My Amazing WeChat is Connected to the Three Realms Chapter 3496

Ranch         “Fuck, celestial troops and generals!”

Lin Hai saw the mighty troops ahead and was instantly excited.

After connecting with Heavenly Court for so long, this is the first time I’ve seen someone from Heavenly Court.

It is indeed a regular army. This dress and this momentum are not at all comparable to those of the miscellaneous army.

“The Great Emperor of the Capital?”

In the celestial troops and generals, the general looks shocked and hurries out.

“Heavenly Court conquered Huang Tianhua, commander of the Nether Battlefield, and met the Emperor of the Capital!”

Huang Tianhua!

When Lin Hai heard the opposite general holding his fist, his eyes suddenly lighted, and his heart peng peng jumped.

The commander of Heavenly Court turned out to be Huang Tianhua? !!


Lin Hai has not looked at Fengshen Yanyi, and naturally knows who Huang Tianhua is.

In the battle against the gods, Huang Tianhua can be regarded as owned, and he has repeatedly made great achievements.

Together with Yang Jian, Bukit, and Nangong Shi, they are the four pioneers of cutting.

As soon as he was born, he cut off Chen Tong in Tongguan sword, and Heart-Piercing Nail nailed down the four masters of the demon family, with great power.

It’s just a pity that in the battle of Jinjiling, he was stabbed to death by Gao Jineng, and he was named the leader of the Sanshan Zhengshen Bingling.

Didn’t expect, but now he came to the Nether Battlefield with celestial troops and generals.

“Bing Linggong doesn’t need to be polite!” Emperor Lidu smiled slightly and raised his hand slightly.

Huang Tianhua smiled, then asked solemnly.

“I do n’t know if the emperor is coming, what are the instructions?”

“I do n’t dare to be, this emperor has a matter and wants to discuss with Bingling.”

“” “Oh?” Huang Tianhua raised his eyebrows, “Great Emperor, please inside!”

Huang Tianhua brought the Great Emperor and Lin Hai to the camp, and some soldiers offered the agar solution.

“The emperor came here, what’s the matter?” Huang Tianhua asked after he was seated.

The Great Emperor smiled, and then looked towards Lin Hai.

“I’ll introduce Bing Linggong first.”

“This is Lin Hai, from the realm of the world.”

“The catastrophe of the Three Realms has become a fixed number, and it is inevitable.”

“Lin Hai is a fixed number.” Variables will play a vital role in the future catastrophe. “

” Oh? “Huang Tianhua heard this, raised his eyebrow, and shocked Lin Hai.

“I have long heard that the Holocaust of the Three Realms is inevitable, and there will be variables coming to life.” >

Lin Hai hurriedly fisted back, “General Huang is polite.”

“Bing Linggong, the Three Realms have not risen, the land has been chaotic, only Lin Hai can destroy the rebels.”

“However, Lin Hai is weak and unhelpful.”

“Yes, this emperor came here and wanted to seek help from Bingling.”

Huang Tianhua frowned suddenly, said solemnly.

“Emperor, I ordered Commander to come here to suppress the witches and destroy the hidden dangers of the nether world.”

“If you bring soldiers to the chaotic land, you will be afraid of the witches. Entering in vain, but without the leadership of Li Tian Royal General, I dare not make an assertion, and ask the emperor to forgive me. “

The emperor of Dudu looked pale, sighed then said.

“The chaos of the Witch tribe, this emperor can cast spells and suppress it for 500 years.”

“Please also ask Bing Linggong to take the overall situation as the most important thing.”

Huang Tianhua was embarrassed and shook the head.

“The emperor forgives me, without the order of King Tian, ​​this Huang will be punished if he transfers his troops without authorization.”

“Sorry, this Huang can’t give up!”


The Great Emperor was silent. Although he was dissatisfied, he was helpless.

After all, although he is the Lord of the Underworld, Huang Tianhua is the god of Heavenly Court.

The two are not at all affiliated with each other, and the Emperor of the capital really commanded Huang Tianhua.

Moreover, Huang Tianhua is talking about it.

If anyone had committed a troop without authorization, then no one could save Huang Tianhua.

“So, that’s disturbing!”

The emperor was helpless and got up to leave.

“Wait a minute!”

Lin Hai suddenly spoke, then looked at Huang Tianhua Road.

“General Huang, if Li Tianwang had orders, would you help me?”

Huang Tianhua is nodded, “That’s nature.”

“Emperor Dudu Speaking in person, this Huang is not someone who doesn’t know how to do well. “

” If there is a decree of the King, this Huang is willing to work like a dog and a horse! ” Huang can no longer contact Heavenly Court and asked Li Tianwang for instructions. “

Lin Hai heard that, it was slightly smiled,” Well, let me try! “

” You Try it? “Huang Tianhua froze, but didn’t understand what it meant, Lin Hai had taken out his phone.

Then, understood Nezha’s WeChat.

Lin Hai is unfamiliar with Li Jing. The best way to do it is through which one.

Little confused: Where are you?

The dongding dong!

The information of Nezha will be answered soon.

Nezha: Daxian, what are you instructing?


You sent ten boxes of baby haha ​​to Nezha.

You sent ten boxes of spicy sticks to Nezha.

Where did you send ten boxes of cola?

You sent ten Chinese brand cigarettes to Nezha.

Nezha: Wow, how does Daxian know that I’ve finished eating, and it’s interesting to send so much at once!

Nezha: Hey, there are cigarettes, haha, my dad won’t let me smoke, and finally I can solve it.

When I saw Lin Hai, my face suddenly became dark.

Little confused: Don’t smoke, the others are for you.

Where ?: Ah? To whom is that cigarette?

Little confused: for your dad.

What are you doing to him? (Behind is an aggrieved expression)

I am a little confused: Nezha, good brother speaks of morality, I have one thing, ask you father, you help me talk.

Nezha: Daxian, I’m not in harmony with my dad. As soon as I say, there is nothing wrong with it, you can say it yourself.

dongding dong!

Nezha invites you to join the group chat, and also participates in the group chat, the King of Tota Li Jing.

Tota King: @ 哪吒, little cub, what group are you pulling blindly, have you finished your homework? (Behind is a staring expression)

Nezha: The father of gold is looking for you and gave you ten Chinese brand cigarettes. (Behind is a rolled-up expression)

dongding dong!

Which one sent a red envelope.


Tota ’s king received Nezha ’s red envelope.

Tota King: @ 哪吒, haha, really ten cigarettes! No, you little cub, do you want to be my father! (Behind is an annoyed expression)

Nezha: Please use your brain, the gold master I said is @ 小 糊涂 仙.

Tota King: @ 小 糊涂 仙, hehehe, gold master father, in addition to cigarettes, I also like spicy bars. (Behind is a drooling expression)


You sent an exclusive red envelope to King Tota.


Tuta received your exclusive red envelope.

Tota King: haha, interesting enough, gold master father, I love you! (Behind is the expression of a kiss)

Lin Hai There was a chill, and you, a big Lord with a beard, kissed a wool.

Little confused: Tota, King, Xiaoxian wants something.

King Tota: King Father, you said, even if you want Nezha to be your son, I have no opinion.

Nezha: @ 托塔 天王, I will go back and sue my mother!