My Amazing WeChat is Connected to the Three Realms Chapter 3499

Ranch         Rulai rolled her eyelids and gave Supreme Taoist a glance, speechless saying.

“You ask me, who do I ask?”

“I found this question, so I came to discuss with you.”

Supreme Taoist stood up, back and forth Pacing, frowning and thinking.

Then, suddenly, fingered and started to calculate the secret.

After a moment, it was complexion greatly changed, and the eyes were deeply shocked.

“Can’t count?”

Tathagata Buddha heard that, but his complexion became extremely dignified.

“Even you can’t see this sea and moon empire?”

“Wasn’t it another variable?”

Supreme Taoist took a deep breath , Silent, but a big uproar has already started in my heart.

Originally, the catastrophe of the Three Realms has become a fixed number, with one variable, it is Lin Hai.

With Lin Hai’s existence, the Three Realms will be cracked after all.

But how also didn’t expect, in addition to Lin Hai, there is even more Haiyue Empire.

The variables that are regenerated outside the variables, the future direction of the Three Realms, will suddenly become confusing.


After a long time, Supreme Taoist sighed, expression mourning, as if much older.

“Laojun, what should I do?” Tathagata Buddha was on the side, solemnly asked.

Supreme Taoist shook the head, the eyes flashed with nether glow, and his expression was profound.

“Since everything is a foregone conclusion, let it be, and let it develop.”

“You and I ca n’t interfere, it’s better to keep changing!”

“But!” Rulai’s face showed a deep worry.

“This matter is related to the life and death of the Three Realms, how can we ignore it?”

“Alternatively, ask the mighty one?”

Old Jun Yi stunned and said, “Which power?”

As Lai extended the hand, the mobile phone moved towards Supreme Taoist pointed.

“Did you just say that many secrets were revealed on that public account?”

“Maybe, the author of the public account knows!”

Laojun He frowned suddenly.

Yes, on the public account of that, even some ancient secrets such as Pangu Kaitian, Longhan Dajie, Hongjun preaching were known.

Perhaps, you will also know the details of this sudden second transformation of the Haiyue Empire.

“I’ll call him!”

Supreme Taoist hurriedly opened the public account, and then entered the question.

“Senior, knowing this secret, what is the Haiyue Empire?”

However, after waiting for a long time without reply, Supreme Taoist and Rulai were all disappointed.

“Forget it, wait and see what happens!”

“Go back, hurry up, train the buddha, and prepare for the battle.”

“I suspect, Immortal World is open, it should be far away!”

As soon as I heard it, I suddenly felt solemn, and moved towards Supreme Taoist.


After speaking, the Tathagata Buddha is floating under the envelope of golden light.

Looking at the silhouette as Rulai departed, Supreme Taoist sighed, his eyes showed unprecedented worry.

“Originally, everything was under control.”

“But now, I can’t even figure it out!”

“The variable, it really is Uncontrollable! “

Lin Hai is talking to Chen Yan while holding a mobile phone in Shandu Mountain.

Little confused: Which public account did you establish?

Chen Yan: Yes, only my Core Disciple of Haiyue Empire can pay attention, and the emperor can issue important orders in it.

Little confused: OK, how many ships in the universe battleship?

Chen Yan: Mr. Mo Zi is leading scientific researchers and is working overtime, and is expected to build one ship every ten years.

Little confused: Underworld war will start, can my Haiyue Empire participate in the war?

Chen Yan: The emperor is assured that although the people of the Haiyue Empire are not strong personally, Mr. Mo Zi has awarded a strong great array. The strength can be increased by a hundredfold under the combined attack.

Chen Yan: Coupled with a variety of scientific and technological weapons, the battle of the Nether is no problem!

Little confused: Okay, from now on, start a war mobilization, and wait for my order to conquer the ghost!

Chen Yan: Yes!

Lin Hai and Chen Yan had just finished their explanations, and suddenly the six-day palace master came to the door together.

“Er … six palace masters, is there something wrong?”

