My Fiancee Is a Stunning CEO Chapter 4364

Shen Lang doesn’t want to be an astral messenger, but it is very necessary to cooperate with the Liuyue clan, at least it can control Xifeng.

Furthermore, as the Chosen One, he instinctively regards the Demon Race in the other world as a great enemy. In addition, it can be regarded as the inheritance of Star River Old Ancestor, and I still hope to help the Liuyue clan.

“Thank you, my envoy!”

Cangyue Saintess repeatedly thanked her, and her star eyes flashed with gratitude.

“At the moment, the time is tight. It is better for Fellow Daoist Yue to seize the time to discuss with the Elders of the Liuyue tribe on an action strategy, and it will also facilitate Shen to cooperate with the Liuyue tribe.” Shen Lang proposed.

“My messenger said it!”

Cangyue Saintess understood it, and immediately sound transmission called back nine Liuyue patriarch.

Mochizuki Terrace is the place for discussion. Saintess Cangyue and the patriarch of Liuyue discussed the next course of action.

“Before determining the action plan, this Saintess introduced to all Elders, this is the new astral messenger designated by my clan Star River Saint Ancestor! The messenger will be the highest authority in my astral world. For those of you, my clansman of the Liuyue tribe must treat each other with the highest courtesy, and don’t be negligent.”

Cangyue Saintess officially introduced Shen Lang to the Elders, which is also considered as lifting Shen Lang to a very high level. s position.

“Meet the Envoy!”

Xing Can and Li Feng took the lead in moving towards Shen Lang, bowing and saluting, showing respectful expressions.

Remaining elders Seeing that Great Elder and the protector had a head, they also moved towards Shen Lang and gave a big gift.

Shen Lang comes from another world after all, and is not from the ancient Spirit Race. There is more or less a trace of grievance in the hearts of the Elders, but Saintess has said this, and they can only recognize Shen. Lang is the new astral messenger.

Seeing the Elder moved towards of the Liuyue tribe, they bowed and bowed their bows. Shen Lang and the friendly cup one fist in the other hand said: “Under Shen Lang, I’m fortunate to know everyone of the Liuyue tribe. Same way.”

“Although Cang Fellow Daoist Yue called Shen an astral messenger, this title is too heavy, and Shen is not ashamed of it. From now on, you can just call Shen directly. , Don’t need to call me messenger.”

“Rather than being respected by you for no reason, Shen is more willing to make friends with you. From now on, everyone will become friends, regardless of each other.”

Shen Lang said frankly, although it feels good to be respected, he also seems to have an inexplicable sense of responsibility imposed on him, which makes Shen Lang very uncomfortable.

When he heard this, the Elders looked at Shen Lang with admiration.

Shen Lang can repay grievances with virtue, and does not seek power, and respects them Liuyue clan enough. This kind of temperament is extraordinary, which makes people feel awe.

But Cangyue Saintess was a little unhappy, frowning and said: “My messenger, your identity is beyond doubt. The star messenger is the master of the star realm in the popular sense, the authority Supreme, I am Liuyue Clan’s self-esteem respects you as the master, don’t undervalue oneself!”

Seeing Cang Yue Sheng Goddess feeling excited, Shen Lang was quite a headache, so he had to say: “Cang Fellow Daoist Yue don’t have to be so anxious. I am an astral messenger, but I have not yet made any major event that is beneficial to the astral realm and the Liuyue tribe. Just a messenger title that fell out of thin air, it must be difficult to convince the public.”

“Before discussing the title issue, you might as well let me deal with this crisis. If Shen can really lead the Liuyue tribe through the crisis and punish the Demon Race army, it will not be too late for everyone from the Liuyue tribe to respect me as an astral messenger. “

As soon as these words came out, Cangyue Saintess finally calmed down, and lightly clicked on the jade head: “It’s still the messenger’s thoughtful consideration. This matter is indeed a bit abrupt, just like you said. Let’s arrange it.”

The old patriarch had no opinion, and he admired Shen Lang’s temperament character. The Elder’s invisible trust in Shen Lang added a point.

“In that case, Fellow Daoist Yue would just call my name directly, don’t send messengers.” Shen Lang couldn’t help but say.

Cangyue Saintess nodded responded: “Brother Shen, please call Cangyue’s name directly.”

Shen Lang felt a little weird in his heart. Although Cangyue Saintess looks like a girl, Beautiful and alluring, but they have been the Great Principle Golden Immortal of hundreds of millions of years of cultivation. Instead, they want to call themselves a junior “Brother Shen”, which is too much for myself.

Too lazy to think that many, anyway, it makes Shen Lang much more comfortable than the previous name.

Soon, Cangyue Saintess and the Elder began to discuss an action plan.

Shen Lang listened for a while, generally speaking of some normal offensive and defensive strategies.

“Brother Shen, do you have any opinion on the next action plan?” Cangyue Saintess asked.

Shen Lang bluntly said: “Shen feels that Fellow Daoists are too entangled in the gains and losses in the territory, in fact, this does not make much sense. Based on my understanding of Xi Feng, this time the Demon Race If he takes the lead in attacking the territory of the Liuyue clan, he will most likely have an irreconcilable plan!”

“So the next battle that may occur may be that the Liuyue clan faces the harshest since the war of destruction. It’s a battle for the people. Because the Demon Race is very likely to come out of the nest, if the Ryuyue clan disperses its forces only for the gains and losses of part of the territory, I’m afraid it will suffer a big loss!”

, Patriarch frowned.

Cangyue Saintess black brows slightly wrinkle, asked: “Brother Shen thinks how my clan should act?”

Shen Lang said in a serious tone: “If the Demon Race really comes out , I plan to be irreconcilable with the Liuyue clan. Instead of distributing the consumption, I’d better wait for work and guard Liuyue City with all my strength.”

“As for the camps around the Liuyue clan, just open the Defensive Array to delay time. The goal of consuming the enemy is enough. During this period, let clansman from various places quickly return to Liuyue City to avoid unnecessary casualties.”

“In addition, Shen himself actually needs some time to stabilize. Only by restoring the cultivation base can one exert one hundred percent of the battle strength in the most important battle.”

In general, the strategic thinking provided by Shen Lang is to wait for work with ease.

Considering that Saintess Cangyue cannot go to the battlefield, if the main force of the Liuyue Race and the Demon Race meet force with force, casualties are inevitable, and it may not be possible to get any benefits.

Because Xifeng is immortal physique, the speed of recovery from injuries is jaw-dropping. This huge Innate advantage is destined for Xifeng to be if Gods block, kill the Gods, if Buddhas block, The terrifying existence of kill the Buddhas!

There is such a slaying god in the Demon Race army. If Shen Lang hadn’t played himself, there would be no other cultivator in the Liuyue clan that could match Xi Feng.

Shen Lang has not even completely stabilized his own cultivation base. Since breaking through the Great Principle Golden Immortal, he has been fighting and fighting again. After a series of battles, he has suffered a certain degree of internal damage. It is difficult to contend with Xi Feng at this stage.

If you want to restore your own state to full battle strength, you need at least about half a year to meditate.

“So, I suggest that the Liuyue tribe should mainly consider how to defend Liuyue City. As long as you can persist until the Cangyue girl shows up again, Shen will be sure to lead the Liuyue tribe to win this battle. , Or even annihilate the entire Demon Race army!” Shen Lang self-belief.

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