My Fiancee Is a Stunning CEO Chapter 4357

“hong” shook the sky with a muffled sound, the tip of the fire-tip spear swelled out of the raging stars. The fire hit the rotating stars first, and the indescribable flames and heat waves raged and burned. Starry sky!

Cang Yue Saintess’s Dipper Turns Stars Move Magical Powers is truly reaching the level of the advanced Golden Immortal Technique, and the formidable power is outrageous!

The full power attack of the fire-tip gun did not defeat the rotating star. This huge star is like a gear that keeps turning, quickly offsetting and weakening the formidable power burst out by the fire-point gun.

After a stalemate for a moment, Shen Lang was a bit unable to withstand it.

Fortunately, at the next moment, the Nebula Arrow shot by Asura Demon God hit this rotating star.


Another deafening sound came, and Nebula Arrow carrying Sheng Ruolieyang’s starlight hit the rotating star.

Shen Lang also raised the formidable power of the flint gun to the extreme in this instant, supplemented by the inverse Heavenly God power of Asura Demon God, finally shattered this rotating star.

“Bang peng~ peng~!!”

The huge movement is like the collapse of Heaven and Earth.

The rotating stars exploded directly, turning into stardust spots that turned overwhelmingly and hit the fleshy body of Asura Demon God.


Shen Lang was caught off guard, was hit by a large amount of stardust light, and made a violent scream in his mouth.

The platinum saint clothing covered by Asura Demon God was destroyed by countless stardust lights in an instant. Numerous starlights hit the fleshy body. In a series of muffled sounds, Asura Demon God was blown up by continuously starlights. The torn skin and gaping flesh, the magic blood rushes.

After the explosion, the Asura Demon God created by Shen Lang incarnation was drenched with blood and panting.

With the body of Asura Demon God, withstanding the explosion just now, although it will not be fatally injured, it is enough to make Shen Lang feel the pain and horror.

Cangyue Saintess said in a condescending manner: “Otherworldly kid, this Saintess admits that you have some abilities, but your cultivation base is too weak to compete with this Saintess.”

“this Saintess can now give you two choices. First, submit to me. Let me plant a soul mark for me to drive millions of years. After millions of years, I will release you free. What do you think?”

Shen Lang grinned with anger: “ha ha ha, because you are a bitch, you also want to enslave me? Go dreaming!”

As soon as the roar fell, Asura Demon God raised the tip of the fire in his hand The gun suddenly moved towards the bright moon above the head and rushed away.

The flaming spear in his hand burst out with a burst of brilliance like a scorching sun, and moved towards Saintess on the bright moon with the momentum of collapsing the heavens splitting the earth!

“Gold Immortal Technique, crystalline barrier!”

Cangyue Saintess frowned slightly, and pushed his right palm forward, a large piece of cold light swept out of the white palm of the palm. The freezing gas quickly condense a 360-degree ice crystal wall with no dead ends in a very short time, and the surface releases an amazing cold light freezing gas.

This golden Immortal Technique called “Crystalline Barrier” is one of the battle skill Magical Powers of the Golden Star Envoy of Aquarius.

next moment, the fire-tip spear hit the crystal barrier in front of Cang Yue Saintess.

“clang! !!!”

The violent crash sound is like pierce gold and split stone, extremely sharp and piercing.

The fire-tip spear carried the turbulent star fire and hit the surface of the crystalline barrier, only to hit a hole that was neither too big nor too small, and it was unable to shake the crystalline barrier at all.


Shen Lang’s complexion became a little ugly, his full power attack actually only had so little effect! Weixing.

Sou Shanyue, I can’t think that this woman not only attacked Magical Powers amazingly, but the defense Magical Powers displayed can also be so against the sky, it is simply difficult!

Shen Lang doesn’t believe in this evil, and uses Asura Demon God’s fleshy body speed to its extreme. The golden light of the fire-tip spear in his hand explodes, piercing like raindrops in front of Cang Yue Saintess. Crystalline barrier.

“ding ding ding~!!!”

The tip of the flaming spear repeatedly attacked the crystal barrier in front of Cang Yue Saintess, making a pierce gold and split stone piercing sound , Accompanied by bursts of fire, icy debris on the surface of the crystal barrier flew.

If you continue to attack at this speed, although you can defeat the crystal barrier sooner or later, it obviously takes a lot of time.

But to Shen Lang’s surprise, Changyue Saintess didn’t seem to be anxious to do it, but frowned and asked: “hmph, you are so anxious, don’t you want to ask this Saintess gave you the Two choices?”

“Not interested!”

After this series of events, Shen Lang has completely lost trust in the Liuyue Clan, and he does not believe that this woman will be at ease. , Most of them will still treat themselves as aliens.

Seeing that the defense of the crystalline barrier could not be breached for a while, Shen Lang changed his strategy in time. When Asura Demon God urged his flint gun to attack, he vacated an arm, and his fingertips were condense. The mysterious nine-color flame is Yuanfeng True Fire!

After absorbing the excess Yuanfeng True Blood from Le Feier within the body, Shen Lang’s own bloodline energy has recovered a little. Although not fully recovered, it can release a small amount of Yuanfeng True Fire. Up.

Asura Demon God flicks with the finger, nine-color flames flicked out and hit the crystal barrier in front of Cang Yue Saintess.


Suddenly, a loud noise like heaven falls and earth rends came, and the strand of Yuanfeng True Fire struck by Shen Lang The sudden burst, turning into a tsunami waterfall like nine-color fire, the terrifying flame power burst out, blasting a big hole in the crystal barrier.

Shen Lang’s face is full of surprises, Yuanfeng True Fire really has a miraculous effect!

Although this crystalline barrier is strong, it is essentially formed by the condensation of cold light. With formidable power, it is much higher than the flame energy of the cold light itself and can be easily broken.

The formidable power of the stellar fire released by the fire-tip spear is actually not weak, but due to the insufficient Shen Lang cultivation base, the full power of the Stellar Fire cannot be used, so it is difficult to break the crystal barrier.

When a big hole was exploded in the crystalline barrier, Shen Lang seized the opportunity. The eight giant palms of Asura Demon God gripped the flintlock spears and poured all the chaotic spirit strength and Power of Stars into the fire. In the sharp gun.

The tip of the fire-tip spear shot out the golden glow of the sun, and the gun body set off a monstrous tsunami-like star fire, piercing through the defensive power crystallization barrier with the power of the sun and the moon. , Moved towards the Cangyue Saintess in the barrier blasted away!

Cangyue Saintess’s delicate and flawless pretty face showed a grave expression for the first time, and Shen Lang’s almost crazy attack, after all, made her feel such a crisis.

“That’s all, alien boy, if you can catch this Saintess and the next Magical Powers, I will also approve of you.”

Cangyue Saintess said a meaning Unknown words.

Just before the fire-tip spear struck her fleshy body, Saintess formed a star-shaped seal on both hands, beautiful eyes appeared bright starlight, tenderly shouted: “Advanced Golden Immortal Technique, Galaxy Starburst!!!”

Suddenly, the bright moon beneath Saintess’s body turned into a Star River universe. The Star River universe spun and spread rapidly, expanding to hundreds of zhang, thousand zhang, ten thousand zhang. …Until it filled the entire starry sky behind her!

Endless stars swept out of the Star River universe behind Cang Yue Saintess, bursting and shattering, like a planetary explosion, with terrifying energy moved towards Shen Lang incarnation into Asura Demon God. Come to kill.

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