My Amazing WeChat is Connected to the Three Realms Chapter 3498

Ranch         “I’ve met the Great Emperor of the Capital!”

Six silhouettes came to the Great Capital of the Emperor, saluted salutingly.

Lin Hai lifted his eyes and moved towards these six people, and suddenly pumped shrank, revealing an astonished expression.

Why is it all a Monster Race? !!

The Great Emperor is slightly smiled, moved towards six people nodded and said.

“Six Great Saints, don’t pay too much!”

Six Great Saints?

Lin Hai heard that, my heart was beating.

These six people are who you are. Why did the Emperor Ba Du call him Great Saint?

“I don’t know the Emperor Lidu came, what’s the advice?” asked the first bull demon, moved towards Emperor Lidu.

The Great Emperor smiled and said, “Great Sage Who Pacifies The Heavens, this Emperor came here to ask for one thing.”

Great Sage Who Pacifies The Heavens?

Lin Hai heard that, his eyes were instantly rounded, and his surprised mouths could not be closed.

Nima, Great Sage Who Pacifies The Heavens, isn’t it Ox Demon King?

Look at the person in front of you, it is indeed a cow demon, Lin Hai suddenly calmed down.

Let me go, No way?

If the person in front of this is Ox Demon King, the Emperor of Ba Du calls the six people in front of him by six Great Saints.

Then, the identities of the other five people are also ready.

Are they really six of the seven Great Saints owned?

Seven Great Saints, in Myths and Legends, their fame is too great.

The Great Sage Who Pacifies The Heavens Ox Demon King, the Great Sea Snake Demon King of Fuhai, Great Saint Roc Demon King God Great Saint and King Sage Equal of Heaven Monkey King!

Monkey King need not say, it is the Great Sage Equal of Heaven Sun Wukong, which is almost a household name.

After the monk learned the scriptures, he became the Victorious Battle Buddha.

The other six people, each of whom is not weaker than Sun Wukong, are all amazing Demon Immortal!

Ox Demon King is the most famous, and the Seven Great Saints are also headed by Ox Demon King.

But they are six Great Saints, how could they be here?

Just because they understand Heaven and Earth, they are not comparable.


With a wave of the arms of the Great Emperor, a ray of magnificent light burst out.

In an instant, the invisible barrier leads directly to Heaven and Earth and isolates the Witches.

Afterwards, Emperor Ba Du smiled and moved towards the Six Great Saint with a smile.

“Six Great Saints, the seal has been completed.”

Great Sage Who Pacifies The Heavens Ox Demon King is shocked, didn’t expect such a blink of an eye, the seal turned out Arranged.

“Emperor, let me impudent, try the formidable power of this seal!”

After finishing, Ox Demon King strode forward and came under the seal.

“roar !!!!”

With a loud roar, if the sound is trembling, the void will collapse, and the powerful storm will force everyone to retreat.

“Great Sage Who Pacifies The Heavens!”

The Great Emperor is appreciative, nodded said with a slight smile.

Lin Hai is startled, and his heart is dumbfounded, his face becomes shocked!

Ox Demon King, very powerful!

This roar alone is able to shatter the void, and by this alone, how many times stronger than I do not know!


Suddenly, Ox Demon King yelled, a huge fist, blasted out, and moved towards the seal Formation!

bang!! !!

The fist shadow flashed, with a thunderbolt-like whistling, squeezing the space, and the earth shook for it.

In the void, a powerful storm suddenly blows, and the sky is dark, as if the end is coming!

Prestige of this Fist, actually caused Heaven and Earth to tremble, Lin Hai was frightened to see it!

“The power of Daoxing!”

Lin Hai sucks in a breath of cold air. After learning the use of Daoxing, Lin Hai is extremely sensitive to Daoxing.

Ox Demon King this fist, the depth of the way, Lin Hai was shocked.

I thought that what I had accumulated was already deep enough.

But now, compared with Ox Demon King, there seems to be a big gap.


Ox Demon King This shock shattering punch, fiercely strikes on the seal.

For a moment, the sky moved, the void shattered, and the earth trembled violently.

The terrifying air waves, releasing dazzling rays of light, moved towards all directions, sweeping wildly.

However, the seal, like a mirror, has not moved under such a terrifying punch!

Even without a ripple.

“very powerful seal!”

Lin Hai suck in a breath of cold air, just as the Destroying Heaven extinguishing earth punch of Ox Demon King, the strength of the world rare!

But didn’t expect, in the presence of the seal of Emperor Badu, there was no damage.

Sure enough, it’s more mountains than others!

Although the Ox Demon King is strong, it is obviously not enough to see before the Emperor of Ba Du!


Ox Demon King can’t shake the seal, but instead of being annoyed, he laughs happily.

“Emperor, Old Ox admire!”

“Nothing to say, my six brothers, with the army of the Earth Immortal world, listen to your dispatch!”


When the Great Emperor heard this, he raised a brow, and his eyes were bright.

“Okay, that’s all, please Great Sage Who Pacifies The Heavens to wait for me to summon!”

“After I open the Nether Battlefield, fight the rebels!”



After the Great Emperor finished speaking, he disappeared with Lin Hai, and the next moment has returned to Badushan!

“Lin Hai!”

The Great Emperor sat in the great hall. He had no previous jokes and was very tired.

“Great Emperor!” Lin Hai hurried forward.

“All forces are in place.”

“Give you three days to prepare, and I will announce you as commander in three days and open the Nether Battlefield.”


“You lead all forces and kill the rebels completely unprepared!”

“Yes!” Lin Hai agreed, and suddenly felt the burden on his shoulders became extremely heavy.

After three days, the war will begin!

Whether it is possible to annihilate the rebels is all that is needed.

“I’m tired, you can step down!” Emperor Lidu looked tired and moved towards Lin Hai and waved.

Lin Hai hurriedly retreated.

After all, the Great Emperor of Pudu successively put on seals, even if they are strong, they can’t bear it.

At the same time, a certain Mysterious Land in Immortal World, an old man wearing a robe, was holding a mobile phone and opening WeChat.

With a fascinated look on a public account, reading the article.

“How does this guy called fire beacon know so many secrets?”

“Even some secrets from the Great Desolate period are so clear.”

“Who are you in the end?”

“Laojun!” The old man was bursting, a majestic voice sounded.

Then a monk flew from the sky.

“Buddha? Why are you here?”

Tathagata Buddha was speechless, “I have been here for a long time, but you haven’t found it.”

” What are you looking at, so fascinated? “

” Did you monitor some of the fairies’ selfies again? “

Supreme Taoist directly gave Rulai a white eye,” What to say, I’m so bored? “

” But you see, I found an expert! “

Supreme Taoist handed the article on the public account to Rulai.

Take a look, startled, “How can this be?”