My Amazing WeChat is Connected to the Three Realms Chapter 3497

Ranch         King Tota: What order was issued?

Little confused: Order to conquer the Huang Tianhua Department of the Nether Battlefield to assist the Emperor of the Capital to restore chaos.

King Tota: Huang Tianhua of the Nether Battlefield? Okay!

King Tota: I am ordering now, Huang Tianhua Department from now on, and obeying the command of Emperor Badu.

King Tota: Anyway, the Three Realms are isolated, Huang Tianhua is in the nether battlefield, and I ca n’t receive orders, and I do n’t count on violating the order, hahahaha!

Tota King: @ 哪吒, son, is your father smart? It is not necessary to sin against the father, but also to protect yourself. This is called wisdom, nothing to learn. (Behind is a laughing expression)

Nezha: @ 托塔 天王, if you are really smart, you won’t say it in the group. (Behind it is a white-eyed expression)

Toto King: Uh … forgot that the gold master father is still there, @ 何 吒, I will send you the private words again, the gold master father will not see Arrived.

Tota King: hahaha, smart people, there is always a way.

Nezha: (the expression of vomiting blood)

Lin Hai smiled and deleted all the irrelevant chat messages, leaving only the message ordered by King Tota.

Then, holding the mobile phone in front of Huang Tianhua.

“Bing Linggong, please see!”

Huang Tianhua Yi Yi, see Lin Hai mobile phone opened the WeChat interface, could not help but smile.

“This friend, the signal of the Nether Battlefield is blocked, WeChat cannot communicate with the outside world.”

“What are you going to show me … this, this is it!”

Huang Tianhua’s words didn’t finish, and his eyes were suddenly rounded, showing a shocked expression on his face.

King Tota: I am ordering now, Huang Tianhua Department from now on, and obeying the command of Emperor Badu.

Looking at the information of King Tota and looking at the time of transmitting the news, Huang Tianhua’s head hummed, and he was dumbfounded on the spot.

“This is so possible?”

“Ghost battlefield, is there a signal?”

Huang Tianhua hurriedly took out his mobile phone and transmitted the news to Tota.

However, it failed to send.

The mobile phone has no signal at all.

“What’s going on?”

“Don’t you lie to me?”

Huang Tianhua was shocked and asked inconceivably.

Lin Hai faintly smiled, “Bing Ling Gongying Mingwu, how can Junior deceive you?”

“Frankly, you have been in the ghost battlefield for too long, WeChat ca n’t be updated, or The old version. “

” The new version of WeChat already has its own signal, and it is not affected by the Three Realms. “

Lin Hai is a serious flicker.

“That’s the case!” Huang Tianhua was stunned, but for the sake of security, he said in a facial expression grave.

“Please also invite this friend, and contact Li Tianwang in front of me.”

“I want to see Li Tianwang’s order in person!”

Lin Hai was surprised at Huang Tianhua’s glance and couldn’t help secretly nodded.

No wonder, Huang Tianhua can be the commander of one party to fight the netherworld.

Didn’t expect, acting so cautiously, really deserves to be handsome!

“OK, Bing Linggong is optimistic.”

After finishing speaking, Lin Hai is in the group @ 了 托塔 天王.

Little confused: @ 托塔 天王 , 天王, please re-issue the order of Bingling Gong just now.

King Tota: Well, I order now, Huang Tianhua’s Ministry from now on, obeying the command of the Emperor Ba Du.

At the first sight of Huang Tianhua, his body trembled, her pupils suddenly fluttered, and her heart jumped instantly.

It is true, this command is indeed true!

WeChat cannot be faked. The avatar and name are verified by real name when registering.

The person who issued the order was really Li Tianwang.

Suddenly, Huang Tianhua turned abruptly, moved towards the Great Emperor of Tudu, clenching his fists and speaking loudly.

“Heavenly Court, Bing Linggong, was ordered by King Tota Lee, from now on and obey the emperor’s dispatch.” Lifted up, pleased.

“It is a gloomy thing to have the help of Bingling Gong!”

“The emperor said heavier, I do n’t know how to work?” Huang Tianwen shivered and asked.

“This, Bendi will be with Lin Hai … Lin Hai, what are you doing?” The puppet emperor was speechless, Huang Tianhua has promised to help.

If you don’t hurry up and get in touch with Huang Tianhua, how to use your mobile phone is endless.

What the Great Emperor didn’t know was that Lin Hai was watching the information in the group and was laughing there.

King Tota: King Father, is this the new gameplay that is popular this year?

King Tota: I do n’t know if Huang Tianhua is anyway, how can we play?

King Tota: Well, I now order that Huang Tianhua is wearing women’s clothing and sleeping with the father of gold.

King Tota: I ordered that Huang Tianhua go to kill his father, so that Emperor Dongyue would never dare laugh at me for raising Brat.

Where: @ 托塔 天王, father, who is Brat? (An innocent expression)

King Tota: Whoever asks who is who! (A black-faced expression)

Nezha: But I asked.

Tota King: @ 哪吒, so Brat is you! (Behind is an annoyed expression)

Where are you: @ 托塔 天王, father, where are you now?

Tota King: Check at South Heaven Gate, what!

Nezha: It’s nothing, I was in the past!

King Tota: Damn, what a brat you are!

It wasn’t until the Great Emperor Ba Du shouted that Lin Hai hurriedly quit the group chat and came over.

“Lin Hai, Bing Linggong has received an order to cooperate with us.”

“I have sealed the Wu people for 500 years. After I open the Nether Battlefield, Assemble in Badushan to discuss peace and chaos together! “

Huang Tianhua and Lin Hai, at the same time, hold their fists and respectfully.

“Respect the will of the emperor!”

The emperor was nodded, and then the arm flickered, the brilliance flashed, and infinite power of heaven and earth came.

Subsequently, an invisible barrier sealed off the space opposite the celestial troops and generals.

The Wu clan are sealed.

“Bing Linggong, please order General Qi Bing and wait for my order.”