My Fiancee Is a Stunning CEO Chapter 4343

The leaders of the several cultivation bases behind Heaven Encompassing Exalted Immortal also stopped one after another, moved towards Lu Yan cup one fist in the other hand and said: “Yes, leader Lu, we shouldn’t It’s time to let this alien Senior face the threat alone.”

“reasonable in every circumstance, I should also help him!”

“This alien Senior has done his utmost benevolence, and the Liuyue tribe cannot be ungrateful!”

Several leaders said one after another.

Lu Yan’s old face is so gloomy, he certainly knows that now that the Liuyue Clan is out of the army, he can almost win a big victory.

But the problem is that I previously underestimated Shen Lang’s ability and already offended this kid. I’m afraid that the other party will not be so easy to talk about now.

Looking at Asura Demon God in the battlefield, although he was brave, his movements seemed to slow down slowly, and he must have suffered a severe injury.

Whether Shen Lang can kill this group of Demon Race thieves or two, Lu Yan decided to beating somebody at their own game and continue to sit back and become the fisherman who sweeps the benefits.

“You juniors are really short-sighted. How can there be any kindness in the battlefield? My Liuyue tribe does not need a single soldier to get rid of these Demon Race thieves. It is the best As a result! As for that foreign tribe, let him fend for himself!”

Lv Yan tossed his sleeve robe, coldly shouted.


Several Captain leaders including Xingyu tried to persuade them.

Lv Yan scolded angrily: “There is nothing more! You return to your position at a speed, don’t talk about these nonsense again. The old man does things, you don’t need your juniors to teach!”

Seeing that Lu Yan was extremely stubborn, several Captain leaders sighed helplessly.

Xingyu is also biting at all, even if he feels dissatisfied in his heart, his cultivation base level 1 crushes people to death, he can only do what he orders.

Lü Yan actually had a bad feeling in his heart. In order to be worldly-wise and play safe, he sound transmission summoned a cultivation base in the midterm of Heaven Encompassing Exalted Immortal, and ordered: “Immediately report the battle situation on the border to Liuyue City, and request Great Elder to personally lead several patriarchs to come to the border to support, saying that a powerful alien cultivator may threaten the safety of our race next!”

“Yes, commander!”

The telegraph leader immediately took the command and stepped back.

After giving the order, Lu Yan immediately felt more at ease, thinking that even if Shen Lang could really punish this group of Demon Race army, when the time comes, they would still be captured by the Liuyue Clan, never again. Don’t think of making waves.

“The little alien, also delusional to threaten the old man, is really idiotic!”

The old face of Lu Yan flashed with contempt.

He is extremely satisfied with his operation of murder a person with a borrowed knife. This time the defeat of the Demon Race army must be counted on him, when the time comes Great Elder will definitely Commend yourself well.

Thinking of this, Lu Yan was secretly proud.


In the battlefield, Shen Lang has adapted to the offensive frequency of the Demon Race cultivator.

The three heads of Asura Demon God open their mouths to eject a huge beam of shadow magic light, like three large laser cannons, shooting away at the Demon Race army.

“bang bang bang! !!!”

Three magic beams of light blasted wildly, and large swaths of Demon Race cultivator fleshy bodies and soul bodies were blasted into dregs. Extinct.

Followingly, the Asura Demon God transformed by Shen Lang freed up eight arms and quickly took out the flaming spear, the universe circle, the Huntian Ling, the golden snake scepter, the nebula bow, and two pieces of silence. Seven magic weapons including Immortal Treasure Flying Sword of Spirit level.

Shen Lang turned the chaotic spirit strength and Power of Stars within the body to the extreme, and at the same time spurred seven Immortal Treasures to launch a fierce attack.

Seven Immortal Treasures burst out with dazzling auras, massacring the surrounding Demon Race cultivator.

Asura Demon God is like a killing god, wherever he goes, blood mist is flying everywhere, no one can stop it!

