My Fiancee Is a Stunning CEO Chapter 4355

To Shen Lang’s surprise, Saintess Cangyue didn’t even intend to make a move.

She is still sitting in midair, with a mysterious white light emerging all over her body, easily blocking the violent shadow magic light, and staring at all this indifferently.

Shen Lang’s heart is very awkward, this woman can resist the magic light of the shadow so easily, presumably her own strength is also very important.

The calmer Saintess is, the more Shen Lang feels that this woman is not simple.

The other party is unhurried and doesn’t know what medicine is sold in bottle gourd. Maybe it is disdain to deal with the early-stage cultivator like himself.

Since Shen Lang chose to shoot, there is no way out.

He forcibly suppressed the anxiety in his heart and vented the anger in his chest to the maximum!

“bang bang bang! ”

The horrible shadow magic light swept around the observation platform like a tsunami waterfall. The formidable power made these patriarchs of the flowing moon have to do their best resistance.

Shen Lang took out Asura’s shadow magic light, which was actually enough to kill the average Great Principle Golden Immortal Early-Stage cultivator. However, due to Liuyue patriarch’s old many people, the photos were scattered and weakened. The formidable power of Shadow Magic Light, Shen Lang’s preemptive strike failed to achieve success.

Although this is the case, under the impact of the shadow and magic light, these ten Liuyue patriarchs can hardly fight back in a short time, which is considered to have brought him a huge advantage.

“Asura Saint Physique!”

Without waiting for these Liuyue patriarchs to adapt, Shen Lang fully mobilized the magic seed energy within the body, directly incarnation as Asura Demon God.

After previous battles, he has learned to be smart.

To deal with this kind of battle with one enemy and many, it is better to do it quickly.

Otherwise, it is easy to consume too much and lack of stamina.

Shen Lang’s fleshy body fuse together with the Asura method behind it, and incarnation becomes a ten thousand zhang, three-headed eight-armed Asura Demon God with a copper head and an iron forehead!

The atmosphere of terror reverses the universe of the sun, the moon, and the world!

“What is this…”

A sense of coercion that is several times stronger than Asura’s method is all around, and the patriarch suddenly feels that it comes from The horror and horror on Divine Soul.

Shen Lang’s transformation into a fierce demon is even stronger than the oppression brought by the great heavenly demon! Several cultivation bases are weak Elder, and their stature is a little unstable.

“roar! !!!”

Asura Demon God’s three copper heads open their mouths and spew out more fierce and fierce photo-shadow magic light than before, further suppressing the flowing moon all around patriarch old.

“The thief, don’t be proud!”

Li Feng withstood the impact of the magic light and urged the cyan giant sword in his hand to the extreme, moving towards Asura Demon God’s head with full force Come from hacking.

With a muffled sound of “hong”, the cyan giant sword in Li Feng’s hand rolled up the cyan ray blade that turned upside down, and slashed towards the head of Asura Demon God with the momentum of shaking the sky.

“Gold Immortal Technique, lightning beam punch!”

Asura Demon God made by Shen Lang incarnation is not evasive, eight giant palms clenched into fists, like lightning running through thunder Swipe out like a slap.

In an instant, the eight giant fists of Asura Demon God turned into golden fist shadows like hiding the sky and covering the earth. Each fist shadow shot out was as fast as lightning, and the giant fists carried The force made the space tremble and twist, and hit the cyan ray blade.

“Dongdong dong!!!!”

Along with the bursting and piercing roar, the golden shadow of Asura Demon God quickly overwhelmed the cyan ray blade.

“bang bang bang!”

Immediately afterwards, the terrifying golden boxing shadow hit Li Feng’s body with collapsing the heavens splitting the earth.


Li Feng was caught off guard, so he was hit by this violent shadow of the fist, and his mouth was so bloody.

With only one blow, all the flesh, bones, meridian, and organs all over Lifeng’s body were shattered by this brutal force! The body flew out and crashed to the ground.

