My Fiancee Is a Stunning CEO Chapter 4360

Seeing Cang Yue Saintess’s posture so low, Shen Lang’s resentment has also been eliminated, but he still frowned and asked inexplicably: “Cang Fellow Daoist Yue since from I know my identity at the very beginning, why didn’t I tell these things before, and have to wait until now to explain?”

Cangyue Saintess frankly said: “The messenger calmed down, Cangyue was just a guess at the beginning. , It’s not 100% sure. It wasn’t until the messenger performed Saint Ancestor’s battle skill that Cang Yue recognized your identity.”

Shen Lang raised his eyebrows, Cang Yue Saintess should be referring to himself The “Meteor Swarm” Magical Powers on display just now, but this was originally the battle skill of the Golden Star of Sagittarius.

The reason is not difficult to imagine. It was Star River Old Ancestor who founded the zodiac, and the battle skill Magical Powers of the twelve golden star envoys were probably taught by Star River Old Ancestor. of.

And Cang Yue Saintess is originally a descendant of Star River Old Ancestor, so she can also display the various Magical Powers of the Golden Star Envoy.

Shen Lang tentatively understood these words of Cang Yue Saintess.

Saving True Immortal Realm has given him enough headaches, and now another star realm has popped out…

“Cang Fellow Daoist Yue doesn’t need to have a messenger, Shen is just By chance, I got some inheritance from the zodiac. It is true that I have received the favor of Star River Old Ancestor, but it may not be the star envoy in your mouth.”

Shen Lang frowned and said, not willing to be involved. Things in the astral world.

What’s more, this incident itself is too fantasy story. If you are really an astral messenger, Star River Old Ancestor should leave some clues more or less, instead of getting the inheritance of Sagittarius by accident. Become some astral messenger in confusion.

Hearing the meaning of the refusal in Shen Lang’s words, Cangyue Saintess frowned, and hurriedly said: “My messenger, don’t have any doubts, you are indeed an astral messenger! Our Saint Ancestor has spent his entire life , It’s just to guide you to the astral realm.”

“Ashamed, I waited until after the invasion of the Demon Race in the alien world to learn about Saint Ancestor’s many deeds in True Immortal Realm. Including the unification of the Heavenly Stars and Immortal Domain, the reconstruction of the Sacred Domain order, the sealing of eight hundred stars, the establishment of the zodiac and so on.”

“These actions of Saint Ancestor actually have a very clear purpose. One is to protect The star realm connected with the dome of the Sacred Domain is used to introduce the savior in the book of prophecy.”

Cangyue Saintess neither fast nor slow explained.

“Catch me?”

Shen Lang face surprised.

Cangyue Saintess continued: “The reason is very simple. When Goddess of the Star sealed the astral world, only one gate to the Immortal World was left, called the’gate of the astral.’ The key of the door is controlled by my clan Saint Ancestor. No one can open the door of the astral world except Saint Ancestor.”

“And the Saint Ancestor of that year passed quickly because of peeping at the book of prophecy life essence, Saint Ancestor knows that his time is approaching, and he cannot wait for the day when the savior comes to the Sacred Domain. In order for the savior to successfully enter the astral world, he can only find another way.”

“Saint Ancestor will The key to the door was refining into Seven Stars in a special way, named Tianshu, Heavenly Jade, Tianji, Tianquan, Yuheng, Kaiyang, and Yaoguang. This Seven Stars is also called’Seven Stars Big Dipper’.”

“When necessary, let the seven Great Principle Golden Immortal urge the seven Big Dipper stars on the Sacred Domain dome to open the door to the astral world on the Sacred Domain dome! In this way, the external cultivator can enter the star realm without the need of Saint Ancestor himself to cast the spell.”

Shen Lang was shocked and suddenly remembered the “Seven Saints of Stars” in the Five Emperors era.

According to the legend, the Seven Stars are the son of the Great Emperor Zi Wei, responsible for guarding the dome of the Sacred Domain and strengthening the seal of stars.

