My Fiancee Is a Stunning CEO Chapter 4370

But if you want to refine the Spirit level Immortal Treasure Flying Sword in this way, you have extremely high requirements for the auxiliary materials that provide the attribute. The trifling five Spirit Beads and the like will definitely not work, at least. If it is also close to the auxiliary material of Spirit level Immortal Treasure.

Not to mention, there are exactly two treasures in Shen Lang’s storage ring that are suitable for refining Wind Attribute and Water Attribute Flying Sword. They are Locking Wind Bead and Hao Yin Han Soul Pearl.

These two gemstones are both one of the “Ten Spirit Beads” of the Five Emperors era.

Locking Wind Bead contains extremely strong Wind Attribute energy, and Hao Yin Cold Bead belongs to water. The attribute energy in the two orbs is very pure. It can be regarded as an excellent auxiliary for refining attribute Flying Sword. material.

Locking Wind Bead Needless to say, it is the Immortal Treasure that Ziying left behind.

As for the Hao Yin Han Po Pearl, it was the one obtained by Shen Lang from killing the giant clam god in the Three-Star Cave of the oblique moon in the early years. Since then, he has been using top grade immortal spirit stones and various spiritual liquids to warm up. This bead barely made the rank of this bead close to Spirit level Immortal Treasure.

Although it is a bit worse than Locking Wind Bead, it should be enough for refining Water Attribute Flying Sword.

Since there are ready-made auxiliary materials, Shen Lang only needs to embed the Locking Wind Bead and Hao Yin Han Soul Pearl into two No Attribute Spirit level Flying Swords, then they can be combined into a set that conforms to Slaying Immortal Flying Sword Immortal Treasure required by Sword Code 2nd floor.

Shen Lang has obtained countless spoils of war and cultivation resources over the years. Among the Spirit level Immortal Treasures he has collected the most is Flying Sword, and he quickly found two very suitable No Attributes. Silent Spirit level Flying Sword.

After making up his mind, Shen Lang immediately began to refine Flying Sword.

Although Shen Lang’s refining skills are average, he only needs to inlay the Locking Wind Bead and Hao Yin Han Soul Pearl on the two Spirit level Immortal Treasure Flying Swords. The steps are very simple. If you are a little careful during the process, it shouldn’t be failure.

Shen Lang took out the Great Sun Furnace. This furnace was a gift from Lu Dongbin. It has reached the Spirit level Immortal Treasure level and is an excellent container for the pill concocting refiner.

Shen Lang even exercised his fleshy body in this furnace before, which is very reliable.

He put the two prepared No Attribute Spirit level Flying Swords into the Great Sun Furnace. Then he only needs to calcinate the two Spirit level Flying Swords to a semi-melted state, and then Embed Locking Wind Bead and Hao Yin Han Soul Pearl into it to complete the refining.

Spirit level Immortal Treasure tenacious is extremely, and extremely heat-resistant, Shen Lang can not melt Flying Sword with ordinary nine-flavored True Fire.

Think about it, only the Stellar Fire released by the flint gun can have this ability.

Shen Lang took out the flaming spear, and sealed the flaming spear with two Spirit level Flying Swords in the Great Sun Furnace.

After all the preparations were made, Shen Lang urged the flaming spear to continuously release star fire.

The big sun furnace made a muffled sound of “hong”, and the violent scarlet gold fire rose from the gun body of the flaming gun, forming a thick flame vortex in the narrow big sun furnace, burning wildly With two handles Spirit level Flying Sword.

The formidable power of Stellar Fire is very strong, and the energy produced by this fire can easily penetrate into the artifacts, which is very suitable for refining.

The Great Emperor Zi Wei used the Stellar Fire and Ziwei Heavenly Fire to make a flint gun. It is conceivable that this Stellar Fire has a huge advantage for refining.

Sure enough, this Stellar Fire did not disappoint Shen Lang.

In just seven days, the two Spirit level Flying Swords in the Great Sun Furnace have been calcined to a red-hot shape and begin to soften.

Shen Lang cautiously’s controlled flare gun released the Stellar Fire to avoid destroying the Flying Sword due to the strong fire, and maintained the Flying Sword at a semi-melted equilibrium point, and continued to burn for three days.

