My Amazing WeChat is Connected to the Three Realms Chapter 3500

Ranch         Lin Hai has been in Badushan for three days.

Over the past three days, Lin Hai checked the Sea Moon Sect’s war preparations on the public account every day.

I couldn’t help it, and became more satisfied with Chen Yan, the secretary.

“What a capable secretary!” Lin Hai sighed.

Since Chen Yan was hired, Lin Hai hasn’t worried about anything.

The rear was rigged by Chen Yan.

From the beginning of the mask production, sold to Heavenly Court, to the establishment of Sea Moon Sect, and then to the current Sea Moon Empire.

Chen Yan is like a virtuous helper, let Lin Hai run in front of him, as long as Chen Yan is behind, it is absolutely stable.

“Well, Lin Jian’s news?”

Suddenly, Lin Hai’s eyes lighted up and he found the message from Lin Hai in the public account.

As the director of the Intelligence Section of Haiyue Empire, Lin Jian’s message is worthy of Lin Hai’s attention.

“The Ministry of Intelligence has fully infiltrated the underworld, and the rebels have 3,600 of our personnel.”

“It is recommended that the Haiyue Empire army be dispatched and enter the underworld three days later. “

” Take the power of the country and destroy the south-east direction hundred thousand rebels at the entrance of the underworld, declare the Empire of the Sea and the Moon, and formally set off! “

Below the information of Lin Jian, Chen Reply from Yan.


Although there is only one word, it is short and domineering.

Lin Hai’s mind can’t help but show Chen Yan’s capable look.

A simple reply, but it determines the life and death of the hundred thousand rebels.

There is a queen fan!

Understood Sea Moon Sect’s next move, Lin Hai also sent WeChat to Chaos and Zhen Shuang.

“Three days later, lead the army to conquer the rebels!”

Chaos: Yes!

Zhen Shuang: Giggle, there are still three days left, people are so boring, can you just come with them?

Zhen Shuang: Liu Xinyue is not around. People can do her duty instead. (Behind is a self-photograph with blurred eyes and exposed clothing)

Lin Hai was speechless for a while, but it was really because of the need to solicit rebels and wanted to black him out.

Three days later.

“Lin Hai, come to my room!”

Suddenly, Lin Hai’s mind sounded the voice of the Great Emperor Ba Du.

Lin Hai shivered, and quickly got up and went to the palace of Emperor Badu.

“Lin Hai, I’ve seen the emperor!”

After entering, Lin Hai looked at the exhausted, Emperor Lidu lying on the side of the bed, and sighed inwardly, even a little bitter .

Lord of a Realm, Lord of a Realm, these days for the sake of peace and chaos.

It seems that no matter how strong the cultivation base is, it is so small in front of the general situation.

“No need to be polite, sit!”

After Lin Hai took his seat, it was discovered that the six-day master of Luo Luo was also on the side, waiting for the command of Emperor Ba Du.

“Lin Hai, are you ready?”

Lin Hai hurriedly held his fists, “Everything is ready, just wait for the emperor to open the nether battlefield, all the army, to fight the rebels “!”


The Great Emperor was nodded, and then he looked towards the palace master for six days.

“Forcibly opening the Nether Battlefield, I will consume a lot of energy.”

“I will probably sleep for hundreds of years.”

“During this period Your six men obeyed the command of Lin Hai as a force to conquer the rebels. “

” Externally declare the army! “

Luo Yan rushed for six days Standing up, Qi Qi moved towards worship of the Great Emperor.

“Respect the Emperor’s Order!”

After finishing speaking, moved towards Lin Hai and saluted.

“Six generals of the Ming Army, have seen Commander!”

Lin Hai hastened to return the gift, “The six palace guests are welcome.”

“I also hope A lot of support! “

” It is the mission of the underworld to fight against the rebels.

“Okay!” Emperor Ba Du sighed, then stood up suddenly, his clothes moved without wind, and the huge power of Heaven and Earth trembled in the void.

“Wait with me, and go to open the Nether Battlefield!”


Lin Hai and the others promised to follow, followed by Emperor Badu A flash of silhouette reached the entrance to the Nether Battlefield.


The emperor’s face became dignified, Lin Hai and the others hurried back to a safe distance and stared at him.

But I saw the eyes of the Emperor of the capital suddenly closed, and a strong breath rose into the sky.

Then, the silhouette of the whole person becomes blurred, as if integrated into this world.


Suddenly, the Great Emperor eyes opened, a sharp look, like the rainbow piercing the sun, cut through the sky.

“From here!”

The Great Emperor shouting loudly, murky heavens dark earth for a while, The earth shook and the mountain quivered!

I am long long! !! !!

There is a huge sound of vibration in the void, as if mountains bursting and ground splitting, making people deafening.

Then, I saw a faint layer of rays of light, forcibly floating away from the earth.

Lin Hai stood in the distance, suddenly pumps shrank, revealing deep shock.

I just feel that a terrifying atmosphere of destruction is sweeping from the rays of light like waves.

At the next moment, it seems that Emperor Lidu has become a reef in the sea.

I was shocked by this wave of terror and madness.

“It’s the seal of the Nether Battlefield!”

“The seal that was laid down by Emperor Qiren Shengdi himself!”

Luo Yanliu Heavenly Eye , Complex inside.

At the beginning, the Emperor Tian Qiren, by the strength of oneself, sealed the Nether Battlefield and even the Supreme Expert of the Witches.

Because of this, I was exhausted and fell here!

Didn’t expect tens of thousands of years later, the Nether Battlefield has opened again!

“There is no retreat!”

Luo Yan secretly clenched his fist for six days, his heart became extremely dignified.

They must completely eliminate the rebels within five hundred years.

After that, I am afraid I will face a great counterattack from the Witch.

No matter what, the catastrophe of the land government is unavoidable!

Looking at the voice of the Emperor Badu as a candlelight in the wind, Luo Yan was in a mixed mood for six days.

They don’t know whether it is right or wrong for the Emperor Ba Du to do this.

“Hah !!!!”

At that moment, the Emperor of the capital suddenly shouted loudly, and the sound of the waves was soaring.


The rays of light are suddenly turned into powder, but are not tolerated by Heaven and Earth. They even tear up the space and disappear.

whiz whiz whiz whiz!

At the moment when the seal was broken, countless powerful breaths came from smashing void.

In the blink of an eye, a densely packed army appeared in front of everyone.

“Xu Maogong, Luo Cheng, Cheng Yaojin, lead the universe battleship, and obey the dispatch of the Emperor of the Capital!”

The battleship of Three Giant Warships is suspended in the air like a huge monster.

Xu Maogong and the others, their voices are loud, and they shock the sun and the moon!

The tone barely fell, the golden light was shining, and the heavenly soldier wearing the Battle Armor descended, soar into the clouds and mount the mists.

“Bing Linggong Huang Tianhua, with a rate of 100,000 Celestial Soldiers, obey the dispatch of the Emperor of the Capital!”

In the other direction, the beast roared, Murderous aura Turbulent and surging, swept through.

“hahahaha, Earth Immortal Great Saint, lead the thousand thousand army, and obey the dispatch of the Great King!”

Ox Demon King and the others tone barely fell Rolling over, engulfing Heaven and Earth.

A voice sounded.

“Dikuixing Zhu Zhu, lead the thousand thousand prefecture Yin Soldier and obey the dispatch of the Emperor of the Capital!”

For a moment, center around the capital of the Emperor of the Capital and Lin Hai and the others. Full of four powerful forces.