My Fiancee Is a Stunning CEO Chapter 4366

The so-called Demon Race of the alien world is just the general name of the Demon Race of the Liuyue tribe for the invading star realm.

In fact, the overwhelming majority of these Demon Races that invaded the star realm are all from the same race “Blood Demon Race” from another world.

The Demon Race army that attacked Sacred Domain Mountain back then was dominated by the Blood Demon Race from the other world, and incorporated a small number of small and medium-sized Demon Race forces.

After 1 billion years of reproduction, the descendants of the Demon Race stranded in the star realm have more or less inherited the bloodline of the Blood Demon Race, and the cultivators in the clan also call themselves Blood Demon Race.

Blood Demon Race occupies the territories near one third of the star realm. The main city is located in a higher mountain to the west of the star realm.

There is a huge city in the center of the mountain, covering a hundred ten thousand li or so, all around the tall black city wall, exuding shining light like obsidian, simple and secretive in shape, giving people A sense of ghastly.

This city is called “Blood Demon City”, which is the base camp of the Demon Race forces.

Since the Battle of the World War, although Blood Demon Race has fought with the Liuyue Clan for many years, it has stabilized in the recent hundreds of millions of years, and the number of fights has become less frequent.

The Demon Race forces seem to have accepted their fate, so they started to build a city-state in the astral territory and establish various new systems so that the Demon Race cultivator can better multiply, in order to strengthen the Great Influence and future capabilities. Press the head of the Liuyue family.

Blood Demon City is the main city built by Blood Demon Race 200 million years ago. The main city all around is shrouded in a cloud. It seems to be the Defensive Great Array unique to Blood Demon Race, defensive power is far away. Not as good as the nine-star Tianchen formation in Liuyue City, but it is also easy to defend and difficult to attack.

There are a large number of Demon Race cultivator patrols everywhere inside and outside the city, which are heavily guarded.

In the center of the city, stands a monster palace like a pile of blood spar. This is the great hall symbolizing the highest power of Blood Demon Race.

At this moment, there was a banquet in the palace.

The senior executives of Blood Demon Race gathered together and sat around a long table to entertain several “guests” together.

The gorgeous Demon Race maid, with fruit plate and wine in her hand, serves her left and right.

The stalwart Human Race cultivator headed by the stalwart sat at the center of the long table. This man is extremely sturdy, full of muscles and roots. The fleshy body is surrounded by a layer of breathtaking blood light and force. amazing!

This sturdy Human Race cultivator is not exactly the ridicule who got involved in the astral world with Shen Lang.

On the right side of Xi Feng, there are three silver stars in the constellation Crane, Orion and Immortal King!

It’s not just Xi Feng. At that time, when the altar of the Sacred Domain floating island observatory was destroyed, the space suction generated almost all the living creatures in the ten thousand li radius were involved in the star realm. Including these three followers of Xi Feng.

Although the three Silver Stars in Crane, Orion, and Immortal King were seriously injured by Shen Lang before, they were not at all, but they came to the star realm by accident.

These three silver stars made the old wounds unhealed and looked quite embarrassed.

“Four Fellow Daoists are here today, and come to my Blood Demon Race as a guest. The Blood Demon Race is so brilliant! I would like to offer a drink to the four Fellow Daoists!”

The Demon Race youth on the left side of Feng stood up and raised his glass, and politely toasted Xi Feng and the three silver stars.

This Demon Race youth wears a blood-colored Battle Armor, has two blood-spar-like demon horns, and his body exudes billowing blood energy. The golden within both eyes reveals a boundless arrogance, imposing manner out of the ordinary.

This cultivator is the current patriarch of Blood Demon Race, known as the Evil Dragon Demon Lord, whose cultivation base reaches the mid-term peak of the Great Principle Golden Immortal.

“The evil Fellow Daoist Long is polite, Xi Mou accidentally got involved in this world, thanks to Fellow Daoist’s acceptance. In addition, Xi Mou does not like drinking, but I hope Fellow Daoist Long forgive me.”

Xi Feng was just a polite cup one fist in the other hand in return, not at all meaning drinking, which made the atmosphere a bit awkward.

After all, it is the Demon Race of another world. Xi Feng doesn’t have much trust in this group of Demon Races, so naturally he will not drink their wine.

