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The first thousand nine hundred and seventy seven chapters retreat

第一千九百七十七章 归隐

There is nothing to be done, the entire seven days of the Rune network, only with the spirit of Yu Wei and the spirit of the two, is not playing, there are a lot of new things, can not be separated from her.


What’s more, today’s Chu Hui is not only responsible for such a thing.


There are still too many things that need her to worry about, for example, the entire seven-day world of money, the heavens all have a certain share. This is not the arrogance of heaven. It is the top-level giants of the entire Seven Days World, in order to appreciate the efforts and contributions made by Heaven in this infinite number of years. Gifted to heaven.


This is a huge wealth that requires specialized people to manage. Chu Hui, who worked hard, was sent directly to manage this matter, so she would complain.


However, she did not have no helper. She also grabbed the former sage Chu Hui.


There are also some elites trained from the Chu’s College, and now they are all early and active in various places in the heavens.


Those in Misty Palace have more things they need to be busy with.


Even Demon Lord and the monkeys, this kind of fierce person who wants to completely solve the problem of returning to the field after the peace of the world, now has to manage a big thing.


Under Lonely Brush Peak.


By the lake.


Inside a Little Wood house.


Sitting a few people.


Hu Lie, Xu Fufu, Chu Mo’s brothers Zidao, Liu Yunfeng, and the monkey, Demon Lord, are sitting together with Chu Mo, chatting and drinking.


There are a few side dishes on the table, not the top delicacies, the ordinary side dishes. But then, Qi Xiaoyu came up with a dish, but it made the eyes of the world-famous Tian Shots all look dull.


It is a small fish, each one, at most, the size of the finger, stuffed with the sauce. good smell. Steamy, it looks very appetizing.


Hu Lie twitched and looked at Chu Mo: “I said brother, this… is this?”


“Fish!” Chu Mo took a look at Hu Lie, a look that you didn’t know, said: “You don’t know fish? You are Tiger Clan, Tiger Clan belongs to the cat family, and the cat likes to eat fish…you Why can’t I even know the fish?”


Hu Lie was not only stunned by Chu Mo, but even the forehead was full of black lines. He looked at Chu Mo and said silently: “Of course I know this is a fish. The question is, how did this fish come from?”


“I am fishing!” Chu Mo looked at Hu Lie: “How do you think they came?”


Everyone on the wine table, at the moment, all faceless expression. Dignified Emperor, the only true God in this quadrilateral. Actually hiding in this place that is really like the mortal world, catch some ordinary fish? Who is this kind of thing to say?


At this time, Demon Lord said with a smile: “Oh, you don’t have to pay enough. The Tang Emperor will give you fishing, and the Emperor will give you food. What do you want?”


The monkey bared teeth smiled and said: “Yeah yeah, this kind of treatment is hard to find, 俺already is very satisfying!” Said, reaching out and holding a chopstick, shouting out loudly: “Sister and sister good craft!”


Outside, Qi Xiaoyu’s chuckle came: “This time Big Rooster didn’t come, I’ve given you a chicken!”


“Ha ha ha ha!” Everyone in the room couldn’t help but laugh.


Big Rooster If you come, even if it is Qi Xiaoyu stewed chicken, he will be crazy.


However, Big Rooster these years, but very happy, it is traveling in the whole world, in his words, is: “After the chicken to write an encyclopedia! That bread Luo Luoxiang, everything!”


All of these people around Chu Mo have all been very good.


The threat of war is gone, and the seven masters also realize that the framework of perfection is simply a mirror. In the past, the group of creatures who built the realm of the gods did not get a good end. They are now also completely giving up that idea.


This world has finally recovered calm. Become better.


Chu Mo also fulfilled the promise of the year, with the two wives of Qi Xiaoyu and Shui Yiyi, directly hiding in the land of this mortal world.


Every day is chopping wood, feeding chicken, fishing, drinking tea, raising flowers, and planting grass.


This kind of life is like the ordinary people of the mortal world.


But the three people are enjoying themselves. In this place, it’s been a million years, and it’s not too boring. It seems that such a day, even if it is another hundred thousand years, a million years, is good.


Every time When this group of friends comes, they will inevitably ask the same question.


That is: the disaster of the years, will it come again?


For each question, Chu Mo’s answer is similar.


“There will always come. This is not something we can control. Because the years of the past become smart. Even if you mention the first generation of gods, it will not appear in front of us.”


