My Fiancee Is a Stunning CEO Chapter 4369

“Since the thief Shen Lang is still thinking about delaying time and proving that the injury has not been completely recovered, the sooner I wait until I break into Floating Moon City, the more advantageous the battle will be.”

Xi Feng browses tightly knit, Shen Lang is more clever and agile than he imagined. Obviously, he had expected that the Blood Demon Race would attack the Liuyue clan with the power of the whole clan.

In fact, Xi Feng also knows that Shen Lang’s Heavenly Palace has the powerful ability to be renamed Time Flow Speed. It is almost impossible to do it before Shen Lang recovers from his injury.

The reason why Xi Feng urged the evil dragon demon to march quickly is mainly because he is worried that it will change after he is late.

Shen Lang’s chance and luck can be said to be against the sky, it is impossible to guarantee that he will not be the first to get the divine blood in the divine wood of Liuyue. If divine blood is acquired by Shen Lang, who knows what good fortune this kid can get.

So in any case, let Shen Lang appear as soon as possible, so as to minimize the risk as much as possible.

The evil dragon demon felt that Xi Feng’s words were reasonable, and he shouted and ordered: “The Blood Demon Race army obeys the order and march at full speed!”

Countless Blood Demon Race cultivators are back on the battlefield The boat, grandiose’s moved towards the middle of the Liuyue clan.


Ten days have passed since the Evil Dragon Demon Lord decided to attack the Liuyue tribe with his tribe, to when the Blood Demon Race broke through the border camp of the Liuyue tribe.

Shen Lang has spent a hundred days in Heavenly Palace in Guangzhou.

In these hundred days, he has kept his cultivation base without any distractions.

Because of previously absorbing Le Fei’er within the body’s excess blood of Yuanfeng as a help, Shen Lang’s progress to stabilize the cultivation base is much faster than he thought.

After a hundred days of meditating in the Heavenly Palace, Shen Lang’s cultivation base has been completely stabilized, and the various source energies within the body have also returned to a stable state, within the body’s chaotic spirit strength and power of Stars has become more refined, and even the strength of Divine Soul has improved slightly.

After his own cultivation base was completely stabilized, Shen Lang took a rest for half a day.

Le Feier, a guardian outside Heavenly Palace in Guangzhou, learned that Shen Lang had finished meditation, and immediately conveyed to him the news that the Blood Demon Race army had just breached the border of the Liuyue tribe.

The development of things is as Shen Lang thought, and the Blood Demon Race really started to attack the Liuyue tribe with eagerness.

The patriarch had to admire the fact that Shen Lang was like a god. Shen Lang’s decision avoided the personnel consumption caused by the sudden attack of Demon Race.

The Liuyue tribe occupies a very wide area. With the marching speed of the opponent, it will take ten days to reach Liuyue City at the earliest.

Shen Lang is in the Heavenly Palace, and there are still a hundred days left.

In these hundred days, he intends to make good use of it to improve his battle strength as much as possible.

If it is an ordinary cultivator, trifling simply can’t do much in a hundred days, but Shen Lang has just broken through the Great Principle Golden Immortal. In theory, he still has a lot of room for improvement.

The most direct way to improve one’s own abilities is to increase the realm of the mastermind method “Nine Turns of the Dao Sutra”.

The realm of Shen Lang cultivation is only in the middle stage of the 4th floor.

The 4th floor of the Nine Zhuan Dao Sutra is divided into two parts. The first part is the Saint Physique strengthening one’s own golden body, and the second part is the cultivation method of “Inextinguishable Golden Body”.

Shen Lang had already strengthened Saint Physique when the cultivation base was at the peak of the late Heaven Encompassing Exalted Immortal. Now that he has broken through the realm of Da Luo, it will be much easier to cultivation Inextinguishable Golden Body.

But the cultivation Inextinguishable Golden Body requires five types of heavenly materials and earthly treasures.

They are: Heavenly Jade star sand, divine wood vine, black yellow iron, yuan stone, Tianhe spirit milk.

Among the Heavenly Jade star sand, Shen Lang has ready-made ones that can be used.

