My Doomsday Arms System Chapter 337


By coincidence, today is also the day when this system is officially launched, which just happens to give survivors who are about to encounter a large group of zombies a glimmer of hope.

Under Cai Wenjie’s gaze, it was soon discovered that there were mobile phones in the survivor team and everyone had received the message. These survivors maintained a dubious attitude towards this information. Some people were skeptical, some people were skeptical. While hesitating, some people reported the information to the leader immediately when they saw the information.

Anyway, in the end, within a few minutes, the entire team of survivors knew this information.

Cai Wenjie believes that under this situation, anyone who is not mentally disabled can make a correct judgment.

If Cai Wenjie encounters a group of corpses of this size without sufficient armed forces, he will definitely lead people to avoid the zombie group without saying a word, and then pick another way to continue on his way. This is the safest way. It is also the safest way.

Of course, you can also choose to hide in other buildings to avoid this swollen corpse, but this method is not safe, let alone other things, it is possible to jump out of the zombie at any time in the building Assault survivors, besides, it is said that so many people together will definitely not be able to settle down. When the time comes, once the group of corpses passes by the building and someone accidentally makes a noise, the consequences are not very good.

So Cai Wenjie is certain that these people will choose one of these two methods, whether to retreat and detour or hide in place.

But when Cai Wenjie guessed how to choose the survivor team, Cai Wenjie was stared at in the next scene.

I saw these groups of survivors, under the leadership of the leader, not only did not retreat, nor hid in the surrounding buildings, but led people to move forward at the fastest speed.

You must know that they are now only one kilometer away from the pioneer of the zombie group. Once these people are rushing so far, in less than ten minutes, they and zombie will really face each other.

“What’s the matter with these people! Hurry over and die?”

Just when Cai Wenjie was about to exchange for drones and rushed to support him at the fastest speed, the survivor team in the screen suddenly stopped, and except for a youngster who was very relaxed, the rest survived The participants quickly hid in the surrounding buildings.

And when entering the building, I checked it very carefully and confirmed that there was no zombie inside that would jump out of a sneak attack.

The remaining man was doing warm-up exercises silently, and seemed to be waiting for some strenuous exercise.

At eight minutes, hundreds of survivors had all hid in the buildings on both sides of the street. Because there were too many people and the surrounding houses were not large, there were at most two survivors in each building. ten people.

Almost all the buildings on both sides of the street were full of people. Although there were survivors of the zombie sneak attack inside the buildings, they escaped without danger.

Cai Wenjie silently looked at the warning sign and confirmed that it was Tianyuan Road 52 Street.

The ninth minute.

At this time, zombie’s vanguard has appeared at the farthest point of this 52nd street. These zombies walked into the street at a moderate pace, but the goal of these zombies was not the survivor team. It is the railway station stationed by Cai Wenjie.

So these zombies didn’t stay at all, they were going to leave here straight and continue to the train station, but at this moment the man doing warm-up exercises appeared in the sight of the vanguard of the zombie group.

Although zombie’s eyesight is relatively poor or very poor, but his sense of hearing and smell is very sensitive, so after these zombies were close to the man for a certain distance, they immediately spotted him.

The zombies who were relatively calm at this time suddenly started to go crazy, and ran to the man in big strides. Although the number of zombies in the vanguard is not very large, there are more than 30 zombies. Three When the ten zombies ran towards the man, the man did not panic, but quickly turned around, and started to run quickly along the path when he came.

The speed of a zombie is basically about 15 per 100 meters. A few zombies can reach 14 seconds, or 13 seconds. This is already the full strength of an ordinary person in a 100 meters run, but such a group of zombies, Now chasing an ordinary man, imagine that you are running desperately in front, but there is a group of cannibal zombies behind, chasing you at the speed of sprinters, as long as you are chased, you will become a zombie ration. How fast can you run? .

If Cai Wenjie is dead, even without firearms and close weapons, these zombies can be wiped out by his own fitness hand and extremely fast reaction speed. The zombie on the opposite side can’t even touch the corners of his clothes. Of course, if there are more than fifty in number, Cai Wenjie can only run away.

After all, it is not easy to kill more than 30 zombies with bare hands. Cai Wenjie can’t hold it if the number is doubled.

Of course, if you have weapons in your hand, that’s another matter. As long as the bullets and time are sufficient, Cai Wenjie can kill more than three-digit zombie by himself.

Speaking of reality, this person who finished the warm-up exercise, looked at the zombie rushing towards him, first fell and shook his hand, then took out an MP3 and a loudspeaker, hung it on his waist, and then The switch was pressed.

Suddenly a burst of passionate music came out of the loudspeaker. This man played an episode from a war movie. Because the track is simple and very catchy, it is very popular with people, and because it is a war movie The episode, so the sound is very loud, just like this, it attracted the zombies not far away.

Not only the leading force of the zombie group, but the main force of the zombie group behind, also heard this voice.

Countless zombies listened to the sound of the music and began to rage, and the zombie group started to rush to the place where the music came from at a very fast speed.

And the man with the mp3 and loudspeaker hung on his body, the moment the first sound came out, he started to run back, and he still used his full strength. When he ran with full strength, the speed could reach nine for a time. More than a second, this man can be considered a little capable, and his explosive ability can be a national second-level athlete certification.

Soon the silhouettes of the men and the zombies rushed out of the 52nd block quickly, and even the zombie group behind them began to quickly pass through the 52nd block because of the music.

However, the difference between the number of thousands of zombies and dozens of zombies is too large, so these zombies cannot pass through this area as quickly as the pioneers of zombies, but can only pass through here step by step.

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