My Fiancee Is a Stunning CEO Chapter 4349

Li Feng gritted his teeth and asked: “Great Elder, since this Immortal Treasure is so tricky, what should I do with it now?”

A light breeze opened his mouth, and the miniature Heavenly Palace that had fallen to the ground was rolled up.

Soon, Guang Heavenly Palace floated in front of him again.

I have to say that the Great Elder of the Liuyue clan is really brave, even if he broke his arms, he still dared to approach the vast Heavenly Palace.

Seeing Guang Heavenly Palace floating in front of him, Li Feng expressed nervousness, and Lu Yan stepped back in shock.

Star Remnant said solemnly: “You two don’t need to be nervous, this Immortal Treasure itself does not actually have the ability to attack, but an extremely powerful seal is attached to the surface.”

“The previous attack of this seat touched the surface seal of this treasure to a certain extent, so it triggered the defense mechanism of this treasure itself. As long as I don’t attack this treasure by outside force, It shouldn’t be something It’s dangerous.”

Listening to Xing Can’s words, Li Feng and Lu Yan are finally sighed in relief.

“Lu Yan, you previously said that this alien cultivator had contact with you, did this person reveal his identity and the origin of his identity and the purpose of entering the star realm?”

Xing Can’s old eyes turned to Lu Yan, frowning.

Lu Yan’s heart “ge-deng” jumped, and hurriedly cup one fist in the other hand and said: “The other party did mention the purpose of coming to the star realm. It seems that he wants to get the key to the star realm. For this reason, this alien cultivator even forced the old man to convey his meaning to the patriarch, so that my race would take the initiative to hand over the key to the astral door, otherwise take responsibility for the consequences.”

In order to clarify the relationship, Lu Yan can only transfer all the responsibility to Shen Lang.

“This mad dog from another world is really bully intolerably!”

Li Feng clenched his fists, eager to split.

“The key to the Astral Gate?”

Xing Can’s expression became a little ugly. I think that the battle of the era of the world was because the Astral Gate was forcibly opened. Demon Race invaded the star realm, causing endless harm.

Now suddenly an alien cultivator descends into the star realm. The purpose is still the key to the door of the star realm. This is not a good sign.

“Great Elder, right now I should think about how to deal with this alien cultivator hiding in this space Immortal Treasure. This person is extremely dangerous. Once the state is restored, he will be mad at me. The clan retaliates, and the consequences are unimaginable!” Lv Yan tried his best to describe Shen Lang as a dangerous heresy, adding fuel to the fire.

Because of despising Shen Lang, the alien, Lu Yan cleverly came up with a murder a person with a borrowed knife, which led to a chain reaction, which has now completely collapsed.

He was absolutely unable to think that Shen Lang’s ability was so great, even if he could retreat from a serious injury, Immortal Treasure almost killed Great Elder in the space that took out. Sharp is terrifying!

When things developed to this step, Lu Yan himself was terrified and could only make mistakes, and tried to persuade Great Elder to give priority to Shen Lang.

Otherwise, as soon as the kid Shen Lang recovers, he will be the first to kill!

“Yes, Great Elder, I still have to find a way to get rid of this alien cultivator as soon as possible!”

Li Feng deeply agrees.

Xing Can stared at the vast Heavenly Palace floating in front of him, and slowly said: “This treasure is enveloped by an extremely powerful seal and prohibition, and cannot be directly attacked by external forces. Therefore, we must deal with hiding here. The alien cultivator in Space Immortal Treasure can only use powerful rune soldiers, or Space Divine Ability of no less than Golden Immortal Technique, to force the opponent out.”

as everyone knows, Space Immortal Treasure’s innate loopholes can be cracked by rune soldiers or certain spatial Immortal Techniques.

Xing Can helplessly said: “Unfortunately, among the few Elders of my Liuyue tribe, there is almost no Fellow Daoist who is good at Space Divine Ability.”


Lv Yan and Li Feng looked at each other, and I have never heard of any Elder who is good at Space Divine Ability.

Space Divine Ability sounds high-end, but for Great Principle Golden Immortal, the actual operation is too tasteless.

The main reason is that the ordinary Great Principle Golden Immortal is limited by its own cultivation base. Even if it can comprehend Space Divine Ability, it is also some low-end Space Divine Ability, which cannot be used to defend against the enemy.

Only the Hunyuan Great Principle Golden Immortal of Comprehend Law Power, the Supreme Path ancestor Tianzun, can the Space Divine Ability exert its great formidable power.

Although the Liuyue clan has no shortage of this kind of inheritance, the perennial struggle with the Demon Race has made the Elder of the clan prefer to practice more practical battle skills. Almost no Elder Council spends a lot of time. To study these unorthodox ways.

“Great Elder, according to this, don’t we have nothing to do with this kid?” Lu Yanxin asked unwillingly.

Star Remnant said solemnly: “That’s not enough, patriarch’s’star wheel’ can display the strength of Space. I am waiting to deal with this alien cultivator, so I can only bring this Immortal Treasure Return to Moon City and let patriarch take action!”

“It’s just that, as the main city of our clan, Liuyue City is also the most important defensive stronghold of the Liuyue clan. There has never been a foreigner in history. Enter the city.”

“If this alien cultivator enters the city, it will cause chaos and disintegrate my Liuyue clan from the inside. The consequences will be disastrous!”

Xing Can’s face is full of worry.

For some reasons, the Liuyue patriarch could not leave Liuyue City for life.

Once this alien cultivator enters Liuyue City in this way, it is tantamount to closing the door and letting the dog go, in case the opponent bites someone… It is a small matter to damage the clansman, and it is a big deal to damage the divine wood. .

“The Great Elder is still too worried. Even if this alien thief is more powerful, his cultivation base is nothing more than the Great Principle Golden Immortal Early-Stage. The Great Elder only needs to give an order to notify all the Elders of my clan. Escort this treasure and measure the impossible to escape of this alien thief!”

Li Feng said confidently.

In addition to the patriarch, the Liuyue tribe has ten Great Principle Golden Immortal. He doesn’t believe that the ten Great Principle Golden Immortal can’t stop this alien thief.

Lv Yan also tried his best to persuaded: “Great Elder, I don’t hesitate to see it. We must not just let this child harm my Liuyue clan in the future. It’s better to inform the Great Elder now and make this space Immortal. Treasure was escorted into Liuyue City.”

Xing Can weighed the pros and cons, and finally agreed and sent seven sound transmission talisman to notify the old Liuyue patriarch guarding all over the star realm and order all Elder rushed to Floating Moon City as fast as possible.

At the same time, Xing Can, Li Feng, and Lu Yan also passed the Transmission Array in the border camp, and went to Liuyue City for the first time, giving priority to solving the scourge of Shen Lang.


I don’t know how long it has been.

Guangzhou Heavenly Palace.

Shen Lang woke up from a coma in a daze, the sound of a clever and ethereal piano came from his ears, crisp and clean, as soft and sweet as a gurgling stream.

“Young Master, how do you feel?”

Le Fei Er asked with concern.

Shen Lang opened his eyes, his vision was still a bit blurred, and he vaguely saw himself and Le Feier in the vast Heavenly Palace, and his heart suddenly sighed in relief.

Since they are still in the Heavenly Palace, it shows that the situation of himself and Le Fei Er is fairly safe.

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