My Fiancee Is a Stunning CEO Chapter 4353

The Great Elder Star Remnant of the Liuyue Clan, with an expression of vigilance, placed the mini-guang Heavenly Palace in the center of the observation platform.

Although his arms have been crusted and healed, his broken arm has not been able to recover. It looks rather miserable.

After the star remnant brought the Heavenly Palace back to Moon City, he immediately summoned all the Liuyue patriarchs and came to the observation platform.

One of the purposes is to let the Elders watch the Heavenly Palace. If Shen Lang in the Heavenly Palace suddenly slams out, the Elders will be able to suppress each other and prevent any accidents. .

The second purpose is to set up the summon Formation and wake up the patriarch sleeping in the divine wood of Liuyue.

The patriarch of their Liuyue tribe, a kind of Supreme cultivation in the past, has been sleeping in the divine wood of Liuyue for hundreds of millions of years.

It is not easy to awaken the patriarch of the Liuyue tribe. At least five Elders must be assembled to perform a special summon Formation on the watchtower, which resonates with the divine wood of Liuyue. Liuyue patriarch in the divine wood.

The patriarch of the Liuyue tribe has given orders hundreds of millions of years ago. If it were not for the imminent disaster of the tribe, she must not be easily awakened.

Now that the alien cultivator breaks into the astral realm, it is already a very dangerous signal. Not to mention how tricky this alien thief is. I don’t know whether the passage between the astral realm and the True Immortal Realm will be opened again. As soon as other cultivators break into the star realm, the consequences will be disastrous like the war of extinction in the past!

The star cannibal, who felt the huge crisis, decided to awaken the patriarch and let the patriarch of his own race personally execute this alien cultivator.

Xing Can stood in the middle of the observation platform, presided over the summon Formation, opened his mouth and spit out a big mouthful of blood essence, the power of divine sense controlling blood essence turned into a light azure circular seal, and he drank it from the mouth. Voice: “Please Saintess, please live!”

“Please Saintess, please live!”

The ten famous patriarch patriarchs around the altar all around shouted loudly, and they were cut apart. A large amount of blood flowed out of his wrist and gathered in the circular seal.

The seal rapidly expanded, turning into a circular Formation and rising into the sky, submerged in the clouds at the top of the divine wood of Liuyue, exuding azure light.

Mutter incantations started in all the Liuyue patriarch old mouths including the star remnant, and divine sense controlled the array in the clouds.

“weng weng weng!”

Gradually, the circular Formation in the clouds starts high-speed rotation and turns into a huge blue vortex, which spreads like a cloud. Until it covers the entire Liuyue City.

The splendid light azure shines in the vortex, which is slowly absorbed by the divine wood.

For a time, the entire Liuyue divine wood seemed to be pulled by some kind of force, and the tree trunks and branches began to shine brightly and darkly with glazed clouds, with a frequency like a heart beating.

Immediately afterwards, the flowing moon at the top of the divine wood also began to emit a brighter nine-color moonlight than usual.

The moonlight swayed the earth. Although clansman in Liuyue City did not know why, after seeing such a scene, they knelt to the ground and bowed their prayers.

Liuyue is only ten thousand zhang away from the moon-watching platform. In an instant, the whole moon-watching platform shines brightly. The soft moonlight flows like warm water and clear springs, holy and noble!

In the nine-color moonlight released from the surface of the moon, a white light gradually separated and condensed into a beautiful figure of exquisite figure. It was a girl…

The young girl looks no more than seventeen-eighteen years old, sitting cross-legged, with no strands all over her body. Her long and flowing glaze hair covers all the curves of her body, only a beautiful and alluring face and sharp ears. , Slender jade hand and white slender legs are exposed outside.

The flesh and blood of her whole body are like the most beautiful mutton jade carved from the jade. The icy muscle and jade bones exude a little crystal light, as if they are dotted with countless broken crystals, as if the stars are condensed. The essence of Moonlight is beautiful and dazzling.

“Cong Yue Saintess is here!”

Xing Can kneeled to the ground and shouted respectfully.

“Welcome Cang Yue Saintess!”

The other ten Liu Yue patriarch also knelt to the ground for the first time and worshipped.

This girl named “Cangyue Saintess” is the current patriarch of the Liuyue tribe. The cultivation base has reached the horrible late stage of Great Principle Golden Immortal!

Cangyue Saintess looks weak, petite and pitiful, but her petite fleshy body releases suffocatingly powerful spiritual pressure, giving people a sense of dignity and majesty hard to describe .

Although the Liuyue tribe claimed to be descendants of the Goddess of the Star, the only direct descendants are the patriarchs of the Liuyue tribe.

In other words, Cangyue Saintess is the true descendant of Goddess, and holds the status of Supreme in the Liuyue clan. Even the most powerful person like the Great Elder Star Despair must be respected.

Cangyue Saintess floated to the Wangyue Platform, floating above the void, with frowning willow eyebrows, and indifferently said: “Waiting at this moment to wake up this Saintess, what is the so-called?”

The Great Elder star remnant said solemnly: “Saintess, there is indeed a major event! The subordinates have considered repeatedly and have to wake up Saintess and hope that Saintess will forgive me!”

“What major event happened?”

Cangyue Saintess frowned when he saw that Xing Can’s arms were broken and Soul Power was severely damaged.

Xing Can told Cangyue Saintess about the ins and outs of the matter, and also showed the Heavenly Palace to Cangyue Saintess.

Of course, most of the news about Shen Lang, Xing Can also learned from Lu Yankou, many of which were made up by Lu Yan.

After hearing Xing Can’s long speeches, Cang Yue Saintess’s face was calm, and her bare hand slightly lifted.

The mini-guang Heavenly Palace placed in the center of the observation platform immediately floated in the air and flew in front of Cangyue Saintess.

“Saintess must be careful! The seal attached to the surface of this treasure is extremely powerful. Once touched, it can release a huge law of formidable power Magical Powers!”

Xing Can quickly reminded, Thinking of the mysterious purple light before, he still has lingering fears now.

“Great Elder, don’t panic, this Saintess has his own measure.”

The Goddess Calmly said.

After that, she flipped her hand to offer a starlight brilliant mysterious halo. The halo revolved in her palm like a gear, and a large swath of starlight poured out, instantly embellishing the entire observation deck like a star River The universe is just so beautiful and gorgeous.

“Gold Immortal Technique, dimensional transfer!”

Cangyue Saintess waved his bare hand, and the high-speed rotation of the star ring in the palm of his palm began to release a large amount of gloomy light. The former Guangzhou Heavenly Palace parcel covered.

The mysterious light seems to be unrestricted by space, flowing into the miniature Heavenly Palace without any barriers.


At this moment, Shen Lang, who was closing his eyes and rested in the Heavenly Palace in Guang, suddenly noticed the gloomy light invading the Heavenly Palace in Guang, and suddenly opened his eyes.

“Young Master, this is…”

Seeing a large amount of light flooding into the Heavenly Palace, Le Fei’er beside her was quite nervous.

“It’s Space Divine Ability! The guys of the Liuyue tribe, finally started to do it.”

Shen Lang’s face was extremely dignified, and he immediately grabbed Le Fei’er’s small hand and the finger The white light came out of the ring of Lingxi, and he hurriedly said, “Mayfair, this space energy will squeeze you and me out soon. You can enter the ring of Lingxi for a while and leave the rest to me to deal with. !”

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