My Fiancee Is a Stunning CEO Chapter 4367

The Evil Dragon Demon Lord who was still full of contempt just now solidified his expression in an instant, and said gloomily, “What is the frightened and flustered style? What’s wrong with the border, come on!”

Two gatekeepers trembling with fear and cup one fist in the other hand said: “Back to the patriarch, our frontier army… is more than half broken, the six-winged demon king, the abyss demon king, the bone refining demon king, etc. Elder died in battle one after another!”

“What did you say!”

Evil Dragon Demon Lord as if was struck by lightning, immediately stood up from his seat, eyes Opened roundly, sending out a terrifying light.


This news is like thunder! There was a commotion in the great hall. The great heavenly demon sitting there stood up one after another, showing terrified look.

Blood Demon Race lost three great heavenly demons at once, and the loss was too heavy.

The evil dragon demon monarch was a little unbelievable for a while, and shouted at the two guards who were kneeling on the ground: “Quickly explain the situation on the border to me.”

“Yes yes yes!”

The terrifying spiritual pressure scared to the point of shivering released by the evil dragon demon lord of the two guards, cautiously explained the battle on the border in detail.

I learned that it was actually an alien cultivator by the strength of oneself. He killed the six-winged demon, the abyss demon and the bone-refining demon, three heavenly demons, and also killed most of the Demon Race Frontier army.

Except for Xi Feng, the cultivator in the audience couldn’t help taking a breath of cold, showing incredible expressions.

The three silver stars on the side of Xi Feng looked at each other. Although they had already guessed that this would be the case, the heart inevitably trembled, thinking that the kid Shen Lang was too tmterrifying.

“Damn it! How could it be like this…”

The evil dragon demon lord’s forehead was violent, and his complexion became extremely hideous.

I thought that sending two Elders to support at the border would be foolproof and capture the alien cultivator alive. Didn’t expect this alien cultivator to be so powerful that they actually killed their Blood Demon Race three great heavenly demon.

For so many years, Blood Demon Race has never suffered such a big loss!

The evil dragon demon lord’s heart is sad and angry.

Xi Feng said indifferently: “Xi has reminded me that I don’t want your coping strategy to be like this, and I can’t blame it for this result.”

“That name The cultivator named Shen Lang had previously fought with Xi and was already seriously injured. That kid can kill the three great heavenly demons of your Blood Demon Race in this state. It seems that your Blood Demon Race is not so powerful.” Xi Feng commented unceremoniously.

These words instantly angered several great heavenly demon in the great hall.

“Human Race, don’t want to speak wild words!”

“Dare to say that our Blood Demon Race is not strong enough, what are you?”

The great heavenly demon on the scene couldn’t restrain the anger in their chests and shouted.

The evil dragon demon’s face was gloomy and twisted, and he yelled: “Shut up all to me!!!”

As soon as the roar fell, several great heavenly demons called scolding silenced one after another. sound.

Evil Dragon Demon Lord is still IQ Online, he knows the consequences of this incident.

The Liuyue Clan now has such a powerful helper for battle strength, which has broken the battle strength balance with their Blood Demon Race. If this person brings the Liuyue tribe army to counterattack Blood Demon Race, they may not really be able to resist it!

For the current plan, we can only try to win over cultivators such as Xi Feng to fight against the Liuyue tribe and that alien cultivator together, otherwise the consequences will be disastrous.

No matter how dissatisfied with Xi Feng’s attitude, the evil dragon demon must suppress the anger in his heart at this moment, and said politely: “What Xi Fellow Daoist Feng taught is that this Monarch is only to blame. Contempt potential enemies!”

Xi Feng coldly snorted and said: “This is not a potential enemy. Xi said earlier that this person hates Demon Race extremely. Based on my understanding of this child, After his injury is completely recovered, he will definitely bring the Liuyue army to attack your Blood Demon Race!”

“With the battle strength of Shen Lang this child, you Blood Demon Race mobs are not him at all. Opponent!”

As soon as these words came out, there was another commotion at the scene.

Several Heavenly Demons of Blood Demon Race were a little dissatisfied, but the fact of the death of the three Elders lay before them, and they also had to admit that the alien cultivator named Shen Lang was indeed dangerous. .

Evil Dragon Demon Lord has a gloomy face, so he gritted his teeth and said: “Please also Xi Fellow Daoist Feng for advice, how should I respond?”

Xi Feng said bluntly: “Very Simply, before the opponent has fully recovered, quickly summon your Blood Demon Race army to preemptively attack the Liuyue clan.”

“Even if the thief Shen Lang cannot be killed, it can greatly weaken the Liuyue clan’s power. battle strength to prevent that kid from turning around to use the Liuyue clan to build a strategic advantage after he recovers.”

The evil dragon demon lord’s face is gloomy and uncertain. Xi Feng’s words are light, but they really need to be implemented. It takes great determination.

The reason why Blood Demon Race only dared to fight with the Liuyue clan in recent years is mainly because of the fear of the Liuyue clan.

Once the two sides fight for either the fish dies or the net splits, Blood Demon Race must not take much advantage.

Mainly because the City Protecting Great Formation defensive power of Liuyue City, the main city of the Liuyue tribe, can be said to be against the sky. Even if the Blood Demon Race army really kills the city under Liuyue City, it cannot break through the City Protecting Great. Formation.

As for the killing move of the Blood Demon Race, that is the last life-saving method of the Blood Demon Race. It will never be used until the crisis of extermination.

Because the cost is too high, Blood Demon Race simply didn’t think about fighting with the Liuyue clan for life and death over the years. The specific strategic thinking is actually similar to that of the Liuyue clan. Keep a low profile and develop yourself well.

Suddenly an extremely dangerous alien cultivator popped out, and he killed the three great heavenly demons of the Blood Demon Race and broke the long-standing balance of power between the two sides. The evil dragon demon Jun was forced to think about countermeasures.

“Fellow Daoist Feng, if my Blood Demon Race is going all out to attack the Liuyue clan, would you be willing to help out?” the evil dragon demon lord tentatively asked.

Xi Feng said frankly: “If the thief Shen Lang has been in the same fashion as the Liuyue Clan, Xi will certainly help you Blood Demon Race. But Xi has a request, and you Blood Demon Race must agree to me “

“What’s the requirement?”

Evil Dragon and Demon Lord solemnly asked.

Xi Feng said resolutely: “Once Liuyue City is captured, I will take away the drop of divine blood in the core of Liuyue’s divine wood!”

As soon as the voice fell, I was sitting Several senior Blood Demon Race executives looked a little ugly.

Evil Dragon Demon Lord’s face is stiff, forced a smile and said: “Fellow Daoist Feng’s request is a bit too much. That drop of divine blood is the most important treasure in the entire star realm! My Blood Demon Race So fighting with the Liuyue Clan for so many years, to put it bluntly, it is just to get this thing.”

“Fellow Daoist Feng asked for divine blood, which I will not accept. XiFellow Daoist Feng may wish to change to other requirements, as long as it is not divine blood, my clan will do its best to satisfy you Fellow Daoist!”

The evil dragon demon king added.

“I only need divine blood, and I am not interested in other things.”

Xi Feng shrugged and said with a tough attitude: “If you Blood Demon Race do not agree to this, then there is nothing I have discussed it. Xi can wait for your clan to be annihilated, and then fight to the death with the kid Shen Lang.”

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