My Fiancee Is a Stunning CEO Chapter 4362


Cangyue Saintess frowned slightly, and a gloomy light suddenly appeared in his palm, directly stunned Lu Yan.

If Lu Yan admits his mistake, Cangyue Saintess still has an excuse to save him, but if he says such a stupid thing, there is only a dead end.

Cangyue Saintess slender jade hand pressed Lu Yan’s brain, and an abundance of blood light appeared in the palm of his hand. The blood light enveloped the stars, Li Feng and Shen Lang.

This is the Magical Powers shared by divine sense. The three Shen Lang only need to release the Divine Consciousness and immerse in this blood light, and then they can share the memory of Soul Searching Lu Yan with Saintess.

Cangyue Saintess respects Shen Lang on the surface, but it is out of respect for the Astral Envoy.

She still has some doubts about Shen Lang’s attitude towards Clansman, searching for the soul of Lu Yan. In addition to showing the facts to Xing Can and Li Feng, Cang Yue Saintess also wants to confirm Shen Lang Tell yourself if the news is true.


Lu Yan was forcibly searched for soul by Baiwei Saintess, and woke up under the violent stimulation of Divine Soul, convulsed all over, wail like ghosts in his mouth and howl like wolves scream.

But soon, the screams diminished.

Using the powerful Great Cultivator of Saintess Great Principle Golden Immortal in the late period of Cangyue Saintess Great Principle Golden Immortal, he used the Soul Searching Technique but within ten breaths time, he mastered all the news.

Shared through divine sense, Xing Can, Li Feng, and Shen Lang also know the whole process of the matter.

After learning about Lu Yan’s series of operations, Shen Lang’s face was distorted, and his asthma was almost onset!

Unexpectedly, this old bastard was so despicable. He used him to murder a person with a borrowed knife, trying to take credit without saying anything, but creating something from nothing, and framed himself upside down to threaten Liuyue clan!

Whether it is tolerable or unbearable!

“old bastard, it was you who hurt me?”

Shen Lang was so furious, he turned his hand over and set off a flaming spear. The veins on his right arm burst, and the tip of the flaming spear Jin Mang soared into the sky, moved towards Lu Yan pierced out!

Lu Yan had just been searched for his soul, and his mind was still in chaos. Naturally, he could not resist Shen Lang’s fierce blow.

“hong long! !!!”

With a muffled sound, the fire-tip spear hit Lu Yan’s body with agitated Heaven and Earth Might.

The violent Stellar Fire rose up, instantly turning Lu Yan’s fleshy body into fly ash, and Divine Soul was also burned to ashes, and died on the spot!

Seeing Lu Yan’s tragic death and turning into ashes, Shen Lang finally got out of this bad breath.

“My messenger, the old man is really dull. He regarded our great benefactor as a threat and almost became an accomplice of Lu Yan. Such a foolish act is really a crime deserving ten thousand deaths. !”

Xing Can immediately knelt in front of Shen Lang, his old face full of shame.

Lifeng finally knelt in front of Shen Lang without the slightest hesitation this time, expressing excitement, and said one word at a time: “My messenger, all the wind and the eyeless! If you want to take my life now , Li Feng has no complaints!”

The two have searched Saintess and shared the information, and then learned that Shen Lang is the great benefactor of the Liuyue tribe, not only by the strength of oneself Repulsed the Demon Race army on the border and helped the Liuyue tribe to punish the three great heavenly demons.

But they actually listened to Lu Yan’s words and regarded Shen Lang as the enemy of the Liuyue clan, and tried to capture or even kill such a great benefactor!

Xing Can and Li Feng regret the despicable behavior of Lu Yan.

Looking at Shen Lang’s actions to kill Lu Yan, the two of them did not at all have any opinions, but they felt very happy.

Cangyue Saintess understands what happened and understands why Shen Lang has such resentment towards Liuyue Clan, but he is relieved in his heart. Fortunately, Shen Lang and their Liuyue Clan are essentially There is no contradiction.

As for Lu Yan’s death, Cangyue Saintess didn’t have a trace of pity in his heart. It was a disaster for the Liuyue tribe to leave this kind of wealthy and forgetful generation.

After killing Lu Yan, most of the resentment in Shen Lang’s heart has been eliminated. Looking at the two kneeling Xing Can and Li Feng, said solemnly: “Since the misunderstanding is resolved, this matter It’s gone.”

After that, Shen Lang’s two condense clusters of brilliant glazed fire in the palm of his left and right palms sent them to the bodies of Xing Can and Li Feng.

in an instant, brilliant glazed light surged from the broken arm of Xing Can’s broken arm and the wounds around Li Feng’s body, quickly healing the internal damage and injuries of the two.

“This is…”

The two felt as if they were immersed in a hot spring. The two groups of glazed fire released by Shen Lang seemed to heal their injuries within the body quickly .

Cangyue Saintess’s eyebrows are raised, Shen Lang’s cultivation base is not high, but the methods are endless.

With her eyesight, of course, she can see that the glazed fire released by Shen Lang originates from the powerful source energy within the body. The life force released by this source of energy, even she felt surprised and shocked.

Soon, Xing Can’s broken arm began to grow new granules, his old face was shocked, and his heart was shocked and grateful. He hurriedly moved towards Shen Lang and thanked him: “old man This time I made a big mistake, thanks to the envoy! I will definitely reflect deeply in the future, and respect the envoy, and will never do it again.”

After the wounded thunderbolt wind was moistened by the glazed fire, The spirit has also improved a lot, and I immediately thanked him and said: “The messenger repays his grievances with virtue, and the wind cannot forgive the sins. From now on, you can send it, go through water and tread on fire, go through water and tread on fire, do not hesitate!”

See Shen Lang Xing Can and Li Feng apologized sincerely, no grievances in their hearts, and took the initiative to support the two of them, and said with a smile: “Please, please don’t think of Shen as a small belly. Since it is a misunderstanding, Shen doesn’t want to have any rifts with the two Fellow Daoists. Let him pass this farce, and then he can be regarded as friends.”

Lang stood up, grateful and ashamed.

Cangyue Saintess’s starry eyes flowed, she admired Shen Lang’s combination of grace and power, which not only guaranteed her majesty, but also gave them the face of the Liuyue clan, and she really had some means.

It seems that Saint Ancestor made a good decision in the past.

Although the new astral messenger has a poor cultivation base, his temperament character is strong enough to shoulder this important task.

“Since the farce is over, Star Remnant, and Li Feng, you two will quickly tell the story of the matter to the other Liuyue patriarch, don’t let other Elder misunderstand.”

Yue Saintess asked.


After the two complied, Xing Can and Lifeng immediately flew out of Mochizuki and told the other seven famous Patriarch Liuyue.

After Liuyue patriarch always knew what happened, he sighed and sighed, and he also recognized the identity of Shen Lang as a star envoy.

The misunderstanding is resolved, Shen Lang finally has no psychological burden, he can finally stand on the side of the Liuyue clan and think about how to deal with Xi Feng and the Demon Race of the other world.

Shen Lang continued to talk with Cang Yue Saintess for a while, discussing how to deal with the troubles that he might face next.

Cangyue Saintess learned from Shen Lang that Xi Feng had been involved in the star realm together, frowned and said: “Unexpectedly, the star realm has also been mixed into other experts. This is indeed a threat.”

Shen Lang said resolutely: “Cang Fellow Daoist Yue doesn’t have to worry too much. Even though Xi Feng’s battle strength is strong, Shen Lang said resolutely, if there is Fellow Daoist Yue’s help, Shen You can knock down or even kill this person with complete confidence!”

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