My Fiancee Is a Stunning CEO Chapter 4348

However, the seal on the surface of this treasure seems to have nothing to do with the defense of the magic weapon itself, which makes Xing Can quite curious.

The azure light surging in the heart of Xingzhan’s palm turned into an azure light vortex, repeatedly strangling the Heavenly Palace strikes.

He is not good at Space Divine Ability, first attack this treasure with external force to see if he can directly destroy this space Immortal Treasure.

Generally speaking, the Immortal Treasure in the space is much more fragile than the common Immortal Treasure under the same realm. The defensive power of the Immortal Treasure in the Spirit level space may not be as good as the normal Immortal Treasure that integrates the Spirit level.

As far as the cultivator of this level is concerned, destroying the Immortal Treasure of the Spirit level is not difficult.

“bang bang bang!!!!”

The harsh violent sound burst out in the palm of the star, the azure light vortex madly cuts the Heavenly Palace, and the terrifying energy fluctuations make people Palpitations and chills.

Great Principle Golden Immortal, which is as strong as this level of the star residual, can control its own power to the utmost extent, and can even condense the destructive power caused by Magical Powers into a very small range.

The azure light vortex surging in the palm of the star seems to be tiny, but in fact the formidable power is huge. The formidable power alone has reached the level of the Golden Immortal Technique!

“Great Elder is wise, if you can directly destroy this treasure, you can definitely cut off the trouble!”

Lv Yan browsed and said, naturally in his heart he wished Shen Lang would die sooner.

However, this mini palace is much stronger than Xing Can imagined. After a while, the surface was not damaged.

Xing Canxin was unwilling to reconcile and increased the attack intensity. His aging and shriveled hands held up the miniature Heavenly Palace. The condense in the palms of the sun’s azure light energy turned into two endlessly rotating blues. The vortex, like a gear chainsaw, repeatedly cuts the Heavenly Palace, sending extremely terrifying space tearing power and destructive energy!

As the Star Remnants continue to increase their attacks, the surface of the Heavenly Palace in Guangzhou issued a “weng weng weng” rumbling sound, bursting out dazzling golden lights, and the magic weapon itself was indeed shaken by the Star Remnants’ attacks. There seems to be a play.

When Li Feng and Lu Yan saw this, they couldn’t help but look surprised.

As the Star Remnant raised the attack intensity to the limit, a thin rune light wall suddenly appeared on the surface of the Heavenly Palace, and a mysterious dark purple light thread lingered outside the light wall. It seems to have been touched, and a group of mysterious and gorgeous purple light suddenly burst out.

That is to say, this seemingly ordinary purple light actually contains an indescribable law power, as if it can destroy everything in the world and turn everything into dust!

purple light suppressed the azure light energy in Xing Can’s palm with dizzying speed, and then spread to Xing Can’s palm.

Before Xing Can reacted, he saw that his palms stained with purple light were rapidly aging and decayed, and the flesh and blood on his palms instantly melted away.

His palm rotted in an instant, turning into a white hand bone!

This is not over yet, his hands that have become bones have further decayed into bone meal, passing away with the wind.


Xingcun was so scared that his old face was pale, and he let out a screaming hoarse scream, subconsciously stepped back, as if seeing some extreme terrifying Things!

Everything has just begun. The power of decay brought by purple light quickly spread from Xing Can’s palm, and the flesh and blood on his wrists and arms quickly decayed and disappeared.

The decadent power carried by the purple light is eroding the fleshy body of the star, and there is no power to counter it!

“Great Elder, what is this…”

Lv Yan and Lifeng watched Xing Can’s arms by mysterious power, both of them sucked in fright chill.

Xing Can’s muddy old eyes opened round, his face full of grimness shouted at Thunderstorm: “Quick! Cut off my arms!!!”

“Great Elder, this!”

Lei Feng shook all over, and for a moment he hesitated.

“I don’t have time to explain to you, cut off my arms!!!”

Xing Can drank wildly, which is the short time he shouted, purple light It has almost spread to the entire upper limbs!


Lifeng also frightened Liushen Wuzhu. He gritted his teeth and picked up the cyan giant sword in his hand, and slashed Xing Can’s shoulders heavily.

“Pu chi! Pu chi!”

Along with two bloody arrows shot out, Xing Can’s arms flew out, and the blood was like a fountain of blood from the broken arm. The bloody smell of the nose is disgusting.


The intense pain caused Xing Can to let out a stern hoarse cry again.

The two severed arms did not fly far, they were completely decayed and turned into dust, scattered ashes and dispersed smoke in the true sense!

Fortunately, the star debris who gave up his arms in time recovered an old life and cut the purple light forcibly of the rotten fleshy body, but did not continue to spread on his fleshy body.

Li Feng and Lu Yan hurriedly stepped forward, helping Xing Can one by one.

“Law…Law Magical Powers! That space Immortal Treasure can release the Magical Powers!!!”

Xing Can’s muddy old eyes opened round and his voice was hoarse. They are all trembling.

He has lived his entire life and has never seen such an incredible thing.


Listening to Xing Can’s exclamation, Li Feng and Lu Yan also changed their expressions.

According to the legend, only Hunyuan Great Principle Golden Immortal is a super powerhouse of Supreme Path ancestor Tianzun and others, it is possible to use Magical Powers!

It can be imagined how high-end and powerful this type of Magical Powers is.

How can a piece of trifling Spirit level Immortal Treasure possess such terrifying ability?

If Star Remnant hadn’t reacted fast enough just now, let Lifeng cut off his arms in time, otherwise he would have fallen and died.

So terrifying Divine Ability is definitely not something that the power of curse can mention on equal terms, it is so powerful that it can obliterate the origin of all living creatures!

In ancient times, the Liuyue clan also had Taoist ancestor Tianzun. Xing Can had heard of some descriptions of Magical Powers. Based on his experience, he can guess that purple light should be some kind of Magical Powers. .

After a panic, Xing Can’s nose, nose and ears began to bleed.

“Great Elder, what’s wrong with you?” Li Feng asked in a panic.

“It’s okay, but Divine Soul is damaged that’s all!”

Xing Can’s old face is incredibly pale. He is not just as simple as a broken arm. After his arms are decayed, even Divine Soul was also missing a part, and the broken arm was unable to recover for a while.

Fortunately, the purple light just now is extremely weak, far from the real law of Magical Powers, otherwise he will definitely end up with a lifelong disability.

Seeing that Guang Heavenly Palace fell from in midair, Li Feng and Lu Yan were afraid to even pick it up.

Lu Yan couldn’t help asking: “Great…Great Elder, did the attack just now come from the kid or the magic weapon itself?”

Xing Can swallowed a few medicine pills to stabilize the soul, and said weakly: “It should be the Immortal Treasure problem! If that alien cultivator is so powerful, you and I should have scattered ashes and dispersed smoke. That’s it!”

“If I guess right, this space Immortal Treasure is simply not a Spirit level Immortal Treasure, maybe it’s something I can’t imagine.”

“In short, to be able to hold such a shocking treasure, this alien cultivator must have an extraordinary identity. It is not accidental that the other party broke into the star realm!”

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