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The first thousand nine hundred and ninety-nine chapters are eternal! (season finale)

第一千九百七十九章 永恒!(大结局)

Being able to consolidate the years to become a rope is definitely a top god!


Rowling did not believe that this little god in front of her eyes could break free from the bundle of gods.


At this time, Mu Jie, You Guang and Zhi Chen over there all flew back from the cave. Their faces are all sullen and terrifying. The eyes are exposed to the light of eating people.


Watching Chu Mo tied up with a bundle of gods, the eyes of the three people directly exposed.


Later, Mu Jie walked over and raised his hand, and wanted to slap Chu Mo. In his heart, it is too angry!


No one has ever dared to treat him like this. What is he? He is God! It is a noble god in the temple! His father is the deacon of the temple, grandfather is the elder of the temple!


He is the true god of three generations!


From the moment he was born, he was destined to be many times higher than the creatures in this vast universe.


Therefore, there has never been any life, and this can be done to him.


His slap in the face is anger. So, even if it is Rowling, there is nothing to be done to stop him. You can only make a big drink with the extremely strong Divine Sense: “Don’t hurt him!”


Mu Jie didn’t care about Rowling at all!


Because of their status as two, they are almost the same!


Since it is almost the same, why do you manage me?


What are you counting?


Therefore, Mujie’s slap in the face is so strong.


His palm, even the level of the seven masters, must be directly shattered.


If Chu Mo is really the kind of god in his concept, then this slap can definitely make Chu Mo seriously injured.


Chu Mo can naturally feel how powerful he is. When he frowns, he just left his hand. I did not expect this person to be insatiable.


Chu Mo suddenly, figure violently, his hands were tied with a bundle of gods, but the two legs were okay, slamming his feet and kneeling on Mujie’s face!




This ankle is too strong!


Directly, Mu Jie gave him a face and collapsed into it. Even the screaming voice did not come out. It just fainted.


The tour light and Zhichen over there found that something was wrong, and they rushed straight over, and each of them launched Shenwei and wanted to attack Chu Mo.


However, Chu Mo scored two legs and squatted on the faces of both of them.


The two men were equally stunned in the past.


In Rowling’s eyes, she just had a little star, watching Chu Mo: “You are the man I am looking for!”




Chu Mo uses his arms to forcefully break the bundle. The power of that age simply can’t hold him!


Rowling, their group, is the eternal and immortal true God, but in fact, they did not see the realm of Chu Mo.


If they knew that the piece of crystal crystal in Chu Mo dantian was black to peak color, then even if they lend them 10 million courage, they would not dare to put it in front of Chu Mo!


Because the strongest one among the entire temples is just like this!


These people are all sacred nucleus with a faint yellow glow!


In the face of Chu Mo, how can you qualify for a arrogance?


Seeing that Chu Mo broke the bundle, Rolin finally got a little panic. She looked at Chu Mo and said: “You, don’t mess, God is killing, you are really messy, you will be To the suppression of the temple!”


“What temple? Who is it?” Chu Mo looked at Rowling, and in her eyes, she shot two strange lights.


Rowling’s body was slightly shocked. She instantly felt that her head was like being hollowed out. She couldn’t help but look at Chu Mo: “You, what have you done?”


Chu Mo sneered: “What is the temple? Want me to go? Then I will go!”


As he said, Chu Mo waved his hand and directly grabbed Luo Lin, Zhi Chen, Mu Jie and You Guang in the palm of his hand. Then his figure flashed and disappeared directly into the Quartet. Follow the channel that was hit, and fly directly out of the Quartet!


His speed is just too fast!


Rowling, who was caught in his palm, was about to collapse. She is stupid, so I understand what the four of them have done?


Before coming, the great men in the temple did not explain anything to them. Like this time, I will go to the community to pick up the gods, and then put the shackles on the gods and put them on the brand of the temple, let them become the god servants of the temple, and do things for the temple. For Rowling, early ready is used to it. It is not a big deal at all.


Who knows this time, but it seems like a horse cell!


Inside the horse’s nest, there is only one big wasp, but it is ferocious to make her shudder.