Finally, the two Spirit level Flying Swords melted and softened completely.

At the perfect time point, Shen Lang put Locking Wind Bead and Hao Yin Han Po Zhu into the Great Sun Furnace, and controlled two orbs cautiously with divine sense, and embedded two pieces of silence. In the hilt of the Spirit level Flying Sword.

After completing the steps, Shen Lang releases the Stellar Fire by activating the fire-tip spear, and continues to burn the Flying Sword, making Locking Wind Bead and Hao Yin Han Po Zhu fuse together with their respective Flying Sword.

In another ten days, Locking Wind Bead and Hao Yin Han Po Zhu finally merged with the Spirit level Flying Sword of two loneliness!

After the energy on the surface of the Flying Sword stabilized, Shen Lang impatient opened the furnace, took out the two newly refined Flying Swords, and tried the power.

Sure enough, as Shen Lang had expected, the Flying Sword embedded with Locking Wind Bead and Hao Yin Han Soul Pearl contains the energy of Wind Attribute and Water Attribute, and the formidable power is 30% higher than in the No Attribute state.

“ha ha ha, I finally succeeded!”

Shen Lang holds two remade Spirit level Flying Swords, his face can’t hide his excitement.

In this way, all nine Flying Swords required for the 2nd floor of the cultivation Slaying Immortal Sword are collected.

The nine flying swords are gold, wood, water, fire and earth, yin, yang, Wind, Thunder and other nine attributes. Of course, the rank of each Flying Sword is the Spirit level, so There are still some differences between them.

Although it cannot be 100% balanced, it is enough to come in handy.

This set of Flying Sword, tentatively named “Nine Profound Light Sword”, can be regarded as a tribute to the “Leize Light Sword” made by Shen Lang for the first time in the human world.

After Shen Lang recognizing the Flying Sword Master, he took a half-day rest to relieve the mental fatigue caused by the concentration attention completely refining Flying Sword during these 20 days.

half a day later, Shen Lang Essence, Qi, and Spirit returned to a better state, and immediately began to study the Slaying Immortal Sword 2nd floor.

In spare time for these years, Shen Lang has also spent a lot of time studying the Slaying Immortal Sword 2nd floor, and he has probably figured out the way.

Slaying Immortal Sword 2nd floor, recorded two kinds of Magical Powers, one is the junior golden Immortal Technique “Sword Chong Yin Yang”, and the other is the advanced golden Immortal Technique “Nine Songs Slaying Immortal Sword Array”.

Not to mention that the sword strikes yin and yang, these nine Slaying Immortal Sword formations are very similar to the “Sword Domain” that Shen Lang learned when he was in the human world.

In recent years, with the improvement of the cultivation base, Shen Lang is more able to appreciate the profoundness of Sword Domain.

The Sword Domain Magical Powers he practiced in the human world in the past looks simple and crude in today’s view, but its Magical Powers have many changes in nature, extremely subtle.

Le Feier can even get inspiration from Shen Lang’s Sword Domain and create a mysterious Immortal Technique. It is conceivable that Sword Domain is brilliant and inhumane.

Shen Lang practiced the 2nd floor of the comprehend Slaying Immortal Sword while urging the Nine Profound Light Sword to practice.

Thanks to the huge improvement in the cultivation realm, Shen Lang’s strength control of Flying Sword has reached the point of a Major Perfection, and within a few days he has become the primary gold of the Slaying Immortal Sword 2nd floor. Immortal Technique “The sword strikes yin and yang”.

Although it is the elementary Golden Immortal Technique, but with the blessing of the nine-piece Spirit level Flying Sword, the formidable power of this technique is shocking, far from the ordinary junior Golden Immortal Technique, and even better than Shen Lang in human form The shadow magic light displayed in the state is even stronger, and it is very close to the level of the advanced golden Immortal Technique!

The sword strikes yin and yang, that is, the nine-handled attribute of different spirit level Flying Sword urged by the cultivator creates two sword shadows of yin and yang, which separate and merge with each other, intertwine and collide, producing powerful suction And destructive power against the sky!

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