My Fiancee Is a Stunning CEO Chapter 4365

Cangyue Saintess thought for a while and felt that what Shen Lang said was reasonable.

In fact, she had previously imagined that the Demon Race army would attack Liuyue City. Instead of adding unnecessary casualties, it was indeed better to adopt Shen Lang’s proposal to abandon other territories and defend Liuyue City with all his strength.

“It’s what Brother Shen said.”

Cangyue Saintess finally adopted Shen Lang’s suggestion and issued orders to the Elders: “Everyone, Elder, when this Saintess was away, You must obey Brother Shen’s command and never act without authorization!”


All Elders responded.

The most important thing in a battle is strength. The patriarch of Shen Lang’s strength has always experienced it firsthand, and he is naturally willing to follow the command of Shen Lang.

Seeing that these Liuyue patriarchs are always so cooperative, Shen Lang has no worries.

After Cangyue Saintess confessed some important things, her petite body began to lighten and darken, and it seemed that she could no longer maintain this state of being out of her body.

Before returning to Liuyue divine wood, Cangyue Saintess handed Shen Lang a dark golden jade slip with starlight shining on it, with the four gilt characters “Star River Handwriting” written on it, elegant and agile.

“Brother Shen, this jade slip was left by Star River Saint Ancestor when he left the star realm. Only the patriarch of the Liuyue tribe of the past is qualified to read the content. The jade slip records it. A lot of Divine Ability Art, as well as some detailed explanations of refining small universe, may be helpful to you, Brother Shen might as well take it and read it.”

Cang Yue Saintess stuffed the jade Jane into Shen Lang’s hands .

“Shen Lang frowned, “Shen Lang frowned should be the unspread secret of the Liuyue clan, and Shen is ashamed!”

Cangyue Saintess’s generous appearance said with a smile: “Don’t think about it, Brother Shen, the patriarch of the Liuyue clan is to assist the Astral Messengers. Besides, Brother Shen will have to contribute in the following wars. , This jade slip should be regarded as a reward for Brother Shen.”

Seeing that Saintess said that for this purpose, Shen Lang has no pretense and accepted this jade slip letter. , Added: “In that case, Shen is disrespectful. But this code is too precious. Shen can only read it once. After the battle is over, return it to Miss Cang Yue.”

“Liuyue Clan, please come to Brother Shen.”

Cangyue Saintess said this softly, his body gradually turned into a white light, flying back into the floating moon above his head .

Shen Lang watched Cang Yue Saintess disappear, his face was rather solemn.

“Shen Lang Fellow Daoist, would you like to formulate a specific action plan?”

The Great Elder asked for instructions, with a very respectful tone.

Although she still calls Shen Lang a Fellow Daoist, he has already regarded him as a character of the same level as Cang Yue Saintess.

Shen Lang was slightly nodded. He first studied the map of the Liuyue clan, and then asked several Elders about the situation of the Liuyue clan’s strongholds.

There are more than 30 large and small bases of the Liuyue Clan, and almost every base has a Defensive Great Array.

Calculating, just the Defensive Array in the territory of the clan can block the marching time of Demon Race for about ten days.

After Cangyue Saintess returned to Liuyue’s divine wood, he would need to recuperate for at least 30 days before he could get out of his body again.

So, Liuyue City must resist the attack of the Demon Race army for about 20 days before the Liuyue Clan has a greater chance of winning.

Fortunately, the City Protecting Great Formation of Liuyue City is the top Golden Immortal array, which was arranged by the second patriarch of the Liuyue clan and many Elders in the early years, named “Nine Stars Tianchen Great Formation”.

This array is almost the most powerful Defensive Array in the world today, with the wonderful ability of “continuous life”.

This nine-star Tianchen array is directly provided with energy by Liuyue divine wood and has a self-repairing function. Once subjected to a strong attack, Formation will initiate the ultimate self-repair.

In theory, as long as the energy provided by the divine wood of Liuyue continues, this array will continue to repair itself and will never be destroyed!

Of course, this is only theoretical.

Because of the age, the ability of the Jiuxing Tianchen Array has been weakened a lot compared to the original. If the formation is attacked with a strong might Divine Ability, it is still possible to break the formation in a short time. Gap.

But if you really want to do this, you need to destroy Magical Powers with an intensity of Great Principle Golden Immortal! The attack of the Demon Race army itself is absolutely impossible to break through the City Protecting Great Formation of Floating Moon City.

Speaking of which can threaten the Jiuxing Tianchen Formation, only Cangyue Saintess mentioned Demon Race “Puppet Beast”.

Shen Lang focused on asking about the news about Demon Race Puppet Beast.

The Elders of the Liuyue tribe don’t know much about this. They can’t say it. They seem to be mysterious puppets created by powerhouses in other worlds, and they show their talents in the battle of destruction.

The Puppet Beast of Demon Race was almost exhausted in the war of destruction, and today there is only the last Puppet Beast. It has a little mobility, probably only one or two blows. Power.

Although there is only one or two strikes, the formidable power of Puppet Beast’s attack is terrifying to an appalling realm, and it can even easily kill Great Principle Golden Immortal, unstoppable!

In other words, as long as the nine-star Tianchen array guarding Liuyue City is not attacked by Puppet Beast, Liuyue Clan will basically win the battle by half.

After understanding all the circumstances, Shen Lang began to formulate a strategy. First, let the Elders immediately notify the strongholds of the Liuyue tribe, quickly relocate the cultivators from all over the strongholds to Yuecheng, and bring all the energy Bring back all the cultivation resources back.

The Defensive Great Arrays in various strongholds of the Liuyue Clan have also been opened one after another, maintaining the Level 1 combat readiness.

Shen Lang let all the Elders perform their duties and is always ready to mobilize the Liuyue tribe army, and he continues to stay on the watch platform and enter the Heavenly Palace to rest.

No matter how fast the Demon Race army moves, it will take at least ten days to reach the city of Liuyue.

Shen Lang stayed at Heavenly Palace in Guangzhou ten times the time, more than a hundred days, enough time for him to adjust his state.

Le Feier is still in the Heavenly Palace in Guangzhou. After Shen Lang entered the Heavenly Palace in Guangzhou, he first told Le Feier about a series of experiences.

Learning that Shen Lang has transformed into a respected astral messenger of the clansman, Le Fei’er feels incredible, relieved, and gave birth to new worries.

Knowing that Shen Lang will face the most important battle next, to avoid disturbing Shen Lang, Le Feier voluntarily left Heavenly Palace, sits on the watch platform, and personally protects Shen Lang.

Xing Can re-arranged the Defensive Array all around the observation platform and ordered any clansman to be prohibited from approaching the observation platform.

When there is any urgent news that needs to be communicated to Shen Lang, he will also inform Le Feier first to avoid disturbing Shen Lang himself as much as possible.

The first thing Shen Lang did was to sleep in the Heavenly Palace in Guangzhou for three days.

Generally speaking, True Immortal does not need to sleep, but during this period of time Shen Lang fights frequently and consumes frequently, which makes him mentally exhausted, and sleep enables him to greatly reduce pressure.

Shen Lang’s complexion improved a lot after sleeping for three days, and his spirit was restored to a better state, and immediately began to stabilize the Great Principle Golden Immortal’s cultivation base.

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