My Fiancee Is a Stunning CEO Chapter 4345

Shen Lang had no intention of letting go of this group of Demon Race cultivator, but his state has reached an arrow at the end of its flight, and he can no longer support it anymore.

Fortunately, this group of Demon Race troops also became a mess. It was determined that Shen Lang was unmatched, and no one wanted to lose his life in vain, and they scattered instantly.

In less than half a minute, all the Demon Race cultivators ran away.

Shen Lang finally breathed a sigh of relief as the Demon Race army escaped his sight.

Although he killed three great heavenly demons with strength of oneself, killed countless Demon Race cultivators, and frightened these Demon Race troops, Shen Lang was not at all happy in his heart, but rather dull. anger.

He felt that he was being used by the Liuyue tribe as a tool against the Demon Race army.

The tool is that’s all. The key point is that the Liuyue clan leader’s attitude towards him is too much, it is tolerable or unbearable!

Shen Lang turned back into a human form, his expression gloomy.

Up to now, Shen Lang will definitely no longer use his hot face to stick to the cold ass of the Liuyue clan. Without this bad breath, his breathing is not smooth.

“Old dog Lv Yan, what can you say now?”

Shen Lang sneered at Lv Yan above the Liuyue Clan camp. The one who laughed was called a brilliant , The muscles on the face are beating.

In the Liuyue Clan camp, Lu Yan’s old face was ashen-faced, and he was sweating.

He couldn’t even dream that Shen Lang’s battle strength could be so horrendous.

This time I hit the iron plate. I played this murder a person with a borrowed knife. The person was killed, but the knife was still there, and it was more terrifying than the person.

Lu Yan quickly said with a smile: “Fellow Daoist Shen possesses great magical power, the old man admires it, many thanks Fellow Daoist Shen to eradicate the scourge for my Liuyue clan!”

“Maybe Fellow Daoist Shen misunderstood the meaning of old man. The old man wanted Fellow Daoist Shen to have the opportunity to show his strength. Now Fellow Daoist has really done it. The old man will abide by the previous promise and will definitely follow Daoist Shen recommended to my patriarch.”

Lu Yan said cautiously, imagining that the Lengtouqing in another world has nothing to do with the city. A few good words may be able to shake hands and make peace.

Unfortunately, he was wrong. Shen Lang was originally a vicious and merciless person. If he hadn’t been in good condition, he would have long since rushed into the camp to kill Lu Yan, the old bastard.

“Misunderstanding? ha ha ha, what a misunderstanding!”

Shen Lang said with a smile, “old bastard, when you used me earlier, it was not That said. I really am Shen Lang, a role that you old trash can use at will?”

Feeling Shen Lang’s release of murderous intention, Lu Yan’s heart jumped and pretended to say: “Fellow Do not misunderstand Daoist Shen. If the old man has offended before, I apologize to you here.”

“Okay, I don’t want to talk to you! I am not an unreasonable person, if you If I really regret it, I got out of the camp and knocked my head a few times. As long as the attitude is sincere, maybe this Uncle can really save you a dog! If not, take responsibility for the consequences!”

Shen Lang murmured angrily.

Lv Yan’s old face twitched slightly. He was the commander of the frontier army at any rate, with a high level of authority. He wanted him to bow his head to an alien cultivator in full view. Lv Yan consciously couldn’t lose his face.

What’s more, this kid said he would spare himself, but who knows if he would do it?

Not sure, this kid will fight with himself as soon as he goes out!

Just as Lu Yan was in a dilemma, two stunning blue lights appeared in the border camp of the Liuyue tribe, like two green rainbow comets moved towards the gathering place of the Liuyue tribe border army. .

“This is!”

Lu Yan caught a glimpse of the two rays of light flying from the sky, and his eyes flashed suddenly, as if he saw a savior.

Not long after, two cyan lights floated to the frontier army of the Liuyue tribe to up ahead.

Fleeing light, two cultivators stepped out.

“Lv Yan has seen the Great Elder, protect the law!”

Lv Yan overwhelmed by emotions, immediately moved towards these two cultivators and gave a big gift.

The appearance of the cultivator Elderly headed by the cultivator, holding a green wooden scepter, wearing a black robe with gold silk, white hair and long beard, pointed ears and long eyebrows, exudes a cold, arrogant and noble air, it actually gives a Monarch A sense of majesty like Overlooking The Whole World.

This Elderly actually has the cultivation base of the Great Principle Golden Immortal mid-term peak. It is the Great Elder of the Liuyue Clan, the Star Remnant.

The other cultivator is a burly middle-aged man with short hair and strong clothes, carrying a cyan giant sword on his back, and his face is like a knife, giving a sense of aggressiveness and dominance.

This middle-aged cultivator actually also has the cultivation base of the Great Principle Golden Immortal. This person is the guardian of the Liuyue clan, and his name is Li Feng.


Shen Lang outside the camp saw this scene, his face black like the bottom of a pot.

Unexpectedly, Lu Yan, an old bastard, moved to Liuyue’s expert so soon.

In the border camp of the Liuyue tribe, there is a Transmission Array that leads directly to Liuyue City. The communication cultivator sent by Lu Yan earlier conveyed the news to the Great Elder and the guardian of Liuyue City. The two heard The news came to the border camp.

Demon Race has fought against the Liuyue clan for so many years, the two sides are extremely sensitive to the battle on the border, and their respective support speeds are naturally extremely fast.

“Meet the Great Elder, protect the law!”

The frontier army of the Liuyue tribe moved towards and gave a big gift.

“I have seen…Master!”

Xingyu’s eyes lit up.

The Great Elder Star Remnant of the Liuyue clan in front of him is his former Master. Even the Master is here, so things will definitely change.

Great Elder waved his sleeve robe, signaled to exempt the gift, and then sound transmission asked Lu Yan: “Lv Yan Elder, you have previously informed that an alien cultivator has appeared in the star realm, and that alien is now present. Where is it?”

“Go back to Great Elder, that’s the thief outside the camp!”

Lv Yan pointed to Shen Lang outside the camp, and said with red eyes: “Great Elder didn’t know that this person was extremely dangerous. Just now…”

With the support of his own Great Elder and the Law Protector, Lu Yan immediately took advantage of the problem and described Shen Lang as extremely dangerous, which would be detrimental to the Liuyue Clan. The alien cultivator.

Lv Yan also claimed that he used Shen Lang to make a “murder a person with a borrowed knife”, coaxing the opponent to kill three great heavenly demon demon races, without a single blow Retired the Demon Race frontier army.

In short, Lu Yan did his best to take all the credit and instigated the Liuyue Clan Great Elder to get rid of the kid Shen Lang.

“Great Elder, that’s the case. Fortunately, the old man has the foresight to trap this alien thief outside. The thief has just experienced a battle and is already seriously injured. I can wait. Take this opportunity to kill him in one fell swoop!” Lv Yan said with a browful sound transmission.

Lei Feng believes deeply, cup one fist in the other hand and said: “Great Elder, Lv Yan said that the leader is right, this alien thief must not stay! We might as well take action now and destroy this person Killing can also be regarded as stifling the threat in the cradle!”

The star remnant is like still water, and said silently: “I don’t know how this alien cultivator sneaked into my star realm. This matter is very important, you Wait and take this life with this seat, and wait for the return to the moon city, and then interrogate!”

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