This group of friends gathered here for a few days and left. Because they are too busy!


I can’t be as free as Chu Mo, and I don’t care.


After waiting for everyone to go, Qi Xiaoyu and Shui Yiyi tidy up at random, so they drank the tea and sat next to Chu Mo.


The three people are quietly interdependent. In this day, they have sought for countless years, and they have finally pursued nothing. Therefore, such a life is never enough for them.




The same problem, in fact, Qi Xiaoyu and Shui Yiyi, has always been a bit worried, but the two of them have never asked.


Chu Mo took the initiative to mention another thing.


“Remember the creatures that rushed into the door of reincarnation in the past?” asked Chu Mo.


The two women nodded.


How can this be forgotten? At the beginning, they were like everyone else. Although they knew a little, they didn’t know what it was. Wait until the return of the rice, explain it to them before they understand. It turns out that the endless floods represent the innumerable creatures!


Through six reincarnations, those creatures have all been reincarnation for many generations.


I have to say that the creatures that once stunned the ages are really extraordinary. After the reincarnation, although they all forgot the past, they still quickly showed their strong side in countless big universes.


Almost all of them are in the millions of big universes, they are all very powerful.


Even some of today’s ready in the big world, standing at the peak level.


However, there are some creatures who, after standing at the peak level, become somewhat restless.


They don’t remember all the past, but some instinct in the depths of the soul is still there.


In this eternal time, there are many former generations of gods who, after the reincarnation, rethought to consider the construction of a god.


“There are a lot of them, and they want to build the realm.” Chu Mo said with a smile.


Don’t look at his seclusion here, it seems to be isolated from the world, but in fact, everything in this world has not been able to escape his perception.


Because he is always the only god in this world!


In fact, thousands of years ago, Chu Mo had a strength that could jump out of this quadrilateral. But he don’t want to, not willing. He has always been highly suspicious and vigilant against the outside world, known as eternal and immortal.


“What? They… are really a group of people who don’t have long-term memory.” Qi Xiaoyu sighed and sighed.


Shui Yiyi also said: “What kind of gods are you building? I think, we should take a good grasp of the education in the millions of worlds. Let the harm of some things be made to all the creatures from the time of the children. know!”


Chu Mo smiled and shook his head: “Sometimes, the more you know, the more curiosity you have. In fact, it’s because you don’t know enough. Nothing, they can’t look down on the big waves.”


“There is a husband, of course, nothing.” Qi Xiaoyu softly.


Chu Mo shook his head slightly: “I can feel that there is still a mysterious and inciting force in this world. In fact, it should be awakened 10,000 years ago. But I don’t know why, until now, there has been no movement.”


“What the husband said is that big secret place?” Shui Yiyi asked.


Nowadays, the whole big world is covered by the Rune network. There is no secret to this world. In fact, there are still too many of these creatures there is nothing to be done to find out.


One of the secret places is one of them.


Over the years, there have been many former Protoss who want to explore the area, but after paying a lot of money, even the outer areas can’t get in. That place is gradually, and no one dares to go.


Chu Mo looked at the two of them and nodded lightly: “I think, I should go there and go there. I suspect that the body of the years is there.”


“What?” The faces of the two women suddenly changed.


In their minds, Chu Mo is invincible and no one can defeat it. It can be years… it is not a person! It is a power, a supreme rule! It is wise… it is wise, not a dead thing.


“Can’t you go?” Shui Yiyi looked at Chu Mo with some pity: “If it doesn’t come to provoke us, why should we provoke it? Isn’t it good to be so safe?”


Chu Mo shook his head: “It’s impossible to be really safe. It’s just crouching, waiting. If all the things in this world are not controlled by it, but by the laws of the six reincarnations, then, Its existence value is lost.”


“Why? The years have been there!” Shui Yiyi is now very deep, but still can’t understand such profound things.


Chu Mo said: “Need it, it is, no, it is not!”


At this time, Chu Mo suddenly frowned and said: “Someone is at Shaoguan?”


The two women suddenly looked at each other and watched Chu Mo ask in unison: “Who is at Shaoguan?”


Although the broken gods of the past have not completely collapsed, in fact, the early is not much different from the collapse. In short, the thoroughness has become a messy place. Therefore, they can hardly imagine that there is still something that can be passed from that place.


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