My Fiancee Is a Stunning CEO Chapter 4352

I’m fine, Shen Lang turned his gaze to Le Fei Er in his arms, and asked with concern: “May Fei, how do you feel?”

Le Fei Er ruddy complexion, whispered softly: “Thanks to Young Master, Faye’s hidden physical illness has basically been eradicated.”

Compared with before, Le Faye’s complexion is obviously much better, and she has a great look Yiyi, the disordered energy within the body is almost completely resolved.

“Not only that, but Fei’er’s cultivation base has also grown greatly, and everything is the result of Young Master.” Le Fei’er added, pretty face couldn’t hide her joy.

Perhaps it is the improvement brought by the elimination of the hidden disease, or the pure Yang Qi and Yuanfeng blood of Shen Lang have fed her back. Le Fei’er’s cultivation base has changed from the original Heaven Encompassing Exalted Immortal mid-term Promoted to the mid-term peak of Heaven Encompassing Exalted Immortal, only a short distance from the latter.

This is just an effect brought by Dual Cultivation!

It’s not a personal experience, and Le Feier really can’t imagine that a Dual Cultivation with Shen Lang can make his own cultivation base progress to such an exaggerated level.

Until now, Le Feier feels a little unbelievable, but she understands that she can make such an amazing progress, thanks to Shen Lang’s giving, and she has an unspeakable emotion in her heart.

In her mind, Shen Lang has always been a powerful existence of omnipotent. Unexpectedly, the True Immortal Realm has made men more unpredictable than in the ancient Spirit Realm.

As the Dao Companion of his life and death contract, Le Feier is also proud of Shen Lang’s strength.

“It seems that you and I have more Dual Cultivation, Mayfair, you break through the realm of the late Luo Tian is just around the corner.” Shen Lang teased said with a smile.

Le Fei Er’s cheeks are flushed, and there is a rare shyness on her pretty face, and she said shyly: “If you can survive the crisis safely, Fei Er will depend on you. But now the enemy is now, Young Master is still Don’t think about these… messy things, so as not to affect your mentality.”

“Yeah, I understand.”

Shen Lang eliminates unhealthy thoughts in his brain, holds his breath and stays steady I felt the restless bloodline energy within the body, and then began to dress.

Le Feier also slowly got up, put on a clean white skirt, and combed her hair.

She is like a little wife, stepping forward to tidy up and put on the gown belt for Shen Lang.

After fiercely indulged once, Shen Lang also released the mental pressure, and felt that his whole body and mind were relieved a lot.

For the time being, I don’t know what the outside world is like. Shen Lang is not in a hurry to open the restriction of Heavenly Palace. Instead, he seizes the time to meditate with his eyes closed to maximize his recovery to deal with any emergencies.

The primordial stone and Heavenly Jade star sand previously swallowed in the abdomen can still be used. Shen Lang concentrates on absorbing the chaotic spirit strength and Power of Stars, and running the glass heart lamp fire by the way to nourish the fleshy body.

Although his Divine Soul has recovered almost, Soul Power is still a little short, so he can just use his spare time to replenish it.

Le Feier accompanied by her side, holding the white jade harp, stroking it and playing.

The white jade harp gushes out with dots of white light, accompanied by the clever piano sound like a ring, slowly drifting into Shen Lang’s body, which can help Shen Lang relieve fatigue and accelerate Recovery of one’s own state.

Le Fei Er, who has eradicated her own hidden diseases, has also greatly improved her ability to use the sound of the piano to apply gains.

The beautiful piano sound not at all gives Shen Lang the slightest amount of distraction, but he feels refreshed and feels full of warm current.

The two continue to stay in the Heavenly Palace, waiting for work.

Guang Heavenly Palace is a sealed reincarnation Heavenly Palace after all. It is essentially Heavenly Supreme Treasure. Shen Lang is confident that this treasure is indestructible!

In any case, it is always safe to stay in the Heavenly Palace.


In the Hunyuan era, Goddess of the Star opened up the star realm with the greatest Divine Ability, and planted an ancient divine wood “Flowing Moon” in the center of the star realm.

