My Empire War Game Chapter 623


As soon as the adult red dragon appeared on the battlefield, a powerful Dragon’s Might spread. Many pirates who were not tenacious in their will fell directly on the deck under this pressure. The ordinary person could not resist. With the coercion of giant dragon, only a few pirates resisted this interference.

And the bloodthirsty bat that was aggressive rushing over was also disturbed by Dragon’s Might and became a little stagnant.

“Master, is this the sea?” Onyxvia looked around and was a little excited. This was the first time she saw the sea. In the past, she had only seen the Lava Sea on the Fire Element plane. In the dragon’s inheritance, we know that there is the sea.

“It’s the sea.” Suren slightly smiled: “Aren’t you already an adult? Go to bed every day, move around, go and kill those big bats for me!”

Onixvia glanced at the bloodthirsty bat not far away, and then exclaimed with excitement: “I’m thinking about activities!”

The giant dragon’s huge body hovered slightly, and then the huge dragon wings vibrated. The whirlwind generally rushed towards the big bats. The battle can be said to be a unilateral slaughter. The giant dragon is almost the overlord of the sky. Although there are many bloodthirsty bats and their strength is good, they do not have an advantage in size or strength.

Even the claws of these big bats cannot pierce the dragon scales. And the red dragon’s breath went down, these bloodthirsty bats were directly burned into coke, and then fell from the sky one after another. In a blink of an eye, the bloodthirsty bats in the sky were all beheaded.

On the other side, the dragonborn pirate king saw the giant dragon that suddenly appeared, and suddenly a trace of badness rose in his heart. Then this giant dragon killed all the bloodthirsty bats that had just been released, and even wiped out those After the bloodthirsty bat, this giant dragon swooped toward a pirate ship nearby.

The pirates on that pirate ship were scared to avoid everywhere, and many pirates even jumped directly into the sea.


The scorching flame of dragon blood instantly hit the pirate ship, and saw that the 40-meter sailing ship instantly turned into a big torch. The entire ship was ignited by the dragon’s breath, and the pirates who had no time to escape on the ship were directly burned. Become coke. The entire surface of the sea was bright red by the flames. As soon as the war started, the pirates burned a ship directly.

“This… this is… evil… evil dragon!”

“It’s not good…. It flies… It flies over!”


Numerous pirates were frightened by the sudden appearance of giant dragons and their teeth trembled. These ferocious pirates were killed when they saw a powerful pirate ship with just one breath, and all the cars in front of them defeated their confidence.

“Don’t be afraid, rush to the enemy!” Seeing that his men were about to collapse, the Dragonborn Pirate King immediately shouted loudly.

“Hurry up, as long as you lean on those people’s boats, the giant dragon can’t attack!”

“Don’t think about running away, can the ship run as fast as the wings of a giant dragon? The faster you run, the faster you die!”

“Hurry up! Go up and fight hand-to-hand. This giant dragon is from the opposite summon. There is a time limit. As long as we survive the time, the giant dragon will leave directly. This is our only chance to survive! “

I have to say that this dragonborn pirate king is very prestigious in the island. In this case, those pirates subconsciously follow the dragonborn pirate king’s orders, and inflate the sails toward Suren’s fleet. .

The Dragonborn Pirate King’s approach is correct. In this case, escape is courting death, only rushing up to fight against Suren’s fleet, so that the giant dragon can’t perform dragon breath, so as not to accidentally hurt Suren’s fleet and giant dragon. Basically it cannot be attacked.

Seeing the pirate ships rushing up, Suren slightly smiled, waving the Thor’s Spear in his hand, and an aura flashed from him instantly. In the next second, a large amount of sea water suddenly swelled up on the sea surface, and the sea water poured down all around. A huge monster rose from the sea surface, and it was Suren’s magic ship, the Fury Dragon.

“What monster is this!”

“This is the magic ship!”

“No, run away!”

“It’s too late!”

The pirates who were about to rush to the gang battle looked towards the magic ship in horror. As soon as the magic ship appeared, it quickly activated. The horrible collision angle flashed a flash of cold light, and the huge hull flew towards up ahead A pirate ship ran into it.

“hong long long !”

There was a loud noise, and a large amount of sawdust flew across. The pirate ship that was fast sailing just now was hit in two by the anger dragon, and the broken ship was losing one’s head out of fear. The pirates wanted to jump off the ship. Unfortunately, the crashed pirate ship sank very fast. Before these pirates could swim out of this area, a big vortex swallowed all these pirates.

The appearance of the Fury Dragon and the Red Dragon made the morale of the Deepwater City navy soar, and even the sailors who had just joined the Deepwater City Navy were excited. Originally, these people trembled in fright after seeing the flag of the Pirate King. , Look pale, now it’s almost like a chicken blood.

There was a burst of cheers.

Barbossa jumped directly onto the mast, his entire face flushed, and an uncontrollable excitement radiated from him. The pirate ship angrily roared not far away with the long knife in his hand: “Charge! Get rid of this.” Pirates! Destroy these rubbish! Long live the Northwind Kingdom!”

“Kill these pirates!”

“Long live the North Wind Kingdom!”

“Come on!”

The navy of Deepwater City roared in this brief moment, and the deafening sound reverberated on the sea. All the ships launched a charge and rushed in the direction of the pirate ship without hesitation.

With giant dragons and magic ships helping out, the morale of the Navy in Deepwater City was shaken. On the contrary, the morale of the pirates led by the pirate king just got up and the morale dropped instantly.

In the face of a certain defeat, these few pirates can rush to the decisive battle without hesitation.

After the Nulong crashed into a pirate ship, it began to show off its power. The ballistas that had been loaded on the ship immediately fired. These blessed ballistas had powerful formidable power and immediately nailed several nearby ships.

Immediately after the divine light flashed on the Fury Dragon, a fire light appeared, and the jet of flame instantly rushed up like a Fire Dragon, directly igniting the ship. These special greases were prepared by the wizard and glued on. One point will burn for a long time. Soon these flames spread quickly on this ship.

Pirate ships could not resist this kind of offensive. Some pirates wanted to use sea water to extinguish the flames, but after the water was poured, the flames did not go out at all. Instead, they proceeded on the sea water and continued to spread along the sea. Soon the entire pirate ship ignited a raging fire.

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