My Fiancee Is a Stunning CEO Chapter 4372

A staggering light azure suddenly rises below the divine wood of the Liuyue, and it rises rapidly into the sky. It is the Great Elder Star Remnant before arriving at the observation platform.

“Shen Lang Fellow Daoist, the Blood Demon Race army outside the city has begun to attack the City Protecting Great Formation in Floating Moon City, and my Floating Moon army has also assembled in the sky above Floating Moon City, ready to fight at any time , I implore Fellow Daoist Shen to command the Liuyue tribe army!”

Xing Can solemnly cup one fist in the other hand, as if he had already regarded Shen Lang as the supreme commander of this battle.

Shen Lang facial expression grave’s slightly nodded: “Take me to the front quickly!”


Xing Can answered in a deep voice.

“Young Master, Mayfair doesn’t want to hide anymore, please let me follow you!”

Le Fei’er bit her thin lip lightly and said with firm eyes.


Feeling the urgency in Le Feier’s heart, Shen Lang agreed.

In this way, Xing Can led Shen Lang and Le Feier to the front.

There are tens of thousands of spirit boats docked above Liuyue City, and a large number of Liuyue cultivators stand on the battleships.

In addition to the cultivator on the spirit boat, all directions in the sky also gather densely packed Liuyue cultivators. The end is invisible at a glance, and the number adds up to an exaggerated 2 billion The crowd!

The weakest cultivation base has Earth Immortal realm, and the number of cultivators from the cultivation base to Heaven Encompassing Exalted Immortal is as many as 1,000!

Speaking of which is also subtle, the number of Liuyue tribe army and the overall cultivation base are basically in balance with Demon Race.

In recent years, the Blood Demon Race and the Liuyue Race have been trying to multiply in order to maintain their superiority in the number of personnel. Therefore, the number of cultivators from the two sides is not at all too large.

Not long after, Xing Can led Shen Lang and Le Feier to the front line of Liuyue City.

“Meet your envoy!”

The cultivator of the Liuyue tribe army bowed to the ground, showing respect.

In this short period of more than 20 days, under the leadership of Elder, the Liuyue tribe, the entire Liuyue tribe has already learned of Shen Lang’s identity as the “Astral Envoy”.

Because Shen Lang has actually had an excellent record, killing three great heavenly demons and becoming famous in the previous border wars, the Liuyue cultivator is also willing to recognize this astral envoy, It is believed that Shen Lang can lead the Liuyue clan to destroy the Blood Demon Race forces.

Looking at countless Liuyue cultivator moved towards himself kneeling and saluting, Shen Lang felt quite shocked.

Faced with the worship of the clansman of the Liuyue clan, Shen Lang didn’t have much sense of superiority. He just felt that the title of Astral Envoy had become heavier invisibly.

“For those of you who are worthy of the Liuyue clan, Shen will do his best to help the Liuyue clan! Please also Fellow Daoists spare no effort to completely eradicate Demon Race!”

Shen Lang said loudly, not loud, but overwhelming the roar and explosion of external attacks, spreading throughout Liuyue City.

“Erase Demon Race!”

Countless Liuyue cultivators responded one after another, roaring thunderously, and their expressions were extremely excited.

The Liuyue tribe can also be regarded as a long Demon Race. They have fought with the Demon Race for so many years, sacrificed countless clansman, and still failed to get rid of this astral intruder.

The eradication of Demon Race is the common wish of clansman of the Liuyue tribe in all generations.

Since the Liuyue clan was honored as an astral messenger, Shen Lang also decided to be generous.

He directly took out countless immortal spirit stones from the storage ring, and let the chief Old An platoon distribute them to every Liuyue cultivator who participated in the war.

Although the overall environment of the Astral Realm is much better than True Immortal Realm, its own resources are not abundant, and immortal spirit stones can be regarded as rare here.

Generally speaking, when the astral cultivator consumes its chaotic spirit strength during the battle, it will fall into a very dangerous situation, because it is difficult to replenish enough chaotic spirit strength in a short time.

Shen Lang took out 1 billion middle grade immortal spirit stones and distributed them to every Liuyue cultivator who participated in the war, and guaranteed that each person would get at least two middle grade immortal spirit stones.

Two middle grade immortal spirit stones are enough for an ordinary Heavenly Immortal cultivator to make up for several times of chaotic spirit strength.

Apart from this, Shen Lang also personally distributed to each Heaven Encompassing Exalted Immortal a high grade immortal spirit stone and a Spirit level Immortal Treasure, equivalent to important strategic materials!

It is worth mentioning that Xingyu, whom Shen Lang met at the border of the Liuyue tribe, also participated in this battle.

Seeing that Shen Lang came to Xingyu and gave out a Flying Sword that melted Spirit level and a high grade immortal spirit stone, Xingyu was ashamed and knelt in front of Shen Lang, gritted his teeth. “My Envoy, Xingyu’s guilt is not light, and I cannot accept it!”

The incident of Lu Yan framed and slandered Shen Lang had long been passed to Xingyu’s ears.

Xingyu has always felt that he did not protect Shen Lang, which caused Shen Lang to suffer injustice. He was ashamed of this and felt that he should bear an important responsibility.

Shen Lang patted Xingyu’s shoulder, and said one of them said with a smile: “The previous things have nothing to do with you, so you don’t have to blame yourself. You should accept the things I give you, hope you Brat can gain more combat exploits in the war and contribute more to the Liuyue clan.”

“Xingyu must spare no effort and live up to the expectations of the envoy!”

Xingyu burst into gratitude, accepted Shen Lang’s gift, and bowed his bow.

Shen Lang smiled and continued to distribute supplies.

Seeing that Shen Lang could not hesitate to take out so many immortal spirit stones and magic weapons to distribute to the Liuyue cultivator, the clansman was grateful for it and convinced.

In addition to the Heaven Encompassing Exalted Immortal of ordinary sergeants and commander level, Shen Lang also took out nine Spirit level Immortal Treasures and lent them to nine Elders of the Liuyue Clan for They are used in battle.

Seeing that Shen Lang was so generous, the Elders were moved in their hearts and felt that patriarch really had a foresight.

With this batch of key materials provided by Shen Lang, the overall battle strength of the Liuyue tribe army can be increased by 30%!

Actually, with Shen Lang’s current financial resources, these materials allocated to him are nothing but one hair from nine oxen.

Of course, Shen Lang did not forget to take out a few important Immortal Treasures and gave them to Le Fei Er self-protection.

Le Fei’er’s physical hazard has been completely eliminated, and she naturally does not want to hide in the Heavenly Palace. Shen Lang satisfies her idea.

But out of selfishness, Shen Lang still asked the Elders to take care of Le Feier on the battlefield.


At this moment, outside Liuyue City.

In the sky, tens of thousands of giant spirit boats are assembled, and there are countless Blood Demon Race cultivators on the ground. The total number is more than two billion.

The black army of cultivators are like densely packed locusts.

Nearly a thousand cultivation bases, led by the heavenly demon of Heaven Encompassing Exalted Immortal, led their teams to cast large-scale combined attacks, and moved towards the layers of Defensive Great Array outside Falling Moon City to launch a fierce attack .

“bang bang bang!!!!”

The waves of loud bangs make the eardrums tremble, and the multi-colored aura is facing Liuyue City The outer defensive barrier kept bombing, and people with strong light stabbing could not open their eyes.

More than two billion cultivator forces attacked at the same time, and the formidable power was so big that it was jaw-dropping.

But in a short while, the Demon Race army has already defeated dozens of Defensive Great Arrays outside of Liuyue City.

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