The roots of the divine wood of Liuyue penetrate the entire astral world, breed the astral ground, and provide continuously nourishment for all living creatures in the astral world.

The Liuyue clan is also named for this.

Liuyue divine wood is located in the center of the star realm. It is a towering giant tree with a diameter of tens of ten thousand li wide, and its height without the top. Its growth is extremely exaggerated.

The appearance of the divine wood of Liuyue is very special, like a glass crystal, bright and brilliant, and extremely gorgeous.

This tree has no leaves, and the branches cling to the trunk in a spiral shape. The trunk is towering into the clouds, reaching the height of nine ten thousand li!

The most conspicuous thing is that the tree tops of the divine wood of Liuyue are connected with a huge bright moon that grows like an eyebrow, releasing nine-colored moonlight in the sky and swaying the earth.

This bright moon is a thousand ten thousand zhang wide. It seems to be the “fruit” of the divine wood of the flowing moon, also known as the “flowing moon”.

The nine-color moonlight released by the moon contains vast energy, including the chaotic Immortal Qi, the stellar energy, and the chaotic Spiritual Qi that can cover the entire star realm.

There is no sun in the star realm, only the flowing moon, and the Seven Stars on the sky dome.

The flowing moon is an important source of energy in the astral world, and it will continue to provide energy for the astral world for the growth of life in the astral world.

The main city of the Liuyue tribe, “Liuyue City”, was built under the divine wood of Liuyue. It is the main ethnic group that believes in the Goddess of the stars and is also a descendant of the Primordial Spirit Race.

As early as the Great Ancient Era, the ancestors of the Liuyue tribe stood the main city of the tribe under the divine wood of Liuyue, and arranged a powerful defense Formation to cover the entire divine wood of Liuyue. Covering an area of ​​up to several million li.

It is precisely by virtue of the “formation” left by the ancestors that the Liuyue tribe survived the 1 billion years of aggression in the Demon Race of another world.

It can be imagined how important this moat Formation is to the Liuyue clan.

Speaking of returning to Moon City, Liuyue City is not so much a city as it is a region.

Around Liuyue divine wood as the center, the area covered by the moat Formation is the boundary of Liuyue City.

Most clansman of the Liuyue tribe live in Liuyue City. Benefiting from the moonlight released by Liuyue and the energy from the roots of Liuyue’s divine wood, Liuyue City is blessed by heaven. Superior conditions.

To this day, the number of clansman is 1 billion, and the overall cultivation base is very strong.

Superior environment, coupled with excellent bloodline, most clansman of the Liuyue tribe can cross the True Immortal realm when they reach their adult cultivation base, and the weakest members of the army have the Earth Immortal cultivation base, compared to True Immortal Realm’s Human Race is much stronger!

Unfortunately, the star realm is connected to the True Immortal Realm.

Since the War of Destruction, the True Immortal Realm interface has lost serious energy, and Heaven and Earth Law has weakened, which gradually affected the star realm, causing the overall strength of the Liuyue Clan to be greatly suppressed.

To this day, Great Principle Golden Immortal has become the highest battle strength in the star realm.

The Liuyue Clan’s cultivation base is the Great Principle Golden Immortal, but there are only eleven.

Moreover, in the past two to three billion years, there has been no new Great Principle Golden Immortal.

Too far.

Above the nine thousand li of Liuyue City, there is a large floating altar.

The altar is in the shape of sapphire, with golden glyphs all over it, overflowing with light and dazzling.

These are not the main points. The main point is this altar, which is just connected to the trunk of Liuyue divine wood, which is only ten thousand zhang away from the top of the trunk.

This altar is called “Watching the Moon Terrace”. It is an important place for the Liuyue patriarchs to worship the Liuyue divine wood in the past, and it is also the place of discussion for the Liuyue patriarch veterans.

The observation platform is a hundred miles around, like an open-air square.

At this moment, the eleven celebrities of the patriarch Liuyue joined dozens of defensive bans, shrouded all around the watchtower, and sealed the entire altar.

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