Chu Mo’s speed, she has never experienced it, and she has never seen it before!


She was held in the palm of her hand by Chu Mo, and she had no trace of resistance. I can only listen to it, but in my heart, there is a huge fear.


This world… Is it really someone, more powerful than the gods in the temple?


If you remember correctly, it seems to have been said that the Quartet had once produced a god named Pangu, and was not called by the temple, and ignored the temple. At the beginning, many gods were very angry, but in a different space, after being beaten by Pangu, no one mentioned this.


This time they came to the Quartet. In fact, there is also a mind to retaliate. So they are all very proud. Of course, they were also proud. This time, it is just to make yourself more proud.


How do you do this kind of enchanting?


Rowling now regrets that she is dying. Why is this time, I have to fight for it?


At this time, Chu Mo’s figure, but the immediate is close to the huge temple in the innocent sky!


His speed is just too fast!


There is no God in the whole temple to reflect.


Chu Mo came to the huge gate of the temple, lifting his leg is a kick!




A terrifying horror, the door of Divine Metal refining in the temple, was directly hit by Chu Mo!


However, in midair, there is no shadow in the early. Because Chu Mo found this Divine Metal to be good, there are very few such materials in the Quartet. Simply give it up.


This foot, but really smashed the horse’s nest, for a moment, there are a large number of immortal true gods, emerged from all over the temple, and then rushed to Chu Mo.


However, all these gods, as long as they are caught in Chu Mo, they can not help but fly away.


No one is an opponent of Chu Mo.


In the end, these eternal and immortal gods finally thought of one thing. They cried in amazement: “He…he may be the god of black crystal!”


“He is at least amethyst god…you can only ask the king to go out!”


“Please ask the Lord to go out and suppress this!”


The gods in the temple are screaming.


At this point, the other three gods held by Chu Mo in their hands, all woke up. But they were surprised to find that they were ready in the temple! He was held in the palm of his hand by this horrible guy, then slammed his fist and was bombarding the big men who were high in their minds on weekdays!


They even heard their Old Ancestor, the elders of the elders, who are screaming about the god of black crystal, the god of Amethyst.


In the next moment, their bodies all became smashed.


This person… at least the Amethyst god? Is the godhead that the top elders have? Heavens… We actually… actually with a purple crystal god for a long time? Haven’t been killed yet?


God is immortal, but it can also be killed!


The three young gods of Mu Jie, You Guang and Zhi Chen are really going to scare the urine. But I dare not urinate… If the urine is in the hands of this horrible god, then let’s die!


They want to cry without tears.


The movement here has finally alerted the temple owner of the temple. He woke up from the retreat. Before his Spirit Sense, he was swimming in the universe. Feeling the crisis in the temple, he opened his eyes directly. But just took a look, almost shouted his nose.


As the head of the temple, there is no amount of robbing. He has seen what kind of god, but he has never seen such a shame!


That guy is tearing down his temple!


“This is good, I haven’t seen it, but I can feel its material.”


“Hey? This fountain is good? The water inside… um, not bad, good intentions!”


“This rock garden is also good, it is this Divine Metal!”


“This house is very good and can be made into a big world spirit tool!”


A group of gods, all staring at the distance, watching the guy like Great Demon King, looking around for what he thought was good.




Are you mentally retarded?


You are a god of black crystal! What do you want, no? Even if the things in this temple are good, can you be like a robber for your existence?


The temple owner is also going crazy, he didn’t even figure out what happened. However, between the two, he will understand. Then, he looked at Chu Mo deeply, and he looked sad: “Brother, everyone is not easy. You can just break it. These materials, I also found innumerable robbery… Traveling infinite universe will be completed. Then…and return to your quadrilateral to be king, and we will not provoke any creatures in the Quartet in the future.”


Chu Mo glanced at him, but did not stop unpacking and pouted: “Do you want to send me away?”


Said, he directly threw the four people out and learned it later!


The Lord of the Temple looked at Rowling and their four eyes were burning. But turning to look at Chu Mo, I immediately became softer: “I have something nice…”


When Chu Mo walked, the early came to the hole in the square, and could still hear the roar of the direction of the temple.