Lin Hai See the six palace masters, each and everyone looks weird, eyes glowing with cold glow, rubbing their hands together, with With a sensible smile.

For a moment, I felt cold in the back of my head, and could not help but retreat, asking weakly.

“Is there something wrong, you say!”

“Is it easy for us to get a lone, all of you will be wiped out!”

“You Why do you owe it so much! “

” Brothers, can’t spare him, let’s go together and beat him! “

Guanghua flashes, Luo Twenty-six days rushed up, directly pressed Lin Hai to the ground, and raised his fist.


Lin Hai screamed anxiously.

“Everyone, please declare in advance, don’t beat your face!”

“Big brother still eats by his face!”


Tones barely fell, Lin Hai became a panda’s eye.

At the same time that Lin Hai had a fight with Luo Yi for six days, the Great Emperor of the capital had already left the capital of Mount Dudu, and he seemed to be anxious.

And somewhere in the Nether Battlefield, suddenly Guanghua was flourishing, and an invisible barrier burst.


An ecstatic laughter sounded, and a silhouette smashing void appeared, with to be wild with joy on his face.

“Relieved, finally released!”

“I don’t have to stay here anymore!”


Silhouette The laughter can’t stop, as if releasing the inner depression of countless years.

If Lin Hai is present, I will definitely recognize that this silhouette is not someone else. It is the seal of Jiang Ziya that suppresses Chi You!


Gui Guzi is laughing for the restoration of freedom, but suddenly the complexion has changed greatly, only to feel a huge shadow, like a cannonball.

“Damn, what!”


The speed is too fast, Gui Guzi has no time to dodge, is directly hit by the shadow, and fell to the sky!

Later, I saw a person appearing in the void, with a sharp Heaven and Earth Might, a wave of his arm, and a barrier separating him from the shadow.



The ghost guzi almost spurted out!

Nima, just after breaking the seal of Jiang Ziya, why did they appear again?

In his eyes, the spirit flashed, and Guiguzi saw the appearance of the void man, cry out in surprise.

“Kingdu Emperor!”

And the dark shadow that hit Guiguzi, at this moment also got up, and roared again and again.

“Dongdu, you dare sneak attack me!”

“You are … Zhuo Jiuyin!” Guiguzi shivered and almost scared the urine.

Didn’t expect, this black shadow that hits himself turned out to be Zhuo Jiuyin, one of the twelve ancestors!

“Fellow Daoist Gu, don’t worry.” At this time, the Emperor of Ba Du spoke.

“Zhuo Jiuyin is awakened, but he has ten strengths, which is far from you.”

“In the near future, I will open the ghost battlefield, in order to prevent Zhuo Jiuyin from chaos, I have Seal him with you. “

” In the years that followed, I would have troubled the guist valley daoist brother to guard him. “

” Pu!

Your sister!

Gui Guzi almost vomited blood when he heard these words.

Before he was trapped here by Jiang Ziya, let him suppress Chi You.

After all, it’s not easy to see. He spent Strength of Nine Bulls and Two Tigers before he cut open seal and restored his freedom.

But you ca n’t even breathe in the outside air. Are you the emperor?

Moreover, just like Jiang Ziya, throw a Lao Tzu to a Wu clan, and directly seal Lao Tzu again?

What about playing?

I will not do it!

“Emperor Dudu, absolutely not, I want to go out, I want to be free!” Guiguzi shouted wildly.

All the great emperors are one, and they are modestly said.

“Fellow Daoist Gu, you’re welcome. What pennants to send, don’t use them!”

“This is what I should do, so go ahead!”


After the emperor finished speaking, he disappeared without a trace, leaving only Gui Guzi with a mad face, almost crazy.

Nima, send a banner?

I’ll send your sister!

What Lao Tzu said was to be free, OK?

Dignified, can you make a face?

This emperor of the capital is too bad, how can it be worse than Jiang Ziya.

“No, I’m going out!”

Bang bang bang!

Gui Guzi went crazy, strikes the seal, but the seal is completely motionless, stable Like a mountain.

Gui Guzi was so angry that he cried, grinning and mourning.