My Fiancee Is a Stunning CEO Chapter 4342

Seeing this horrible scene, the bone-refining demon felt a flurry of hair, and tried his best to use the divine sense to activate the white bone lock whip, trying to forcibly restrain Shen Lang with the restraint of the accompanying Demonic Artifact .

However, the Asura Demon God divine force created by Shen Lang incarnation is amazing. Even if the Bone Refining Demon has tried his best, it is still difficult to completely suppress the tearing force of Asura Demon God.

The Abyss Demon Lord said with horror on his face: “Elder, this child fleshy body is extremely powerful. Your white bone lock whip may not be able to control him. We quickly retreat and take the opportunity to let our race border The army is working together to attack this person!”


Although he is unwilling, but considering the meet force with force, it is difficult to be Shen Lang’s opponent, the Bone Refining Demon Lord Had to agree to the proposal of the Abyss Demon Lord.

At the same time, Asura Demon God lifted up the dark golden magic light all over his body, and the eight giant arm veins violently released their power to the limit, and he was about to break free from the shackles of the white bone lock whip.

The Bone Refining Demon Lord is trembling in fear, and completely cut off the thought of fighting Shen Lang, he pulled the body of the Abyss Demon Lord and quickly retreated.

“The frontier army listened to the order, kill me! Kill this cultivator!!!”

The Bone Refining Demon screamed loudly while retreating. Trembling.


As soon as the roar fell, many Demon Race troops flew out of the spirit boat, moved towards the Asura Demon God in the battlefield, surrounded them, and performed one after another. Magical Powers attack.

For a time, tens of millions of Demon Race cultivators struggled to release the Divine Ability attack like a downpour, and the crazy moved towards the central Asura Demon God smashed past.

“bang bang bang!!!!”

Like a doomsday natural disaster, the multi-colored Divine Ability attack landed on the fleshy body of Asura Demon God, and the connecting to erupted heaven penetrating the earth-like loud noise.

At first glance, the Divine Ability formidable power displayed by these Demon Race cultivators is limited, but there are too many.

Tens of millions of Demon Race cultivators simultaneously displayed Divine Ability attacks, and the formidable power has also become jaw-dropping.

Asura Demon God’s huge body has been hit hundreds of thousands of times in the blink of an eye! No matter how strong the fleshly body strength is, it can’t resist hitting it as a target.

In just one breath, the fleshy body of Asura Demon God was broken by countless attacks. With the continuous explosion of “peng~ peng~ peng~”, Asura Demon God torn skin and gaping flesh, magic blood splattered.

“roar! !!!”

The Asura Demon God who felt the violent pain roared up to the sky, his mouth let out a violent and crazy roar, the breath of terror Suppressing the Heavens and Earth, Weizhen World!

The suffocating sense of pressure forced many Demon Race cultivators close to Asura Demon God to fall from in the sky. They were really frightened by the ferocious aura released by Asura Demon God.

“Don’t cowering one by one, give me full attack and destroy this thing!!!”

The bone-refining demon who retreated to the back of the army yelled.

The Demon Race cultivator suppressed the fear in their hearts, resisted the pressure, and attacked Asura Demon God more and more frantically.

After the ten breaths, Asura Demon God’s whole body is bloody. Although no fatal injuries have been received, the injuries are no longer light.


One after another pain stimulated Shen Lang’s mind, and Asura Demon God was stunned, exerting his fleshly body strength to its extreme.

Finally, with the sound of “hong”, Asura Demon God finally tore off the white bone lock whip that bound his body!

The chain of bones shattered into piercing fragments, splashing everywhere.


The Bone Refining Demon behind the Demon Race army saw Shen Lang tearing the Bone Clavicle to pieces. It was panic and painful!

Although the Bone Lock Magic Whip has a strong binding force, it is not as strong as the Spirit level Immortal Treasure.

Even so, the Demonic Artifact with yourself is not easily destroyed. One can imagine how powerful the opponent’s fleshly body strength is!

Shen Lang, who broke free from the shackles of the Bone Clavicle God Whip, the killing intent and anger in his chest have also risen to the extreme.

“Shadow the magic light!”

Asura Demon God’s eight bloody palms shot a dark golden magic light like a river and sea, moving towards All directions spread out, trying to resist the attacks from all directions.

“bang bang bang! !!!”

The harsh rumbling sound is shaking and deafening. Shen Lang’s full release of the shadow magic light finally resists the Demon Race Attack of the cultivator army.

“A bunch of mobs, let me die!”

The angry Asura Demon God rushed out of the encirclement like a giant mountain, and the Demon Race cultivator passed by was instantly swept away The coming shadow was swallowed and flooded by magic light, and even the screams were too late to make a scream. Fleshy body was bombarded and killed by magic light, and it was killed on the spot!

The formation of the Demon Race army was disrupted, causing numerous casualties at a time.

“Don’t mess around, surround this alien, and attack with all your strength!”

The Bone Refining Demon uttered a hysterical violent shout, madly commanding all around The army of Demon Race surrounds Shen Lang.

Continuously the Demon Race cultivator moved towards Asura Demon God like a locust, and countless Divine Ability moved towards Shen Lang transformed into Asura Demon God swept over.

Shen Lang is angry in his heart, but he also knows that his state is horrible, and he must prevent further physical trauma, otherwise he may fall before the end of the battle.

“Golden Immortal Technique, Platinum Sacred Armor!”

Shen Lang quickly runs the nine-turn mark within the body, a large number of white golden rune from skin, flesh, blood, and bone The network, meridian and even Divine Soul gush out rapidly, gather on the body surface, and transform into a dazzling white golden armor.

Using the platinum saint of the nine-turn magic seal condense, it can perfectly wrap the body according to the master’s fleshy body shape, and Asura Demon God can also use this to defend.

I saw Asura Demon God’s body, including three heads and eight arms, all wrapped in platinum saints, defensive power turned on!

With the protection of the platinum holy clothes, Shen Lang’s defensive pressure has been reduced a lot, and he began to massacre these Demon Race cultivators that surrounded him. The scene was called in a frenzy.


In the Liuyue camp, all the Liuyue cultivators saw the Asura Demon God transformed by Shen Lang. Slaughter all sides in the battlefield. They are extremely brave and shocking. There is no way to add to it, and I feel addicted.

Only Lu Yan, his old face is as black as the bottom of a pot.

“It’s an evil!”

Lu Yan also didn’t expect that Shen Lang, this little bastard, could really fight the Demon Race frontier army by the strength of oneself, and hit two old demon patriarchs. .

Xingyu couldn’t help it anymore. He moved towards Lu Yan and bowed to cup one fist in the other hand: “Lord Lu, the current situation has reached the most critical juncture, and the Demon Race cultivator has already In a passive state, the two demon patriarchs have also been seriously injured. It is the best time for our tribe to leave the army!”

“If our Liuyue tribe’s frontier army can rush out at this moment, With the help of Senior Shen, he will surely be able to wipe out this group of Demon Race troops and win a complete victory. Killing those two demon patriarch is nothing difficult!”

Xingyu’s clenching one’s teeth and said.

Shen Lang by the strength of oneself creating such a great advantage is a great blessing to the Liuyue clan.

Let an alien cultivator withstand the attack of the Demon Race enemy army, and the native Liuyue tribe army will shrink in the big camp to watch the show, Xingyu can’t bear this timid decision.

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