My Fiancee Is a Stunning CEO Chapter 4354

“Young Master, be careful!”

Le Feier knows that with her own battle strength, she will also be a drag oil bottle with Shen Lang. Following Shen Lang, he hid himself in the ring of the Ling rhinoceros for the first time.

Seeing Le Feier hiding in the ring of Ling rhinoceros, Shen Lang also sighed in relief.

Although his state has not recovered 100%, it is not a problem to deal with the Great Principle Golden Immortal of the Liuyue clan.

Not long after, a lot of dark light has eroded the entire Heavenly Palace, Shen Lang feels that his fleshy body is being crazily squeezed by the space inside the Heavenly Palace.

“Gold Immortal Technique, Platinum Sacred Armor!”

For the sake of safety, Shen Lang took the lead to impose a defense on himself.

A large number of white golden nine-turn Dharma seal gushes out from within the body and quickly gathers on the surface of Shen Lang, turning into a gorgeous white golden armor.

With more and more shadows in the Heavenly Palace in Guangzhou, Shen Lang’s fleshy body finally penetrated from the Heavenly Palace in Guangzhou, and was forced to the outside world by the force of the distorted space!

With a sound of “sou”, Shen Lang was swept out of the space in the Heavenly Palace by the gloomy light.

Shen Lang only felt his brain go round and round, and the all around scene changed rapidly.

After he reacted, he appeared in the center of the Moonwatching Platform.

“Everyone, Elder, pay attention!”

Seeing Shen Lang moving out of Heavenly Palace, Xing Can Gao shouted.

For a time, all Liuyue patriarchs took off attacking stances one after another, and the atmosphere of the scene suddenly with swords drawn and bows bent.

Shen Lang looked around all around quickly, and when he fixed his eyes on the girl above the moon platform, his heart sank suddenly.

Although the strength of his divine sense cannot see the girl’s true cultivation base, the spiritual pressure and breath fluctuations emitted by the opponent are obviously stronger than those of the Great Elder Star Remnant!

The breath of spiritual pressure released by the girl is even stronger than Xi Feng!

Shen Lang just glanced at her, suddenly felt a kind of horror like an ice cellar, even breathing is a little difficult!

This sense of deterrence derived from Divine Soul cannot be disguised. I am afraid that only the powerhouse in the later period of the Great Principle Golden Immortal can release this kind of coercive aura.

Guangzhou Heavenly Palace has also been controlled by the opponent and cannot be recovered temporarily.

Shen Lang’s face is a bit ugly. It seems that he underestimated the power of the Liuyue clan. I didn’t expect that there is a cultivation base in the Liuyue clan. The top expert in the late Great Principle Golden Immortal!

At the moment, I seem to be in an open-air plaza above the sky, and dozens of defensive restrictions have been placed all around, almost blocking all the way.

Eleven Great Principle Golden Immortal members of the Liuyue clan have surrounded themselves tightly. Looking at this posture, they seem to want to work together to deal with themselves!

After seeing the situation clearly, Shen Lang said with a smile: “ha ha ha, it’s such a big show! All the Great Principle Golden Immortal of you Liuyue clan gathered together, just to deal with me. Little Ron’s Early-Stage cultivator, Shen is really flattered.”

“Thieves in other worlds, dare to be hard-headed when they die!”

Leak Storm shouted, Seeing Shen Lang’s arrogant look, he really couldn’t help it.

“The thief must not be arrogant, today is your death date!”

Lv Yan also yelled impatient.

The other Elders were in a commotion, ready to take action.


Cangyue Saintess waved his bare hand, and the scene suddenly fell silent.

“Human Race cultivator, this Saintess is the patriarch of the Liuyue tribe. As long as you can answer some of the questions of this Saintess truthfully, this time you may not be able to give you a way out!”

Cang Yue Saintess stared condescendingly at Shen Lang, his tone cold and indifferent.

“Leave me a way out? It’s really fun to step on a horse!”

Shen Lang laughed with anger, and the Liuyue clan’s behavior and style really made him feel disgusting.

He took the initiative to show his favor and helped Liuyue tribe to repel the Demon Race army, and also beheaded the leader of the Demon Race army. Not only did the Liuyue clansman say that he didn’t, but instead he used himself to murder a person with a borrowed knife.

murder a person with a borrowed knife is that’s all, and even wants to unite to force oneself to bow and succumb to the Liuyue clan!

Such a despicable act is tolerable or unbearable!

Shen Lang can hardly swallow this breath in his heart anyway!

The anger rises in the mind, Shen Lang said with a smile: “Woman, since you are the patriarch of the Liuyue clan, don’t pretend. If you want to kill someone, don’t find so many reasons, and do it quickly. Come on!”

“Human Race cultivator, listening to your tone, it seems that you want to be irreconcilable with my Moon Clan?”

The delicate and flawless pretty face of Cang Yue Saintess shows a little bit of anger Lulu seemed to be irritated by Shen Lang’s rude words.

“irreconcilable? ha ha ha, you are right! Since you Liuyue tribe are bully intolerably, Shen will simply kill you idiots today!”

Shen Lang is rampant Laughing, screaming at Cang Yue Saintess: “Since you have prepared such a big show, let’s take it quickly, Shen wants to see what your demonic girl is capable of!”


Cangyue Saintess raised her eyebrows, and Shen Lang’s demonic girl stunned her slightly.

For so many years, no cultivator has ever dared to call himself that. This kid is bold!

“Boy, dare to insult Saintess, you are tired of life!”

“Trifling Ron Early-Stage, dare to be so arrogant, really courting death!”

“This kid is so arrogant, let’s kill him together!”

Several old-fashioned complexion ashens of Liuyue patriarch scolded one after another.

Xing Can is even more angry with asthma and is about to attack, and he roars furiously: “The thief in another world, you don’t need Saintess to do it yourself!”

“Really Then I will kill you mobs first!”

Shen Lang exploded out of his eyes, he couldn’t help it completely, and he simply took the initiative.

“Gold Immortal Technique, Asura Faxiang!”

As soon as the roar fell, Shen Lang’s whole body gushed out like a raging magical light, and instantly swallowed and submerged the entire observation platform.

The magic light turned into a huge Asura statue, limited by the observation platform all around the narrow space by the Restriction Seal, the Asura method is not ten thousand zhang high, but the pressure released is enough to make people Shocking!

With a muffled sound of “hong”, Asura’s Dharma Phase has eight arms to support the sky, and the palms of a huge mountain cast endless shadows and magic lights, covering the sky and the sun, moved towards the stream of Wangyuetai all around The old patriarch blasted away.

“Watch out!”

Seeing Shen Lang attacking suddenly, Xing Can Zhen shouted, urging the Aoki Scepter in front of him with all his strength.

The azure light of Shengruo Lieyang gushes out of the scepter, trying to resist the impact of magic light.

The Elders felt the formidable power of the shining magic light, and couldn’t help taking a breath of cold. They took out Immortal Treasure for the first time, or displayed the Magical Powers for defense to resist the raging magic light.

“Dongdong dong!”

The incomparable shadowy magic light gushes out from the palm of Asura Fasang, instantly rendering the viewing platform into a dark golden, a thrilling burst The sound makes people tinnitus and deaf.

Only the magic light of the shadows released by Asura is enough to make these flowing moon patriarchs feel tremendous pressure and change their colors. At last, I can understand why Great Elder has to deal with this with such a big fanfare. people.

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