gods are about to disappear, and the once Protoss will lose that aura. And Chu Mo…the god Emperor they didn’t have in their eyes in the past, nowadays, it has become a real top-level existence!

This kind of drop caused the seven masters to have a strong sorrow in the chest, and then another wave of horrible supremacy came. These seven people, once again, spontaneously squirted a golden blood. Suddenly retreat to the distance.

From beginning to end, Chu Mo is even watching… I didn’t look at them!

As if they are the seven masters, like the creatures in this world, there is nothing special!

The feeling of loss and unwillingness lingered in the hearts of the seven masters, and they finally tasted the taste of bitterness.

What kind of scenery did they have? What is the strength?

Dominating the gods of all living things, the souls of the lower bounds are completely in the eye. Even the Protoss in the realm of God, in their eyes, is nothing more than a chess piece.

They have always regarded themselves as chess players!

Genius has found out that they are not chess players, they have never been. Maybe Chu Mo is not, but people are at least one of the most important pieces!

Now, these people, all ready to exit the board, can only stand outside, bitterly watching Chu Mo continue to squat on this game.

Chu Mo is now ready to come to the river in the vicinity of the years, this long river, the direct eruption of the will, at the same time, and an ice-cold Divine Sense, directly into an invisible sword, 狠Head to Chu Mo!

This is a very fierce blow!

If it was before this catastrophe, such a level of attack, Chu Mo really dare not say that it can be completely given to the next. At least, he will be injured, and even if he is caught off guard, he will be seriously injured!

Because this shot is too secret, too sharp, too fast!

But now, the moment when the attack of the river has just started, the blackness of Chu Mo dantian shines brightly, and the completely becomes a piece of ink crystal, which directly radiates an incomparable force and forms a defense.

This is the instinctive reaction of the godhead, it is even faster than Chu Mo’s reaction!

This is not the defense that Chu Mo takes the initiative, but the passive defense that Godhead makes after detecting the crisis!

This kind of divine power can shock the whole world!


Just around Chu Mo’s body, a roar burst suddenly.

This roar, at first sight, seems to have nothing, but then… the whole five days of the world, all trembled!

How big is the world of the Five Days? For the ninety-nine-year-old creatures in this world, it is absolutely infinite, and the one that is as big as no one, even if it is the end of its life, is not able to see the true end of the world.

Only the boundary wall of the head is the closest place to all things. But all the creatures under Great Ancestor are almost impossible to reach this place.

Such a huge a world, actually trembled as a whole. This blow…how strong, can be imagined.

The seven masters over there are all discolored.

They pay for themselves, and if such a shot falls on their heads, they must be unstoppable!

They even sent out the attack, and the heart is unclear!

They don’t know what kind of taste they have in their hearts, but it is too uncomfortable.

At one time, they all thought that they were the real masters of the world and the protagonist of this world. Now it’s finally realized that they are… they are not.

This hit did not help Chu Mo, Chu Mo faintly looked at the river in front of the cold, and then, the door of the ten reincarnations, instantly summoned by Chu Mo!

This time, the Portal is so big!

Even when it was just Chu Mo in Zijintian, when the tenth temple owner had just entered the main… it was many times bigger!

Obviously, after having the host to host, the ten reincarnations, the real has become the reincarnation hall. Not the same as the past…

The six reincarnations will become more complete!

A large number of years of torrents were inhaled by the reincarnation hall.

With the appearance of the ten reincarnation gates, the first generation of gods who were strangled with the Protoss, like they heard some sort of summon, flew toward the door of reincarnation.

All the Protoss looked at this scene with a dull look. Although they had some news from the Rune network before, but where did they get the shock they witnessed?

It was really shocking!

The soul is shaking.

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