My Fiancee Is a Stunning CEO Chapter 4346

tone barely fell, the star remnant rolled up a piece of azure light and rushed out of the Defensive Great Array.


Li Feng and Lu Yan cup one fist in the other hand complied, and then followed Star Can.

“Master, dísciple has something to report!”

Seeing Xing Can turned into a escape light and flew away, Xingyu couldn’t help shouting, and was about to explain himself to his Master. What happened just now.

Unfortunately, Xing Can did not respond to him, and in an instant he rushed out of the Defensive Great Array in the camp.

Seeing this, Xingyu had a bad feeling in his heart.

Outside the Liuyue Clan camp, Shen Lang saw the star remnant, Li Feng and Lu Yan three Great Principle Golden Immortal flying out of the array one after another, his face turned extremely ugly.

Just now separated by a layer of Defensive Great Array, Shen Lang only got a glimpse of the other party’s Great Principle Golden Immortal cultivation base with Asura pupils. Now when these two people come out, he finally feels their true cultivation realm.

The two rescuers that Lu Yan moved here actually have the great cultivator of the Great Principle Golden Immortal mid-term!

The point is that Elderly holding the Azure Wood Rod, the cultivation base has reached the peak of the Great Principle Golden Immortal mid-term. The Elderly fleshy body has a restrained breath, but the vaguely released sense of pressure makes people have one’s hair stand on end, presumably it is not easy to be born with!

I heard Xingyu say that the strongest cultivator of the Liuyue clan is the patriarch of the Liuyue clan. The patriarch cultivation base has reached the late Great Principle Golden Immortal stage, but for some reason, he has been unable to leave Liuyue. city.

Now the Liuyue tribe is largely under the jurisdiction of Great Elder Guan.

The Great Elder of the Liuyue clan is a powerhouse outside of second only to patriarch, and the cultivation base reaches the mid-term peak of the Great Principle Golden Immortal.

Presumably this black robed old man is the Great Elder of the Liuyue clan.

Seeing the star can, Li Feng, and Lu Yan floating in front of him, Shen Lang was not afraid, and laughed out: “Old dog Lu Yan, even if you dare not face Lao Tzu by yourself Now, two rescuers are forcibly moved, but don’t laugh at me!”

With the support of the patriarch and the law protector, Lu Yan no longer fears Shen Lang, and said contemptuously: “Shen Lang thief, You dare to be hard when you die! It is the glory of your ant to let our Great Elder and the guardian take action!”

Looking at Lu Yan’s arrogant expression, Shen Lang’s angry eyes burst into flames. , Snarled furiously: “You old bastard are really shameless, you asked for everything. I don’t kill you, I swear not to be a man!!!”

“Less…less Give me arrogance!”

Listening to Shen Lang’s hysterical roar, Lu Yan felt a little hairy in his heart and took a half step back unconsciously.

“Thieves in other worlds, don’t want to speak madly!”

Li Feng roared out, picking up the giant sword behind him, and was about to make a move, but was blocked by Xing Can’s hand .

Xing Can stared at Shen Lang with his old eyes, said resolutely: “This Fellow Daoist doesn’t have to be angry. Although your heart is not right, after all, you have eliminated a large number of Demon Race cultivators for my Floating Moon Clan. A great heavenly demon is a good deed.”

“As long as Fellow Daoist is willing to obediently surrender, go with this seat to Liuyue City, and honestly confess some things, and all guilt can be appropriately lenient Deal with it!”

Xing Can persuaded him.

“Fuck you shit!”

Shen Lang flushed his eyes, exploded with a foul language, and said angrily: “I didn’t hurt your Liuyue clan. To punish the Demon Race army for you, where is the culpability? Lu Yan, this worst than a pig waste thing, uses Lao Tzu to take advantage of that’s all!”

“You, Liuyue City Great Elder, if a little Brains, just get out of me! Otherwise, I, Shen Lang, will be irreconcilable with you Liuyue clan!”

