My Fiancee Is a Stunning CEO Chapter 4351

“It’s not just me, but the hidden dangers of Mayfair will be completely eliminated by then. It is the best of both worlds!”

Shen Lang added.

In fact, he has long wanted to find a chance to cure Le Fei’er’s hidden illness, but he has been confronted with conflicts, and there is no time to treat Le Fei’er.

Just now, she was quick witted in an emergency, Shen Lang thought of using Dual Cultivation to absorb Le Fei’er within the body’s excess Yuanfeng blood.

Now with hindsight, Dual Cultivation is indeed the best way to treat Le Feir.

Le Feier held the white jade harp tightly in his arms, feeling a little at a loss for a while.

“Mayfair, we are running out of time, are you…willing to?”

Although Shen Lang is eager, he must also consider Le Mayer’s feelings.

“Young Master, don’t say silly things, Mayfair is your Dao Companion, naturally you are willing…”

Le Mayfair squeezed out this sentence like an ant, His delicate and flawless face showed a large flush.

As the Dao Companion of Shen Lang, Le Fei Er and Shen Lang have had skinship for a long time, but after this reunion, she suffered a lot of changes, which made her feel depressed, Shen Lang mentioned in Dual Cultivation It was a bit too sudden.

Actually, after being separated from Shen Lang for such a long time, Le Fei Er had secretly imagined such a scene.

She took a deep breath, as if she was preparing for it, then she untied the ribbon between her skirts, and the white skirt slipped off.

“Le Fei’er, you…”

Shen Lang couldn’t expect Le Fei’er to be so decisive, and was stunned for a while.

Le Feier’s silver hair is scattered on the shoulders, her facial features are dazzling, the eyebrows are picturesque, the icy muscles and bones, the shoulders are as shaved as the waist, the temperament is excellent, and there is a unique beauty of classical style. Those dull gray eyes seemed to embellish her temperament, clear as ice and clean as jade, like dreams and illusions.

The appearance and temperament of this classical woman in front of me is really like a work of art bestowed by God, Shen Lang can’t see enough.

“Young Master…Don’t just stare at Faye, but you brought it up first……”

Le Faye was nervous for a long time, seeing Shen Lang froze in place , The delicate face showed a trace of sorrow and embarrassment.

Shen Lang feels a little sorry this time, he decisively stepped forward and took Le Fei’er into her arms and said with a smile: “Sorry, Fei’er, you are so good-looking, so watch more For a while.”

Le Fei’er was excited for a while, and said with a little shyness: “Fei’er has a life-and-death contract with you a long time ago, Young Master can look at it whatever he wants…”

The Yiren in her arms was so proactive that she instantly evoked a fire in Shen Lang’s heart.

He kissed it quickly and decisively, and a faint fragrance floated into the tip of his nose, like orchid musk.

Le Feier has no reservations in the face of the person she loves deeply. She wraps her white arms around Shen Lang’s shoulders and allows the man to act recklessly.

The underwear and shirts are scattered, and the spring is full of spring…

When the two of them entangled their lips and tongue, they did not forget to do business.

Shen Lang used his body as a container, and began to absorb Le Feier within the body’s excess blood of Yuanfeng, and transferred it to himself within the body to achieve the purpose of repairing the Divine Soul.

“weng weng weng!”

As soon as the blood of Yuanfeng transferred to Shen Lang fleshy body, Shen Lang’s whole body set off a brilliant nine-color fire, and a figure appeared behind him. The faintly discernible Yuanfeng illusory shadow, the Yuanfeng blood transferred from Le Fei’er within the body is rapidly fusing with his fleshy body.

After Shen Lang broke through the Great Principle Golden Immortal, Yuanfeng Spirit Soul has been born. The Yuanfeng bloodline he owns is already quite powerful, and it can completely absorb this part of the Yuanfeng blood.

Thanks to this, the bloodline energy that Shen Lang had originally consumed is gradually recovering, and his soul body is also quickly recovering due to the huge energy brought by the blood of Yuanfeng.

As Shen Lang has absorbed the blood of Le Feier within the body of Yuanfeng, the enormous energy is poured into Shen Lang fleshy body and Divine Soul, which is as refreshing and refreshing as long-term drought!

I don’t know that Shen Lang has benefited, and Le Feier also felt that the disordered energy within the body was vented, and gradually no longer hurt her fleshy body and soul body.

For a long time, the hidden disease that plagued her has been eradicated in this way!

Le Feier was surprised, but also a little ashamed and didn’t know whether to cry or laugh.

Not only that, the hot Yuanfeng bloodline from Shen Lang within the body also helped Le Feier accelerate and stabilize the part of Yuanfeng’s blood that had been digested, transformed into pure bloodline energy .

Compared with Shen Lang’s powerful Yuanfeng bloodline, Le Fei’er within the body’s Yuanfeng bloodline is slightly weaker, but it has become much more refined under the harmony of Shen Lang, and it has become higher in the unnoticeable influence. Le Feier’s cultivation base!

Dual Cultivation is a kind of cultivation method between men and women that can enhance each other’s cultivation base, purely because supplementation in Cultivation World is more common, so it is demoned.

Shen Lang himself has a lot of original energy, and he is moisturized by the glaze heart lamp fire all the year round. The Yang Qi within the body is too sufficient. Le Fei Er and his Dual Cultivation have also gained great benefits by themselves.

During the process of Dual Cultivation, her chaotic spirit strength within the body almost climbed to a level that was about to overflow, and her cultivation base rose to the mid-term peak of Heaven Encompassing Exalted Immortal in one fell swoop, which is incredible!


After two hours have passed.

Shen Lang stopped until Le Feier repeatedly called for mercy.

After the lingering, Le Feier snuggled in Shen Lang’s arms, her heart shook, her whole body was lifted, and the delicate and flawless pretty face Hongxia has not faded.

Although the process is very exciting, I don’t know when it will end if this continues.

Shen Lang also took a long breath, but fortunately, there was no interruption in the process of Dual Cultivation between him and Le Feir, otherwise he really didn’t know how to end it.

From the very beginning, he blocked the Heavenly Palace, and didn’t dare to open the ban on the outside world.

One is that I am afraid of being discovered by the outside cultivator of the weakness of Heavenly Palace, and the other is that I don’t want to affect my emotions.

Shen Lang is very thankful that he did this.

In two hours, he completely digested the blood of Yuanfeng absorbed from Le Fei’er within the body, and used the power of the blood of Yuanfeng to repair his Divine Soul.

Thanks to this, Shen Lang’s Divine Soul has almost recovered, and even Soul Power has grown so much.

Thanks to the recovery of Soul Power and the supplement of Yuanfeng’s bloodline energy, the mixed energy of Shen Lang within the body is fully resolved, eliminating hidden dangers and internal damage.

The reason why his various source energies within the body conflict is mainly due to the instability of his own realm, coupled with insufficient Divine Soul strength, and at the same time controlling Yuanfeng bloodline, Asura magic seed, and chaotic spirit strength, Power of Stars, Shennong’s power and other original powers, it will be slightly difficult.

Once the soul is weakened, its various source energies are easily out of control, which can be regarded as a major hidden danger.

Of course, Shen Lang has just broken through the Great Principle Golden Immortal, and the strength of Divine Soul has much room for improvement. As long as the strength of Divine Soul is increased, the control of these original energy will not be so difficult in the future.

In short, after a tossing meal, Shen Lang’s body is almost recovered temporarily. Although he is still slightly tired mentally, it basically does not prevent him from coping with the troubles he may face next.

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