My Fiancee Is a Stunning CEO Chapter 4368


The evil dragon demon’s face is black like the bottom of a pot, speechless by the words of Xi Feng.

Xi Feng’s face is ice-cold saying: “Okay, don’t talk nonsense, Xi only gives you 3 breaths time to consider. If you don’t agree, Xi will take his men away now. How will it develop, you take responsibility for the consequences!”

After that, Xi Feng stood up.

The three silver ambassadors beside him also stood up.

“One, two…”

Xi Feng began to count, except for his voice, the scene was deadly silent.

The evil dragon demon lord’s face was distorted, and before Xi Feng counted to three, he finally succumbed, and stood up and said with a laugh: “Fellow Daoist Feng, you don’t have to hurry away, this Monarch is not I can’t promise you, but I just had a little concern that’s all.”

“Fellow Daoist wants divine blood, my family can bear the pain, but Fellow Daoist Feng must also promise this Monarch one thing !” Evil Dragon Demon Lord gnashing teeth said.

Xi Feng frowned and asked: “What’s the matter?”

The evil dragon demon stared at Xi Feng, and said: “My race can send troops to attack according to Fellow Daoist’s requirements. Liuyue clan, but Fellow Daoist must also exert corresponding battle strength, rush to the forefront of my Blood Demon Race, and obtain corresponding battle achievements. As long as the battle achievement is the highest, my clan is willing to give divine blood to Fellow Daoist.”

Xi Feng said without hesitation: “It’s so easy, and Xi promises you.”

The evil dragon demon Lord’s eyes flashed with a subtle and fierce color, and turned to said with a smile: “Since Xi Fellow Daoist Feng has agreed to this, I hope you can do more.”

Xi Feng said calmly: “Xi is a promised person. Arrived. You only need to give me five days to fix, 5 days later, Xi can fully cooperate with your clan’s actions.”

“So it’s easy to say that my clan also takes a few days to prepare, Xi Fellow Daoist Feng can spend a few days in my Blood Demon Race.”

After Evil Dragon Demon Lord said this, he immediately asked an Elder to arrange accommodation for Xi Feng and the three Silver Star Envoys.

Since the war action was confirmed, Xi Feng didn’t bother to talk to the evil dragon demon lord anymore, and took the three silver star envoys, followed the Elder and left the great hall.

After Xi Feng and the others left, several heavenly demons from the Blood Demon Race gathered around.

The first two horns growing on the head, wearing black armor, and the cultivation base at the Blood Demon Race Great Elder in the middle of the Great Principle Golden Immortal, frowned and asked: “patriarch, you can really trust these. A cultivator from Immortal World? Don’t forget that our real goal back then was to slaughter the cultivator of Immortal World. This person should know our origin and purpose.”

The evil dragon demon said coldly: “Believing or not is no longer important. The astral world has mixed into these big cockroaches, which is enough to overturn the battle strength balance between our clan and the Liuyue clan.”

“For the present I can only use this Xifeng to kill the Liuyue cultivator as much as possible and create an advantage. At the critical moment, maybe Xifeng and the kid named Shen Lang can suffer from both sides, and I will sit back and become while taking advantage of the chaos. the fisherman who sweeps the benefits.”

Great Elder facial expression grave said: “But patriarch, this Xifeng battle strength is so amazing, I am afraid it is not easy to use.”

Dragon Demon Lord said with a gloomy face: “Don’t worry, if you really get to the point where you can’t control the situation, this Monarch has its own way to make this guy unable to eat!”

“In short, this time is extremely Rare’s chance, as long as it can break through Floating Moon City, it’s worth taking some risks!”

Several heavenly demon’s eyes shone, and they shouted: “patriarch is wise!”

Evil Dragon Demon Lord ordered: “You will be notified of Blood Demon Race immediately, gather your troops and prepare to attack Liuyue Race with the power of the whole clan!”


Xi Feng benefited from the great advantage of immortal physique, and it took only five days to fully recover the fleshy body.

The three silver ambassadors also recovered almost from their injuries thanks to the powerful curative effects of the three Golden Cores bestowed by Xi Feng.

In a blink of an eye, 5 days later.

Blood Demon Race troops from all over the world have gathered in the Blood Demon City. The number is exaggerated 2 billion, which is a hundred times higher than the previous Demon Race border troops!

It is conceivable how terrifying the power of the Blood Demon Race to exhaust the whole family.

There is a large Transmission Array in Blood Demon City that can reach the border of Demon Race directly.

It took two days to transmit in batches before the 2 billion troops of Blood Demon Race arrived at the border of Demon Race.

After all the Demon Race cultivators are assembled, the 2 billion Demon Race army grandiose moved towards the Liuyue border!

At this time, the border camp of the Liuyue tribe was almost empty. All the Liuyue cultivators guarding the border were transferred to Liuyue City under the order of Shen Lang.

The entire border camp is almost empty. All the cultivation resources and all valuable things in the camp have been taken away. Only a few spies are stranded in the camp to alert the movement of the Demon Race on the border.

A very large number of Demon Race troops were observed marching towards the border of the Liuyue tribe. The spies stranded in the Liuyue tribe’s camp also used the Transmission Array to leave the border in the shortest possible time. The Transmission Array was destroyed the moment it was transmitted to prevent the Demon Race cultivator from using it.

Although the border camp of the Liuyue tribe is an “empty city”, the City Protecting Great Formation is still turned on. The defensive power is fully turned on. The camp is full of special smoke to prevent the Demon Race cultivator from using the pupil technique Divine Consciousness Like Divine Ability peeping.

The evil dragon demon king immediately ordered the Demon Race army to attack the Liuyue camp.

The Defensive Great Array in the Liuyue Clan’s camp is quite strong, and it has withstood the attacks of the Demon Race army for three days and nights before it was completely defeated.

The evil dragon demon king thought that the Demon Race army that broke through the Liuyue camp could wipe out the Liuyue frontier army, but unexpectedly there was no one in the camp, let alone any cultivation resources, he even built a palace All the spar bricks used were removed, and the Transmission Array in the camp was thoroughly destroyed.

The Demon Race army failed to get any benefits, but spent a lot of effort and frantically attacked the Defensive Great Array for three days for no reason.

“Damn Liuyue clan, do some tricks!”

The evil dragon demon fly into a rage out of humiliation, I don’t understand the Liuyue clan’s bottle gourd. What medicine are you selling?

Xi Feng said indifferently: “This is the’empty city strategy’. The thief Shen Lang guessed that Blood Demon Race would send troops to attack the Liuyue clan, so he sent the personnel early in the morning. I moved away in advance and left this Defensive Great Array deliberately mainly to delay time.”

“Procrastination? Why delay time?” Evil Dragon Demon Lord frowned and asked.

Xi Feng said indifferently: “Xi has already told the evil Fellow Daoist Long before. I had a death fight with Shen Lang before entering the star realm, and both sides suffered. The thief Shen Lang was seriously injured, and it will take a long time to fully recover.”

“Xi guesses, most of the thief Shen Lang wants to maintain the Liuyue clan’s battle strength while at the same time. , Delay as much as possible to recover from his injuries. Thinking about this, the Liuyue tribe should have transferred the main force to Liuyue City.”

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