Shen Lang, who is mad at heart, has a sweet throat, mouth spurt a huge mouthful of blood, just being suppressed The injury recurred again, and the whole person was on the verge of collapse.

Seeing that Shen Lang’s state seems to be extremely bad, Lu Yan was secretly happy, and said with added vigour, “Great Elder, you also heard, this kid has a bad heart, and must not stay! We might as well do it now. Eliminate him and increase disasters in the province.”

“Leader Lu Yan is right! Please don’t hesitate to Great Elder.”

Li Feng also cup one fist. in the other hand, please.

Xing Can frowned, and said: “That’s all, you two will act quickly. Remember to leave Divine Soul for the purpose of searching for the soul.”

The Great Elder of the Liuyue clan, Xing Can was unwilling to be bully the weak, so Li Feng and Lu Yan were simply instructed to do it.


Li Feng and Lu Yan complied one after another, and then moved towards Shen Lang to rush towards Shen Lang.

“Thieves, scattered ashes and dispersed smoke, go!”

Li Feng lifted up the cyan giant sword in his hand, and cleaved out a powerful cyan ray pillar, the light pillar is enough It is as wide as thousands zhang, carrying a huge amount of destruction energy, and moved towards Shen Lang.

Lv Yan even wanted to kill Shen Lang and then quickly, his hands quickly formed seals, displaying his strongest Divine Ability.

“Gold Immortal Technique, green rainbow eating the sky!!”

Lv Yan’s eyes are congested, and his whole body energy is injected into the seal in front of him. The large cyan ray blade is from within magic The seal flew out, soaring into the sky like waves, turning into thousands of violent cyan tornados.

With tens of millions of cyan ray blades intertwined and collided in the tuyere, they moved towards Shen Lang with the momentum of hiding the sky and covering the earth.

“You think you can kill me, you are worthy!!!”

Shen Lang, who was extremely angry, tried his best to run the magic power within the body, He shouted loudly in his mouth: “Golden Immortal Technique, Asura Mana!”

At present, Shen Lang’s soul body is weakened, his fleshy body is severely damaged, and Asura Mana is also the strongest Magical Powers he can display. Weixing.

Sough Shanyue, in order to take out Asura and let the three Liuyue beasts suffer, Shen Lang almost exhausted all his strength.

In a flash, Shen Lang gushes with heavenly demon light all over his body, and gradually condense behind a three-headed, eight-armed, bronze-headed, iron-forehead Asura image, releasing the ferocious breath of send cold shivers down one’s spine .

“Magic Asura!”

Xing Can’s eyes flashed with surprise.

I saw the Asura body swelled to ten thousand zhang long, and eight giant palms were pushed forward.

“bang! !!!”

The terrifying rumbling sound makes people tinnitus and deaf. Asura’s Faxiang’s palm bursts into the dark golden magic light like a river, and slams into the attack. cyan ray column and cyan storm.

“bang bang bang!”

Shaying Moguang and Li Feng and Lu Yan played Divine Ability intertwined and clashed. The thrilling popping sound made people tinnitus and deaf.

The two Magical Powers stood in a stalemate for a moment, and the magic light of the shadow suppressed the attack of Li Feng and Lu Yan, and the horrible dark golden magic light moved towards the two of them swallowed away.


Seeing that his strongest Magical Powers were instantly suppressed by the magic light shot by Shen Lang, Lu Yan finally experienced how powerful Shen Lang is Horror, I couldn’t help taking a breath.

Lifeng is also very mind-blowing. As the guardian of Liuyue City, his strength is much stronger than Lu Yan.

Seeing the dark golden magic light sweeping over the sky, Li Feng urged the cyan giant sword in his hand to the extreme, cutting out the cyan ray blade hiding the sky and covering the earth , Barely able to withstand the spread of magic light.

Just when the two parties were in a stalemate when the two parties used Divine Ability, Shen Lang let out a hysterical roar:

“Asura, explode for me!!!”

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