Mysterious yellow iron is a kind of spar that could only be produced in the top grade fairy mines of the ancient Conferred God era. It is extremely precious and rare. It just so happens that the storage ring Shen Lang previously obtained from Goddess in the night contains One piece can be used.

Apart from this, among the many heavenly materials and earthly treasures in the Shen Lang storage ring, there are also a small amount of Tianhe Spirit Milk.

Not to mention Yuanshi, Shen Lang still has some stocks.

The trickiest thing is this “divine wood vine”. According to the Nine Zhuan Dao Sutra, this material requires not only the roots of the Heaven and Earth Spirit Seed, but also the vintage It is required that the roots and stems of Heaven and Earth spirit seeds that are more than 1 billion years old can be used as the material for the cultivation Inextinguishable Golden Body.

The roots of the Heaven and Earth Spirit Seed are not difficult to find, but the roots of the Spirit Seed of 1 billion years are a bit exaggerated, and there is no such material in the Shen Lang storage ring.

Because of the lack of this “divine wood vine”, Shen Lang is temporarily unable to cultivation Inextinguishable Golden Body, which is a pity.

Speaking of which, even if he wants to become an Inextinguishable Golden Body, it takes at least a hundred days. Even if the materials are sufficient, the time may not be enough.

In desperation, Shen Lang can only put aside the idea of ​​cultivation Inextinguishable Golden Body, and instead think about other ways to improve his abilities.

In addition to the Jiu Zhuan Dao Sutra, it is more suitable for Shen Lang to hold the Buddha’s feet temporarily, the cultivation Divine Ability, and the “Slaying Immortal Sword Code”, as well as the “Star River Codex” Jade Slip that I gave to him earlier Some Magical Powers battle skills recorded.

Recalling the previous scene of fighting with Xi Feng, Shen Lang felt that his own disadvantages were mainly in two aspects.

The first aspect is the lack of powerful enough to break Magical Powers.

The fire-tip spear is powerful formidable power, but the direct attack can easily be resisted by Xi Feng’s defense.

In addition to the fire-tip spear, Shen Lang lacks powerful Magical Powers that can break through Xifeng’s defense.

Meteor Group and Yuanfeng True Fire can break defenses, but these two Magical Powers can only be used once and are more suitable for use as a killing move.

Shen Lang needs to be able to break through the Divine Ability of Xifeng’s defense. Thinking about it carefully, it seems that only the advanced golden Immortal Technique “Nine Songs Slaying Immortal Sword Array” in the 2nd floor of “Slaying Immortal Sword” is the most suitable!

According to the saying in the Slaying Immortal Sword, the Nine Slaying Immortal Sword formations are known for their “sharpness” and are suitable for breaking defenses and breaking defenses. It can even easily crush the Immortal Treasure of Spirit level defense!

Based on Shen Lang’s understanding of the former Sword Domain, the description in the “Slaying Immortal Sword Dictionary” may not be an exaggeration. The sword light formidable power created by the Nine Slaying Immortal Sword array should be able to break through Xi Feng’s defense.

Speaking of which, Shen Lang has not touched the Slaying Immortal Sword for a long time.

The main reason for this is that the requirements of the cultivation Slaying Immortal Sword are too high. The 2nd floor of the Sword Manual even requires a cultivator to prepare nine attributes of Spirit level Immortal Treasure Flying Sword!

The current True Immortal Realm is no better than before. It is so difficult to find nine different attributes of Spirit level Immortal Treasure Flying Sword in such a barren land!

Fortunately, Shen Lang collected a huge amount of cultivation resources during this time, and there are countless magic weapons in the storage ring.

Shen Lang found seven Spirit level Immortal Treasure Flying Swords with different attributes from the storage ring. There is still a lack of a Wind Attribute and a Water Attribute Spirit level Flying Sword.

Although the Flying Sword of two attributes is missing, Shen Lang thought of the old way.

When he was on the 1st floor of the cultivation Slaying Immortal Sword classic, he also needed five different attributes of the Flying Sword. At that time, Shen Lang used No Attribute Flying Sword to embed the five Spirit Beads and successfully refined it. Five enlightened Immortal Treasure Flying Swords carrying attributes.

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