My Fiancee Is a Stunning CEO Chapter 4347

Between astonishingly, the huge mountain-like Asura Faxiang fiercely moved towards Li Feng and Lu Yan rushed away in anger, and began to shoot tens of thousands of dark golden from all over the body. The beam, the violent energy fluctuations make the space tremble and twist!

“Not good!”

Feeling the astonishing energy fluctuations released by Asura’s phase, the face of the Great Elder star of the Liuyue clan changed color, and suddenly felt that something was wrong, and the whole person was teleporting. The body flashed in front of Li Feng and Lu Yan, and the green wood scepter in his hand released the brilliance like a blazing sun!

At the same time, the distance between Asura’s method and the three of them is no more than a kilometer, and the dark golden magic light released has been strong to the apex, and the body is impressively self-destruct!

next moment.

“hong long! !!!”

The dark golden magic light and destruction energy erupted from the body of Asura Danger Land, terrifying magic light and golden light Ascends, bursts out destroying heaven extinguishing earth-like power, almost swallowing up everything in the space!

In an instant, murky heavens dark earth, the stars have no light.

Asura’s self-destruct releases ç energy which is extremely terrifying, even the space all around is severely distorted.

The Defensive Great Array at the border camp of the Liuyue tribe also encountered violent energy impact. The entire camp seemed to be lifted up, and the ground shook crazily.

The shocking energy shock made Li Feng ashen-faced, and Lu Yan was even more frightened to soul flew beyond the heaven.

If it weren’t for Great Elder’s timely action, such a terrifying energy shock would really kill them.


The star can top in front of the two, with a loud shout in his mouth, urging the Aoki scepter in his hand to the extreme.

The azure light energy of Sheng Ruo Lieyang surged from the scepter, forming a distorted cyan space, which hardly resisted the energy impact released by Asura’s self-destruct.

“Seal Spirit level Immortal Treasure!”

Shen Lang glanced at the green wood scepter in Xing Can’s hand, and the complexion became ugly extremely.

To release such a powerful energy fluctuation, the scepter in the hands of the Great Elder must be a Spirit level Immortal Treasure! If not, it is impossible to resist Asura’s self-destruct.

Unexpectedly, this Liuyue clan also has the Immortal Treasure of Spirit level. Shen Lang’s mood is extremely depressed.

“bang bang bang! ”

The rumbling sound was broken after a few ten breaths, and then slowly converged.

Xing Zhan’s foot retreated dozens of ten thousand meters before it was difficult to withstand the formidable power generated by Asura’s self-destruct. His old face was extremely solemn.

In order to resist Shen Lang’s self-destruct Magical Powers, he almost used all his strength.

I can’t believe it by seeing it with my own eyes. I can’t imagine that a Great Principle Golden Immortal Early-Stage cultivator can display Divine Ability formidable power to such a large extent! No wonder this alien cultivator can kill three great heavenly demon in a row.

This child can play such a terrifying Divine Ability even in a seriously injured state. If it is in a peak state, the battle strength can be imagined.

Strength as a star cannibal, a trace of fear arose in my heart at this moment.

In any case, this child must not stay!

The explosion sound hasn’t completely ended, Star Can took the initiative to attack, urging the Aoki Scepter in his hand.

“Gold Immortal Technique, solar eclipse!”

With the star can’t shout, the green wood scepter in his hand releases a dazzling azure light, and the large azure light converges into A cyan vortex, the vortex revolves rapidly, and in an instant it turns into a huge cyan ray ball.

Extremely terrifying suction and destructive energy spread from the surface of the light ball, flying out in a force that shakes the sky and the earth, and the space where it passes is twisted and rotated, containing destroying heaven extinguishing earth General formidable power!

This is called “Eclipse” Divine Ability, which was quite common before the Five Emperors Era, and it is quite famous Golden Immortal Technique.

The principle is roughly to compress the energy of Five Elements to create an effect similar to a black hole. The previous dragons and even the evil monks of the deep underground have also used the same Divine Ability.

However, the eclipse Magical Powers and formidable power released by the Star Remnant Seal Spirit level Immortal Treasure are much higher than that of Dragon Ming and even the evil monks in the Earth.

“Damn it!”

Seeing that huge cyan ray ball hits, Shen Lang’s hairs stand up all over his body, he can feel what this cyan ray ball contains How strong is it?

I have reached the point of an arrow at the end of its flight, and I absolutely cannot resist this kind of attack.

Shen Lang is extremely unwilling, but now that he has to avoid this sharp edge, he doesn’t want to die!

Just as the cyan ray ball was about to hit him, Shen Lang took out the Heavenly Palace with his eyesight and hand, opened the gate of the palace with his last strength, and rushed into the Heavenly Palace like a mad dog Palace.

next moment.

“hong long!!!!”

The cyan ray ball hit the mini-guang Heavenly Palace firmly, bursting out a loud noise like collapsing the heavens splitting the earth.

The terrifying azure light rages and spreads like a huge wave, rendering the entire sky blue. The thrilling violent sound makes people tinnitus and deaf, and the movement is indescribable!

Both Li Feng and Lu Yan were shocked by the energy impact of the explosion. Fortunately, the two defended in time and would not be injured.

“The Great Elder’s move is really extraordinary!”

After steadying his figure, Lu Yan repeatedly complimented, overjoyed in her heart.

Withstand such a fierce attack, Shen Lang has no reason to survive, and 80% has been bombarded and turned into a blood mist!

However, Xing Can’s face suddenly became gloomy.

Since just now, his Divine Consciousness has been locked on Shen Lang, but since the moment the light ball exploded, he lost the target.

Shen Lang is more like disappearing out of thin air, rather than being killed by his own Divine Ability.

Star Remnant swept all around the space with a powerful Divine Consciousness, and found that a mini golden palace burst out from the explosion, just like a golden meteor moved towards the distance!

“Space Immortal Treasure?”

Divine Consciousness suddenly locked onto the golden palace, and rushed out for the first time, reaching out to the mini palace that was flying away!

Since Shen Lang broke through the Great Principle Golden Immortal, the strength control of Heavenly Palace in Guangzhou has approached perfection.

Even with such a powerful attack, Shen Lang can still keep the Heavenly Palace in a mini-state, even significantly restraining aura.

He originally tried to urge the mini-guang Heavenly Palace to escape during the explosion, but unfortunately he was discovered by the star.

Shen Lang, who couldn’t hold it anymore, died directly in the Heavenly Palace in Guangxi.

Xing Can’s whole person turned into an azure light, and immediately caught up with the Heavenly Palace. The right hand, like a dead branch, came out quickly, and firmly grasped the mini-guang Heavenly Palace. !

“Great Elder, is this?”

Lei Feng and Lu Yan, who came from behind, looked at the miniature Heavenly Palace in Xing Can’s hand, with a look of consternation on their faces.

“hmph, the alien boy escaped into this Immortal Treasure when he was hit by the Magical Powers of this constellation just now.”

Xing Can stared with both eyes The miniature Heavenly Palace in hand, the old face showed a little surprised look.

After Li Feng observed for a while, said resolutely: “Great Elder, this seems to be the Immortal Treasure of Spirit Level Space. It should be possible to use some Space Divine Ability to force the thief hiding inside! “

“I’m afraid it’s not that easy!”

Xing Can has already noticed a hint.

At first glance, this mini palace seems to be the Immortal Treasure of the Spirit level, but its surface is attached with an extremely powerful strength of Seal, so powerful that even his divine sense cannot penetrate Go in.

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