Sacred Domain dome surrounds the seven palaces set up by Profound Purple Palace. The names correspond to Seven Stars such as Tianshu, Heavenly Jade, Tianji, Tianquan, Yuheng, Kaiyang, Yaoguang, etc. It is also the name of the Seven Sacred Palaces.

The transcendent position of the seven sages of the sky, but the mountain is not leaking. It is said that they have never been out of the Sacred Domain dome from birth, and they really guard the Sacred Domain dome from life to death. They are considered Sacred. The most mysterious powerhouse in the Domain.

Now listening to Cangyue Saintess’s words, Shen Lang suddenly felt that the Seven Sages of Heaven, who were “snow hidden” by Great Emperor Zi Wei during the Five Emperors period, might indeed be the key to unlocking the star realm!

Great Emperor Zi Wei probably guessed from the hexagram content given in the hexagram plate of the heavenly machine, that the chosen one is the messenger of the astral world, so the Sagittarius astrological messenger left the soul to guide himself indirectly Get the inheritance of Meteor.

Looking back in time, the Lord of Sacred Domain in all dynasties should follow the command line left by Star River Old Ancestor.

It can be seen that the reason why I can enter the star realm, all this seems to be the overall situation that Star River Old Ancestor originally planned!

Shen Lang felt shocked and incredible the more he thought about it, but he still had a lot of doubts in his mind.

“According to Fellow Daoist Yue, to enter the astral world, seven Big Dipper stars must be mobilized to open the door of the astral world. Why did that many people get involved in the battle of destruction? Otherworld Demon Race? Besides, Shen did not open any door of the star world, why did he enter the star world so easily?”

Shen Lang asked one after another.

Cangyue Saintess explained: “During the War of Destruction, the Astral Gate was indeed opened, resulting in a large number of Demon Races from other realms entering the Astral Realm. But the Astral Gate It was not opened for a long time, and was forcibly closed by mysterious power.”

“Through the reliable news obtained by the soul search Demon Race, Sacred Domain is about to be compromised by Demon Race in the battle of destruction. Lord of Sacred Domain Together with seven Hunyuan Great Principle Golden Immortal, they mobilized seven Big Dipper stars and opened the door of the star realm urgently, so that Demon Race took advantage of it to enter.”

Hear this, Shen Lang’s face showed a different color: “According to this, the Lord of Sacred Domain at that time allowed the Demon Race to enter the star realm. Wouldn’t it betray the Star River Old Ancestor?”

Cangyue Saintess slightly frustrated Mei Mei: “I have thought about many kinds of probability about this, but I am more inclined to believe that Lord of Sacred Domain has nowhere to do so.”


Shen Lang became more and more curious.

“Not bad!”

Cangyue Saintess was slightly nodded, and moved towards Shen Lang to initiate a sound transmission, telling the secret: “The messenger does not know something, Star Boundary Perhaps the gate has not been closed since it was opened during the Last World War of Destruction!”

“What! The gate of the astral world has not been closed?”

Shen Lang startled.

Cangyue Saintess said calmly: “Ms. Messenger should have noticed when he entered the star realm. Seven Stars existed in the star realm in the sky. But before the war of destruction, the star realm in the sky simply didn’t. This Seven Stars, since the opening of the door of the star world during the War of Extinction, there have been seven more stars in the star world in the sky.”

“Although the origin of the stars is still difficult to conclude, But I guess these stars should be the seven Big Dipper stars of Saint Ancestor’s former refining.”

“Cangyue once studied this. These Seven Stars have existed in the astral dome for a long time. The release of starlight energy seems to be maintaining some kind of power similar to Formation. The only thing that can be thought of is the gate of the astral world.”

“This is very likely to indicate that the gate of the astral world was opened back then. It’s not closed at all, it’s more likely to be sealed by external forces!”

“The reason is also very simple. If the door of the astral world is really closed completely, your envoy, you are also impossible to enter the astral world. In this way, the overall situation that Saint Ancestor spent so much energy on was in vain.”

“The Lord of Sacred Domain back then was definitely not so stupid. He would definitely try his best to allow the savior to enter Star Realm, maybe this strategy is adopted…”

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