If it weren’t for the True God’s Blood, Xi Feng would not bother to cooperate with this group of otherworldly Demon Races.

Everything has to start when he fell into the star realm.

It is also a coincidence that after Xi Feng and the three silver star envoys were involved in the star realm, they fell into a valley not far from the Blood Demon City.

The distance is so close that the Blood Demon Race patriarch, who is sitting in the Blood Demon City, is aware of the aura of Outsider. The evil dragon demon lord personally led several great heavenly demon to find out.

The unknown reason Xi Feng fought Evil Dragon Demon Lord for a while. Evil Dragon Demon Lord is also a clever character. Seeing Xi Feng’s battle strength is amazing, he immediately gave birth to a solicitation.

At that time, Xi Feng had just experienced the battle with Shen Lang, and was seriously injured. Even the immortal physique could not alleviate the internal damage he suffered for a while.

Even if Xi Feng is not very willing, he can only agree to the evil dragon demon lord first, and by the way wants to figure out what this interface is.

After learning that this world is the star realm in the four small realms, Xi Feng was shocked. Later, after learning about Liuyue’s divine wood and True God’s Blood from the evil dragon demon king, even Xi Feng was a little moved.

In the vast ages, True God appeared in True Immortal Realm, but Pangu, the master of the world, is the only one to think about!

Pangu is the “father god” of the ancient witch tribe. It is said that after the death of Pangu, the twelve parts of the body turned into the “twelve ancestor witch”.

It just so happens that Xi Feng’s own bloodline body is closely related to the Twelve Ancestral Witch. If he can obtain Pangu’s divine blood, his own thin Bloodline Strength will be transformed into a complete state!

At that time, it will not be impossible for him to achieve Daozu Tianzun by Xifeng!

Thinking of this, Xifeng reluctantly pretended to cooperate with this Blood Demon Race, and understand the details as clearly as possible.

At the banquet, I saw that Xi Feng didn’t even drink the wine toasted by Patriarch. Several great heavenly demon face somewhat gloomy. They felt that Xi Feng was too supercilious. This Blood Demon City was their place anyway.

Evil Dragon Demon Lord didn’t care, laughed heartily and said: “ha ha ha, Xi Fellow Daoist Feng is also a man of temperament. Come to Japan for a long time, wait for Xi Fellow Daoist Feng to stay in my Blood Demon Race for a while. Over time, naturally, I will gradually trust my Blood Demon Race.”

Xi Feng said nonchalantly: “I’m afraid that it won’t be long before your Blood Demon Race will be annihilated.”

“What do you mean?”

“Do you dare to curse our Blood Demon Race?”

“Otherworld cultivator, our Blood Demon Race is a courtesy Treat each other, you don’t be fool enough to reject a face-saving offer!”

Several great heavenly demons were furious, and immediately got up and shouted.


The evil dragon demon screamed loudly, and the sound at the scene became quieter.

The atmosphere on the scene was a bit solemn.

The evil dragon demon suppressed his anger, and solemnly asked: “I don’t know what Xi Fellow Daoist Feng said just now, what does it mean?”

Xi Feng Serene said: “Come on Before here, Xi had already warned the evil Fellow Daoist Long. The cultivator involved in the star realm this time, besides Xi and my three subordinates, there is also a big enemy of Xi!”

“Although that person just entered the realm of Da Luo, his strength is no less than mine, and he is extremely hostile to you group of alien Demon Race. If your clan does not take this seriously, it will be a matter of time. that’s all.”

The evil dragon demon’s face revealed disdain said with a sneer: “ha ha ha, what do I mean by Fellow Daoist Feng, it turned out to be this thing.” No matter how strong the kid is, he can’t be afraid of entering Da Luo for the first time.”

“Before entering the city, this Monarch did receive news of a change in the border of our race, but two great heavenly demons have already been dispatched. Go to deal with it, maybe the kid has been captured alive now!”

Several great heavenly demon sitting there also laughed out loud, thinking that Xi Feng would make a fuss.

Who knows, at this moment.

The ban outside the palace was suddenly opened, and two Blood Demon Race guards rushed in and said in a panic: “Report to patriarch and Elder, the border is in a hurry!!!”

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