My Fiancee Is a Stunning CEO Chapter 4363

Cangyue Saintess frowned slightly: “I’m afraid I will disappoint the messenger. For some reason, Cangyue couldn’t get away from Liuyue’s divine wood too far, even as it is now. The state of the body can only last for about half an hour.”

“Once the time has passed, Cang Yue must return to the divine wood to rest for dozens of days, otherwise the soul will suffer severely. Lost, the soul flew away and scattered!”

Shen Lang gave a surprised look: “Why is it like this?”

Cangyue Saintess sighed faintly: “The messenger does not know, Cangyue’s soul body has been connected to Liuyue divine wood hundreds of millions of years ago. It’s not an exaggeration to say that I am Liuyue’s divine wood’s Artifact Spirit.”


Shen Lang startled.

Cangyue Saintess asked rhetorically: “My envoy, remember the’Book of Prophecy’ that Cangyue mentioned to you earlier, right?”

I heard Cangyue Saintess have hidden meaning, Shen Lang cup one fist in the other hand and said: “Please also Cang Fellow Daoist Yue to clarify.”

“Your messenger need not be so polite. This is what Cang Yue should tell you.”

Cangyue Saintess took advantage of the fact that she was still in this isolated state for a while, and told Shen Lang the secret.

“In the early years, Saint Ancestor had peeped into the contents of the book of prophecy. The reason why he instructed clansman to welcome the savior was mainly because the book of prophecy revealed that the True Immortal Realm would destroy and wither, the astral world It’s hard to escape.”

“In addition to mentioning that True Immortal Realm will be destroyed, the book even mentions the exact time of destruction, probably hundreds of thousands of years from now. Because Yue knows the time of destruction, he has been preparing for the destruction of Immortal World as early as hundreds of millions of years ago.”

“Your envoy should have heard that the reason why the divine wood of my tribe can grow. Mature, thanks to the drop of divine blood left in the core of the divine wood by the Goddess of the stars!”

Speaking of this, Shen Lang was shocked: “Could it be…”

“Not bad !”

The starlight of Cang Yue Saintess’s eyes flowed, and the facial expression grave said: “The reason why Cang Yue allows his soul to integrate with the divine wood is because he wants to absorb the divine blood remaining in the divine wood in order to make a breakthrough. The powerful cultivation base will protect my race through the crisis!”

“Unfortunately, with the power of Cangyue, it is always difficult to completely integrate myself with the divine wood of Liuyue. Hundreds of millions of years have passed. Speaking of absorbing divine blood, it is impossible to control the divine wood of the flowing moon.”

Shen Lang couldn’t help asking, “Is there no other way to take away the drop of divine blood directly? Do you have to merge with this divine wood to absorb divine blood?”

Cangyue Saintess explained: “Liuyue divine wood is one of the Three Sacred Divine Wood of Swire, it is indestructible and indestructible! Attack the divine wood with powerful laws of Magical Powers, otherwise you can block all types of Divine Ability by your own existence.”

“So, in addition to the powerful Daozu Tianzun, almost impossible to have a cultivator capable of other power Break open the divine wood and take away the divine blood in the core.” Cangyue Saintess added.

“It turned out to be like this.”

Shen Lang was slightly nodded, feeling relieved.

Cangyue Saintess continued: “When Saint Ancestor left the astral world, he left a volume of manuscripts. In addition to recording various Magical Powers inheritance, it also recorded a The ancient Magical Powers of’Transfer Soul to Wood’.”

“This kind of Magical Powers originated from the Hunyuan era and is a method of body possession. Those who successfully practice this method can have powerful body possession. Wood Spirit species, one of the conditions is that the Wood Spirit species possessed by the body must be a dead thing.”

“Although the Liuyue divine wood is one of the Three Sacred Divine Wood of Taikoo, it is not at all born. Out of life, it is indeed a dead thing. Saint Ancestor left this Magical Powers back then, maybe it was a way out for my Liuyue clan.”

“I tried all the sufferer untold hardships to achieve this. After the law, the soul body successfully merged with Liuyue divine wood, but the energy contained in Liuyue divine wood is too huge, it is not at all to the extent that I can control it as a Great Principle Golden Immortal.”

“Weakness ‘body possession’ Liuyue divine wood, I can only continue to absorb the power in Liuyue divine wood and strengthen myself. As a result, the cultivation base successfully broke through from the middle of Great Principle Golden Immortal to the later stage, but I still couldn’t touch the core of Liuyue divine wood. , Let alone body possession divine wood.”

“Over the years, Cang Yue’s soul body has been completely integrated with Liuyue divine wood, and has reached the point where it cannot be stripped, so I can only sleep in divine wood. In the middle.”

“Even if you can leave the orifice with the posture of leaving the divine wood, you will not be able to leave the orifice for too long because of the power of the divine wood, otherwise you will suffer a serious backlash and your soul will collapse. “

“Ai, the cause of the current situation is all to blame for Cang Yue’s inconsideration. I think she trapped herself in Liuyue divine wood.” Cang Yue Saintess shook her head helplessly.

Shen Lang’s face is surprised, I never thought that Saintess Cangyue had such a bizarre encounter.

However, this is not something I need to worry about right now.

“According to this, Cang Fellow Daoist Yue, your appearance this time will not last long. After returning to the divine wood of Liuyue, you will need to rest for dozens of days before you can appear again?” Shen Lang Asked hurriedly.

“It is true.” Cang Yue Saintess slightly nodded.

“This is difficult to do… If Xi Feng controls the Demon Race and knows the secrets of Liuyue divine wood and divine blood, he will attack Liuyue City during this time. !”

Shen Lang brows tightly knit.

According to Xi Feng’s style, he can definitely do this kind of thing.

“You’re right, and Cang Yue’s concern is exactly this. Although Liuyue City is defended by the defensive power of the City Protecting Great Formation, if the Demon Race is forcibly controlled by the foreign cultivator this time , It is hard to guarantee that they will not use killing move.”

Cang Yue Saintess black brows slightly wrinkle.

“killing move? Then what killing move does Demon Race have?”

Shen Lang asked.

Cangyue Saintess replied: “The reason why our Liuyue clan has been fighting with Demon Race for so many years has not been able to destroy Demon Race, mainly because Demon Race inherited a very powerful Puppet Beast! That Puppet Beast no stronghold one cannot overcome, the force of a blow can be infinitely close to Hunyuan’s Great Principle Golden Immortal level.”

“What! This Puppet Beast’s attack can also be comparable to Hunyuan’s Great Principle Golden Immortal. One blow?”

Shen Lang took a breath of cold air.

This also isn’t this too ridiculous? It was the first time he had heard of such a terrifying puppet.

“You don’t have to worry too much about the messenger. The puppet of Demon Race had consumed most of the energy in the battle when they invaded the star realm, and now it is estimated that there is not much energy for action. It can only release one or two attacks at most. If it weren’t, Demon Race would not have been so peaceful over the years.”

“The City Protecting Great Formation of Liuyue City has fallen into disrepair for a long time. To withstand one or two attacks from Demon Race’s Puppet Beast, it’s barely a problem. Cang Yue begged the Envoy to help me resist the invasion of Demon Race and defend Liuyue City before my next appearance!”

Cang Yue’s delicate and flawless pretty face showed a little begging now, and moved towards Shen Lang again, bowing and saluting.

Shen Lang hurriedly said: “Cang Fellow Daoist Yue doesn’t have to be like this. I also brought the enemy here. Shen should take the responsibility! Anyway, Shen will do his best to help the flow. The Moon Clan has survived the crisis!”

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