My Fiancee Is a Stunning CEO Chapter 4350

At this moment, Shen Lang is resting on Le Fei’er’s white as jade legs.

Le Feier holds the white jade harp in her arms, and the slender jade finger gently twists and twists slowly. A group of milk-white light spots emerge from the harp, drifting into Shen Lang’s body to relieve Shen. Lang’s dizziness in his head.

Not long after, Shen Lang gradually regained consciousness, rubbed his head and asked: “Mayfair, how long have I been in a coma?”

“Not long ago, but two or three hours That’s it.”

Seeing Shen Lang regaining consciousness, Le Feier took a handkerchief and wiped the sweat on Shen Lang’s forehead.


Shen Lang showed a relieved expression, but fortunately he was only in a coma for two or three hours.

As time goes on, I can’t figure out what moths are.

Two or three hours in the Heavenly Palace in Guangzhou, the outside world has just passed 5 minutes of time, and I still have time to deal with the threats I may face next.

“Young Master, your internal damage is very serious and you are far from recovery level. How do you feel now?”

Le Fei’er asked with concern.

“I’m okay…Mayfair, don’t worry!”

Shen Lang sat up straight with difficulty, and felt sore all over his body, and his body was tearing like pain, almost Fell down.

“Young Master, don’t try your best!”

Le Feier quickly helped Shen Lang up.

Shen Lang gasped. Indeed, as Le Feier said, his physical condition has obviously not recovered.

If it hadn’t been for the glazed heart lamp within the body that had been nourishing his fleshy body, he would have been in a coma for several months.

After several fierce battles before, the soul body of Shen Lang’s fleshy body is already in a severely overdrawn state, and it is pretty good that there are no hidden dangers left.

Trifling’s rest time for several hours has left him with little recovery.

Shen Lang remembers clearly that he had hid in the Heavenly Palace in order to avoid the Great Elder attack of the Liuyue tribe, and then passed out in a coma.

According to this point of view, now most of the Heavenly Palace in Guangzhou has fallen into the hands of the Liuyue cultivator.

The Liuyue cultivator is not a fool and will definitely find a way to deal with himself.

Guangzhou Heavenly Palace is indestructible, but it also has a fatal weakness, that is, being expelled by the runemen and Space Divine Ability!

The rune soldier is quite a kind of charm. The Liuyue clan may not have such charms, but Space Divine Ability is still relatively common.

The Great Principle Golden Immortal level cultivator only needs to display Space Divine Ability similar to “Dimensional Transfer” to expel himself and Le Feil from Heavenly Palace.

The reason why he and Le Feier are still intact now may be that the three Great Principle Golden Immortal who dealt with him did not use the similar Space Divine Ability, which gave them a respite.

But it’s just a respite. If you don’t come up with a life-saving strategy, you and Le Feier may not be able to jump for long!

In Shen Lang’s current state, even one-tenth of the battle strength can’t be used. Don’t even want to deal with the Great Principle Golden Immortal of the Liuyue clan. Once he is expelled from Heavenly by Space Divine Ability Palace, the consequences are disastrous!

No, we must find a way to quickly recover from the injury, without delay!

Shen Lang gritted his teeth, opened his storage ring, took out a large amount of Healing Medicine Pill and bottles, whether it was useful or not, and poured his brain into his mouth.

Unfortunately, most of these Healing Medicine Pills are aimed at Heaven Encompassing Exalted Immortal and even the following cultivators. For Great Principle Golden Immortal, they have little effect.

Shen Lang swallowed a lot of medicine pill and hardly felt any effect.

After the cultivator was promoted to the Great Principle Golden Immortal, the strength of the fleshy body and the Divine Soul were raised to a very high level. For the Great Principle Golden Immortal, the ordinary medicine pill has lost its effect.

Shen Lang even took a ripe Peach of Immortality Fruit. Although he felt that the severely wounded and disordered soul body had improved a little, it was only that’s all. .

After taking Peach of Immortality Fruit for the second time, the effect is non-existent. Moreover, Shen Lang has broken through the Great Principle Golden Immortal, and the mature Peach of Immortality Fruit can no longer satisfy him.

The operation was as fierce as a tiger. In the end, Shen Lang still failed to recover.

On the contrary, the accumulation of various medicine pill medicinal power caused some discomfort to the body.

Shen Lang’s fleshy body injury is not a big problem. After a few hours of being unconscious, he has recovered almost, mainly due to the damage of the soul body and the conflict of various energies within the body. .

He just broke through the Great Principle Golden Immortal. Soon, the bloodline of Yuanfeng within the body was not stable yet, because he had previously exhausted Bloodline Strength and released Yuanfeng True Fire and fell into a certain degree of weakness.

In addition to the previous impact on Divine Soul when traveling through the stars, and the frequent use of magic seed energy and Power of Stars, Shen Lang’s own chaotic spirit strength, magic seed energy and Power of Stars are produced separately After the conflict, the power of the three parties could not be balanced by their own weak Soul Power for a while, which caused continuous internal damage.

Although this degree of breath disorder can be restored by the colored glaze fire released by the colored glaze heart lamp, the recovery speed is too slow, and I don’t even want to recover without a few months of meditation.

Shen Lang doesn’t have that many time to wait. Now he and Le Feier are at stake. He may be expelled from the Heavenly Palace by the Liuyue cultivator Divine Ability at the next moment!

Looking at Shen Lang’s almost crazy look, Le Fei’er bit her thin lip lightly, quite anxious.

With her exceptionally intelligent, of course she knows the current situation and Shen Lang’s thoughts.

She just blames herself, she is always at a loss when things happen, and she can’t help Shen Lang a little bit.

Shen Lang expression frantically turned out all available medicine pills, even the jade bottle containing Yuanfeng’s blood.

The blood of Yuanfeng in the jade bottle has been swallowed thoroughly during Transcending Tribulation, and there is not a drop left.

If you can swallow a drop of Yuanfeng’s blood, it is enough to restore your Yuanfeng bloodline from weakness and repair the damaged soul body.

Just be Shen Lang secretly sighed. It’s a pity, but suddenly, with an idea, I thought of a way!

He turned to face Le Fei’er, and said solemnly: “Fei’er, I need you to do me a favor now!”

Le Fei’er’s loving body trembled, he said with some excitement: “Young Master just speaks out, and Mayfair will help you even if you die. I wonder what Young Master needs Mayfair for?”

“Dual Cultivation with me!”

Shen Lang said in deadly earnest.


Le Feier was startled first, and the “shua” on her pretty face turned red, and she was immediately ashamed: “Young Master, it’s this time. You are still in the mood to make a joke.”

Shen Lang explained embarrassingly: “Mayfair, don’t get me wrong, I’m not kidding. You are within the body bloodline disorder, but there is actually a part of Yuanfeng’s blood that cannot It is completely absorbed, and it conflicts with its Soul Power and Chaos spirit strength.”

“You and I are both cultivation base opportunities, I can take advantage of this to absorb the excess blood of Yuanfeng within the body. With this extra part of Yuanfeng’s blood, it may help me restore my bloodline energy and quickly repair Divine Soul. If the effect is good, my injury should be restored to 80 or 90 percent!”

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