His fleshy body is already in pieces, not only the fleshy body, but also the soul body was shocked by a tremendous amount of force. He fainted on the spot, and his life and death were unknown.

The Lightning Beam Fist displayed by Shen Lang in his human form is already terrifying. After transforming into an Asura Demon God, casting this Magical Powers will double the formidable power.

“Leaping Wind Protector!”

Xing Can turned pale with fright, immediately came to Li Feng’s body, and urged the Aoki Scepter in front of him with all his strength to resist the shadow of the magic light The impact, in case the shadow magic light defeats Lifeng’s fleshy body.

Remaining elders saw that the wind that took the initiative to rush forward was maimed with one blow, and they all showed horror. They were really shocked by the powerful battle strength of Asura Demon God!

Lifeng is considered to be the top three expert among the ten patriarch veterans of Liuyue. Such a level of cultivator can’t withstand the power of Shen Lang’s blow. It is conceivable that this alien cultivator is powerful What a shocking point!

Lv Yan, who was huddled in the corner, saw this, and his heart was even more horrified. Why didn’t this Saintess take action yet!

At the same time, Shen Lang quickly took out the Firetip Spear, Universe Circle, Huntian Ling, Golden Snake Scepter, Nebula Bow, and two Spirit Level Flying Swords.

Asura Demon God is holding seven magic weapons, ready to start harvesting heads.

Xing Can’s face suddenly changed color and he misjudged Shen Lang’s battle strength.

Previously, when he played against Shen Lang, Shen Lang was in an extremely poor state and failed to show much strength.

After the restoration of Heavenly Palace in Guangxi, Shen Lang’s state has actually recovered 80 to 90%. The battle strength that broke out far exceeds the estimated level of the star residual, and almost hit the crowd with a crushing force. Liuyue patriarch had nothing to fight back.

With hindsight, Xing Can realized the huge power gap between his side and Shen Lang, and he let out a sharp and hoarse roar: “Everyone, Elder, come to me, don’t disperse!”

The Elder hearing this, rushed to Xing Can’s side.

Xing Can opened his mouth and spit out a mouthful of blood essence, which turned into a huge amount of chaotic spirit strength, which was quickly absorbed by the Aoki Wand in front of him.

Burst-like azure light energy surged from the scepter, forming a distorted cyan space, covering the Elders, trying to withstand the attack of Asura Demon God.

“Insect carving skills!”

Shen Lang sneered, Asura Demon God urged many magic weapons, fiercely moved towards the cyan space created by the star to attack.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!”

Asura Demon God’s magical weapon released a strong aura repeatedly hitting the surface of the cyan space, shaking the entire observation platform roaring like It’s like a big earthquake.

Liuyue patriarch’s old heart shuddered in the cyan space was trembling, with an astonished expression on his face.

Looking at the swaying appearance of this cyan space, it seems that it may be defeated at any time!

“What are you doing in a daze, attack now!”

Star Remnant defended with all his strength in front, shouting violently at Elder behind.

The Elders gritted their teeth and launched the Magical Powers attack. The multi-colored aura shot up into the sky, hitting Asura Demon God, making one after another explosion sound.

The most part of Divine Ability attacks were blocked by Asura Demon God’s platinum holy clothing. Even if it could hit Asura Demon God’s flesh and blood, the injury to Shen Lang would be minimal. No harm at all.

Asura Demon God madly attacked the cyan space, and the star remnant couldn’t stand it very quickly, and the cyan space with the aid of the green wood scepter began to brighten and darken.

Seeing it’s almost done, Shen Lang poured a large amount of Power of Stars within the body onto the fire-tip gun!

“Flame-tip spear, break for me!!!”

Asura Demon God’s flint-tip spear shone like a burst of light from the sun, collapsing the heavens splitting the The majesty of earth moved towards the cyan space pierced away!

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