“Fast, let his mother go and plug the hole in me! Don’t let him come again! He is the god of black crystal of shit? He is the top colorless god!”


Chu Mo’s mouth was pumped, and he glanced at his dantian. Indeed… With the increasing power of merit, the nucleus in dantian, the ready from the very dark… began to be transparent. At the moment of complete transparency, it is colorless.


He just said one thing, and after all, he will be a guest again, and the temple owner will be crazy.


“Oh, it’s stingy, but I took down half of his temple and asked him to send something good. Isn’t this also poor? Let’s say good things to share with everyone!” Chu Mo whispered, shun The cave, back to the Quartet.


Turning to the temple, there are a lot of eternal and immortal gods, exhausting the infinite resources, not only blocked the hole, but also consciously increased the thickness of the skin, and helped Chu Mo to thicken and thick. layer.


They only ask for this god, don’t come again in the future!




300,000 years later.


The dilapidated world of the past has already completely collapsed. Here it turns into a chaotic space. It was repaired by Chu Mo with Supreme Magic Power, and the Return to ruin’s Million World was placed here.


Quartet, Seven Days World.


The Seven Heavens world is now almost expanding to the entire Quartet. Of course, there are still many blank spaces. In those places, there are no sun, moon, stars, and no other substances. It is completely blank.


A land of great secrets.


Chu Mo followed the figure and sat opposite.


“Do you think you are noble? In fact, you are like me. You draw strength from the torrent of the years and turn them into the power of merit. You just send them into the reincarnation. They still lose themselves. They will still Going back the way. You, but you have finally achieved yourself. The king of reincarnation? Haha, funny!”


“No, I am different from you. I have a feeling in my heart.”


“Hahaha, this is a better laugh! You are now eternal, and it is not dead! But can you be around you? Yes, you control the reincarnation, you are the king of reincarnation, the temples do not understand the idiots, actually dare to come Looking for your nephew? They are more stupid! You are so powerful, you can let those people around you live with you forever and forever, you can give them repeated memories, hahaha reincarnation!”


The figure said, stood up and turned and left: “This world, I am not waiting, I have time to leave the Quartet to come to me to play. From the future, you have only time in the Quartet, only reincarnation, no years!”


The years have gone.


But the Quartet is still a long time, but this time is not the other year.


Chu Mo is caught in a long meditation. Although the years are hot, he has buried the endless peaks of the ages. But his words are not just a point. It’s just that Chu Mo doesn’t care too much.


Because in Chu Mo’s view, what happened to the repeated memories? What happened after repeated rounds? Even if it is reincarnation, it is a long, long, long time.


Seriously, every day, then the future, it must be good.


Chu Mo’s face smiled and stood up. Suddenly, he saw a small metal ball, flying silently along the depths of the distant universe, hovering in front of him.


Chu Mo gave a slight glimpse, a little deduction, and then smiled. One finger: “Go…”


The little ball smashed and disappeared here, and then it crossed the thick wall of the Quartet and passed through the temple that was being rebuilt in the heat, directly immersed in the infinite universe.


The next moment, Chu Mo’s figure appeared at Lonely Brush Peak.


Looking at the Lonely Brush Peak, the familiar Little Wood house on the lakeside and the two women who were watering the flowers in front of the log house.


Chu Mo smiled: “I am back.”


The two women turned back and looked at him, smiling like a flower.




Finally finished this, this is the fifth big fantasy project of the knives after the proud sword Lingyun, the only one of me, the god of war, the proud sword.


The Mudering Heaven blade lasted for 19 months and more than 511 million words. Up to now, I have to say goodbye to everyone.


I have been writing books for more than ten years, but it is still inevitable that I have a special feeling when I finish the book. There are too many words to tell you, but I don’t know where to start.


The end of a book to herald the beginning of another book.


Still don’t say too much emotion.


The date of the new book is tentatively scheduled for July.


These years are too tired and need a good rest.


Brothers and sisters, when we see new books!


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