My Fiancee Is a Stunning CEO Chapter 4344

“bang bang bang! ”

The large dark golden magic light and the white magic flame collided and exploded, bursting out a burst of rumbling sound like the sky and the earth.

The Bone Refining Demon Lord transformed into a white bone heavenly demon, the hollow skull eye sockets flashed with extreme blood light, he burned his Soul Power to the extreme, and the endless white demon cremated into Heavenly The Fire Sea can barely resist the spreading dark golden magic light.

However, the formidable power released by Asura Demon God is extremely powerful. It is very difficult for the Bone Refining Demon to protect himself, and there is no time to take care of the Abyss Demon around him.


Seeing the dark golden magic light that is hiding the sky and covering the earth swallows, the abyss demon lord is scared to death.

The devastated Abyssal Demon couldn’t display any powerful Magical Powers at all, so he dragged his wounded body to open his mouth and sprayed out a large amount of blood essence, turning the power of blood essence into a large amount of bloody magic light. Trying to resist the impact of the shadow magic light.

The idea is beautiful, but the reality is cruel.

“bang bang bang! ”

After a series of intensive rumbling sounds, the magic light of the shadows swept like a tsunami was covered with crushing dry weeds and smashing rotten wood After the bloody magic light released by the abyss demon lord, it hit the fleshy body of the abyss demon lord.

The appalling dark golden magic light swallowed and submerged the fleshy body of the Abyss Demon Lord, bursting out with a roar and explosion like the earth and the earth.


The fleshy body of the Demon Lord of the Abyss was blown to the ground by the magic light, and he let out a screaming hoarse scream.

This abyssal demon is a great heavenly demon after all. Even if the Fleshy body was blown to pieces by the shining magic light, it was not dead for a time, but it was also dying, and there was no possibility of resistance.

At this moment, the Asura Demon God created by Shen Lang incarnation threw out the circle of universe in his hands.

The circle of heaven and earth rose to ten thousand zhang wide in the face of the storm, and the golden ring burst out with a terrifying golden light, carrying the sun and the moon, stirring the might of the universe to the abyss demon!


The abyss demon only had time to make the last scream, and his bloody body was hit by the flying universe, and Heaven and Earth erupted. With a crackling sound like turning upside down, the sky full of golden light drowned everything, and the shocking energy fluctuations shook the universe.

Under the heavy blow of the universe and the raging impact of the shadow magic light, the fleshy body of the abyss demon king was blown into countless blood clots, and the soul body also fell along with the fleshy body, completely killed !

I’m afraid that the Abyss Demon will be wondering until his death. Is the Immortal World cultivator so powerful?

He couldn’t believe it until the moment before he died that Trifling, a Human Race cultivator who had just entered the Great Principle Golden Immortal realm, would have such a heaven-defying battle strength.

“It’s awful!”

The Bone Refining Demon on the side saw the tragic death of the Abyss Demon on the spot, completely showing despair.

His intestines are all regretful.

Knowing that the Great Principle Golden Immortal of this alien world is so powerful, they shouldn’t do it, otherwise they won’t fall to this point.

Unfortunately, there is no chance to regret it.

The Asura Demon God made by Shen Lang incarnation has already deceived the body, the fire-tip spear in his hand bursts with a very powerful scarlet gold fire, a spear thrust towards the bones of heavenly demon’s chest.


Shen Lang angry roar, the violent star fire rushes out from the gun body of the flaming gun, and the terrifying formidable power seems to be able to burn Exterminating Heaven and Earth!

Bone Refining Demon Lord is the limit to resist the shadow and magic light with no opportunity. He is unable to withstand Shen Lang’s other attacks. He stares at Asura Demon God golden in his hand. The flashing fire-tip spear pierced his body, but couldn’t make any response.

next moment.


Along with an earth shattering sound, the fiery tip gun hit the bones of heavenly demon’s chest with the power of the sun and moon. , Suffocating terror energy erupted from the tip of the gun, and the chest of the bone heavenly demon was shattered by the fire-point gun.

The massive star fire almost swallowed and drowned the body of the white bone heavenly demon, causing many skeletons of his body to collapse and burn.

The eight purple fire snakes transformed into spears flew up, gnawing the bones of heavenly demon’s body.


The intense to extreme pain caused the bone-refining demon king to utter a tragic and screaming sound.

Although the fleshy body strength of the Bone Refining Demon is far stronger than that of the Abyss Demon, no matter how powerful the Fleshy body is, it cannot withstand this degree of destruction and torture.

What’s more, the Starry Fire and the Purple Heavenly Fire can not only cause huge destructive power to the cultivator fleshy body, but also burn and burn the Divine Soul. Once controlled, sooner or later the soul flew away and scattered.

The Bone Refining Demon has lived in the star realm for countless years, and has been aloof and remote for countless years. He has always regarded his identity as a heavenly demon as Supreme glory.

When he felt that death was close at hand for the first time in countless years, his belief in Demon Race collapsed instantly, screaming in panic and begging for mercy: “Fellow Daoist! Don’t kill me!! !”

Shen Lang could indeed keep this great heavenly demon alive, so that it is convenient to ask for some key information.

But at this moment, Shen Lang has a serious Divine Soul backlash, and even his consciousness has begun to be fuzzy. If there is no killer now, there may be no chance afterwards.

“It’s not that I didn’t give you a chance before, but you didn’t cherish it. It’s too late to come and beg for mercy!”

Shen Lang sneered, the stars released by the fire-pointed spear The fire madly poured into the bones of heavenly demon’s body.

“bang bang bang!”

The terrifying star fire instantly invaded the bones of heavenly demon.


Amidst the screams of incomparable pain, the skeleton of the heavenly demon’s body was burned and burned, and the original skeleton was extremely hard and damaged. crack.

Finally, with a muffled sound of “hong”, the huge body of the white bone heavenly demon completely exploded, turning into countless bone fragments, splashing everywhere.

These bone fragments were broken into dust by the shadow magic light spewed out by Asura Demon God.

So far, the Bone Refining Demon Lord is completely destroyed!

Everything is over.

Shen Lang showed a relieved expression, changed back to his body, and quickly took away the storage ring of the Abyss Demon Lord and the Bone Refining Demon Lord.

I witnessed the tragic death of two great heavenly demons one after another. The Demon Race army chasing from behind made their scalp numb with fright, and they stopped subconsciously, their faces full of horror and confusion.

This alien cultivator in front of me is too terrifying. If he can kill the Demon Race cultivator wantonly in the army, he can actually kill the two great heavenly in the army of the Elder. demon!

Such terrifying strength is simply unheard-of.

In addition to the previous six-winged demon, three great heavenly demons were lost in this border battle!

For hundreds of millions of years, Demon Race has never suffered such a huge loss. This battle is simply a joke!

“I don’t like bullying the weak. If you mobs don’t want to die, just disappear from me!”

Shen Lang let out a thunderous shout.

As soon as the roar fell, Shen Lang poured the last chaotic spirit strength within the body into the Asura sacred pupil at the center of his forehead, shooting out a large amount of shadow magic light, moved towards the Demon Race cultivator that followed behind Killed away.

“bang bang bang!”

Where the magic light passed, groups of Demon Race cultivators were bombarded into powdered blood mist, and a lot of screams came and went one after another.

The Demon Race cultivators were terrified, and no longer have the heart to resist, they fled all around.

Too terrifying, this kind of enemy is simply unmatched!

The guy who still thinks about confronting Shen Lang until now is definitely a brain problem.

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