The Demon Race cultivator that came up in batches was like moth flies into the flame, with almost no resistance to it, and was bombarded by the magic weapon in the hands of Asura Demon God or the magic light spit out from the mouth Kill and kill.

It seems that the overwhelming Demon Race army is besieging Asura Demon God, but the real battle situation is a unilateral slaughter.

The only shortcoming is that Shen Lang has consumed a lot of magic weapons and released the shadow magic light within the body’s chaotic spirit strength and star energy to a very dangerous level.

Although the energy in the previously swallowed Primordial Stone and Heavenly Jade star sand has not been absorbed, the energy provided by the two is not enough to supplement Shen Lang’s intense consumption in the battlefield!

The most terrible thing is that Shen Lang’s spirit is getting tired and the backlash on Divine Soul is getting heavier, resulting in slower and slower actions.

Fighting for a while, Shen Lang’s brain began to dizzy, and his consciousness was a little blurred.

“This evil thief won’t last long, attack with all his might!”

The Bone Refining Demon seemed to see the sharp decline in Shen Lang’s state, and he let out a hysterical roar in his tone. Excited.

The Demon Race army that has been fighting until now has lost more than half. The fighting intent has been greatly reduced, but after hearing the shouts of the Bone Refining Demon Lord, they all cheered up and launched desperately one by one. The onslaught.

“bang bang bang!”

Due to the reduced mobility, Demon Race cultivator Divine Ability attacks frequently hit Shen Lang.

After undergoing a lot of attacks, the platinum holy clothing of Asura Demon God has cracked densely packed cracks, and is on the verge of collapse.

“Damn it!”

Shen Lang bit his tongue and forcibly suppressed the discomfort on Divine Soul, his mind was horrified.

No, according to this situation, I can’t support it for long, so I must do it quickly!

Asura Demon God’s eyes are bloodshot, and the few remaining Power of Stars within the body are poured into the Nebula Bow, freeing up two hands to use the bow and arrows.

“weng weng weng!”

Nebula’s bows and arrows burst out like the silver light of Star River, and the amazing energy fluctuations make the heart palpitating and fearful!

Shen Lang urged the Nebula Bow to its extreme, and quickly shot the Nebula Arrow.


The sharp sonic boom made people tinnitus and deaf, and Nebula Arrow rushed up ahead to the Demon Race that was besieged by the overturned silver light. In the cultivator group.

“dong dong dong! ”

With a series of dense and piercing noises, the skyrocketing silver awn carried by the Nebula Arrows blasted the large number of Demon Race cultivators that surrounded the front into powder. , A path is cleared.

“It’s now!”

Shen Lang bursts out of his eyes, Asura Demon God in this brief moment gave up the defense, and withstood all attacks by the strength of oneself. Divine Consciousness locks the Bone Refining Demon and the Abyss Demon behind the army.

“The two beasts of Demon Race, let me die!”

Under the almost crazy charge, Asura Demon God quickly approached these two great heavenly demon like crazy dogs !

“Bone Refining Elder, the army can’t stand it anymore, let’s run!”

Seeing that Asura Demon God was about to rush out of the encirclement, the Abyss Demon Lord was scared to death. All right.

The Bone Refining Demon Lord was also shocked by the tyrannical murderous aura released by Shen Lang. He was terrified. He was no longer calmer than before. He pulled the injured Abyss Demon Lord and ran away!

Unfortunately, everything is too late!

“Want to go? Dream!”

Asura Demon God’s three copper first mouths spouted heavenly demon light, the terrifying shadow and magic light eclipsed the sky, and the blockbuster The space rendered into dark golden, suddenly moved towards up ahead spreading away.

Where the magic light passes, all mountains and rocks are turned into dusty residue!

The speed of the Bone Refining Demon’s escape is not as fast as the spread of the magic light. Seeing the dark golden magic light spreading behind him with the formidable power of the Danger Land, he was shocked. The scalp was numb, and Soul Power was burning in desperation, releasing a large swath of white magic flame, trying to resist the power of magic light!

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