My Fiancee Is a Stunning CEO Chapter 4359

As soon as the voice fell, a large number of cyan ray spots appeared in the palm of Saintess’s palm.

These spots of light flooded Shen Lang’s body.

Shen Lang originally resisted vigilance, thinking that Saintess was fooling himself, but before these cyan ray points touched his body, the glazed heart of his within the body suddenly became active , Actually began voluntary revolving.

The large cyan ray spot was involuntarily swallowed and absorbed by Shen Lang’s body, and quickly got into his fleshy body.

in an instant, an unimaginable vitality envelops Shen Lang’s body, moisturizing every inch of Shen Lang’s skin and flesh.

“weng weng weng!”

Shen Lang is surrounded by a layer of azure light, within the body’s broken bones, meridian, and even internal organs. This kind of extremely fast recovery speed, the wounds on the whole body are healing and scabs at the speed visible by naked eye!

The cyan ray point shot in the palm of Saintess Cang Yue’s palm is not only harmless, it actually possesses a more powerful healing effect than the glass heart lamp fire within the body.

In an instant, Shen Lang was energetic, and the energy he had almost exhausted recovered a lot.

Seeing that Saintess really didn’t mean to harm him, Shen Lang was puzzled, frowns saying: “Please also Cang Fellow Daoist Yue, give Shen a certain explanation.”

Seeing Shen Lang recovering so quickly, Cang Yue Saintess had a surprised look on his pretty face, but soon returned to normal. The expression respectfully said: “Cang Yue treats herself as the messenger. Since the messenger is True Immortal Realm Cultivator, I must know the Star River Old Ancestor of Sacred Domain, right?”

Shen Lang slightly nodded: “Naturally know.”

Star River Old Ancestor is the most famous in the fairyland Dao Ancestor Tianzun himself established the initial order of the Heavenly Stars and Immortal Domain, built a palace on the dome of the Sacred Domain, sealed 800 stars, founded the zodiac, and established the important job of the apostle of the zodiac.

Don’t say it is now, even before the Five Emperors Era, Star River Old Ancestor is still respected by everyone in the Star Fairy Territory.

Even if Shen Lang used to be in a remote place like Meishan in Tianmu Xianyu, he had heard of the famous name Star River Old Ancestor. One can imagine how well known this person is.

“The Star River Old Ancestor is the last astral envoy and the astral envoy personally appointed by the Goddess of the Star.”

Cangyue Saintess said with a serious face.


As soon as these words came out, Shen Lang couldn’t help but startled: “Is the Star River Old Ancestor?”

“Yes, early After the Star Goddess founded the Star Realm, he appointed the Star River Old Ancestor to govern the Star Realm. In fact, this Star River Old Ancestor is also our first patriarch of the Moon Clan, and our later clansman of the Moon Clan calls him Star River. Saint Ancestor!”

Cangyue Saintess neither fast nor slow said.

Shen Lang was so shocked that he couldn’t imagine that the Star River Old Ancestor, who ruled the star realms in the past, turned out to be the first patriarch of the Star Realm Moon Clan.

“I don’t know what this has to do with me? Why does Fellow Daoist Yue call me the Astral Envoy?” Shen Lang, unwilling to entangle other questions, directly asked the main point.

Cangyue Saintess patiently explained: “This is a long story.”

“In the Hunyuan era, True Immortal Realm faced a catastrophe, Goddess of Stars. In order to allow the clansman species of the Primordial Spirit to survive and multiply, the astral world was established, and the astral world was sealed with powerful Law Power, and the astral world was independent of the True Immortal Realm.”

“Goddess of the Stars established the star After the world, he left a book of prophecy and left in a hurry. Since then, there is no news, and I have never returned to the astral world.”

“Goddess sealed the first generation of my clan before leaving the astral world. patriarch, that is, the Star River Saint Ancestor is the Astral Envoy, who is in charge of the astral world and handed the Book of Prophecy to Saint Ancestor.”

Shen Lang showed a surprised look and asked: “I don’t know what this is. What’s recorded in “Book of Prophecy”?”

Cang Yue Saintess shook his head and said: “Within the body in the book, only Saint Ancestor knows. I am not qualified to wait for future generations. I know.”

“The “Book of Prophecy” left by Goddess contains a powerful Law Power. At that time, only Saint Ancestor was qualified to have a glimpse of this book, and because it recorded some Heaven’s secret, and must not be reveled, those who peek into this book will greatly damage the essence of life!”

“Saint Ancestor is aging rapidly because he has peeped into the book of prophecy, but only a few hundred million years later, In True Immortal Realm died during meditation reincarnation.” Cangyue Saintess sighed faintly.

Shen Lang was secretly shocked, it’s no wonder that Star River Old Ancestor has quickly dominated the Celestial Immortal Domain since the end of the Emperor’s Era, and after the establishment of the Sacred Domain order, suddenly, like disappear from the face of the earth, there is no more news. It turned out to be died during meditation!

As powerful as the Star River Old Ancestor, Tianzun will be affected by such terrifying. It seems that this so-called “book of prophecy” is not groundless.

Cangyue Saintess continued: “Although I don’t know the contents of the book of prophecy, Saint Ancestor has explained before leaving the star realm that True Immortal Realm will be destroyed sooner or later, and Immortal World Connected star realms are also inevitable. Only the savior descends on the star realm to protect the star realm from destruction.”

“The symbol of the savior is the inheritance given by Saint Ancestor himself. Human Race cultivator, and you… are the savior referred to by Saint Ancestor!”

Shen Lang raised his eyes and asked: “Why is Fellow Daoist Yue so sure that I am the savior? “

Cangyue Saintess frankly said: “Actually, from the very beginning, Cangyue can perceive the Power of Stars in you within the body. Although you have not cultivation out of the small universe, but within the body The origin of the stars exudes the same aura as Saint Ancestor.”

“This aura comes from Liuyue divine wood, and Changyue is very familiar with it, so I am almost certain that you are what Saint Ancestor calls salvation. He.”

Listening to what the other party said, Shen Lang was basically sure that what Saintess said was not a lie.

Back then, Star River Old Ancestor personally refining the Sagittarius star, and even poured the “Hou Yi blood” on the Sagittarius star to strengthen it to the limit.

Since the Sagittarius star within the body was personally refining by the Star River Old Ancestor, the aura of the Star River Old Ancestor contained in the star is also completely spoken of.

Cangyue Saintess can perceive the existence of this aura, which proves that what she said is true.

“In the battle of destruction of the world, the gate of the star realm suddenly opened. I thought it was the savior who came, but the result was the Demon Race that invaded the star realm, causing the Liuyue tribe to suffer catastrophe, countless clansman. Fall.”

“Because of the lessons learned, clansman of later generations has a strong sense of guard against alien cultivator. Cang Yue will apologize to the messenger for this farce!”


After that, Cangyue Saintess moved towards Shen Lang again and bowed.


Looking at Cangyue Saintess respectfully apologizing to Shen Lang, the crowd of Liuyue patriarch outside watching the moon platform looked at each other with old faces, speechless in shock. .

They just fought this kid to death and life, and now this kid has suddenly transformed into an astral messenger…This contrast is too big!

The Elders couldn’t accept the fact that Shen Lang was an astral messenger for a while.

Xing Can’s face is stiff and solid, and he wonders if he is dreaming?

“Why…how could this happen?”

Lu Yan’s face was almost green, and he was thinking about the way to get out quickly in his mind.

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