My Fiancee Is a Stunning CEO Chapter 4373

During the 20-odd days between Blood Demon Race’s decision-making action and the invasion of the Liuyue Race, the Liuyue Race only did two things.

The first thing is to summon clansman scattered around the Liuyue tribe to gather in Liuyue City.

The second thing is to use the power of the whole family to strengthen the defense of Floating Moon City.

The defense strategy of Liuyue City is very simple. As early as more than 20 years ago, Shen Lang asked the Great Elder Star Remnant to give orders, ordering the Liuyue Clan to do its best in the City Protecting Great Formation. The Defensive Great Array was added quickly outside, and the more the better Defensive Array was arranged as much as possible.

There are more Defensive Arrays that envelop Floating Moon City. It will take a lot of time for the Blood Demon Race army to break through these Defensive Arrays, and it will also cause serious consumption to the Blood Demon Race army itself.

Secondly, the Defensive Array was added to resist the unfathomable Puppet Beast of the Blood Demon Race.

After all, it is said that even the “Nine-star Tianchen Array” of the City Protecting Great Formation body of Liuyue City cannot withstand one or two blows from the Puppet Beast of the Blood Demon Race. The addition of the Defensive Array can appropriately reduce the nine-star Tianchen. The pressure of the big array.

In just over 20 days, the Defensive Great Array outside Liuyue City has arranged hundreds of them, and one is better than one.

With the attack speed of the Blood Demon Race army, it would take at least two or three days to break through these Defensive Arrays outside of Floating Moon City.

In addition to delaying time, Shen Lang also wants to consume a wave of Blood Demon Race to create an advantage in disguise.

“bang bang bang!

The sound of explosion outside Liuyue city, the cultivator army gathered in the city closed their eyes and rested, waiting for work.

The Blood Demon Race is in front of the army.

Xi Feng thinks that the attack effect of Blood Demon Race is too poor, and can’t help but irritate at the evil dragon demon lord beside him: “Evil Fellow Daoist Long, continue to attack like this. Before the Defensive Great Array of Liuyue City is completely compromised, your cultivator army will consume almost all of it. When the time comes, how can you fight the Liuyue Clan? “

“I heard that your Blood Demon Race is a Puppet Beast left over from the War of Extinction. Don’t hide it at this time. Take it out and use it quickly. Directly break through all the Defensive Arrays in this Liuyue City! “

Xi Feng impatient’s yelling.

The evil dragon demon king face revealed a trace of the color of vigilance, said solemnly: “Xi Fellow Daoist Feng don’t be impatient, I The family does have a killing move, but it must be used at the most critical time. The most important Defensive Array in Liuyue City is the nine-star Tianchen Array inside! This array of defensive power can be said to be against the sky, and it is provided by Liuyue divine wood. It has amazing characteristics and strong self-repair ability. “

“If Magical Powers cannot open a breakthrough with attacks far beyond the Formation defensive power itself, this nine-star Tianchen array can continue to repair itself. Therefore, our clan must move out of Puppet Beast only after the Jiuxing Tianchen Array is attacked and manifested, to ensure that a single blow produces the greatest attack effect! I also hope that Fellow Daoist Feng understands. “

When these words came out, Xi Feng’s face was full of gloom.

The evil dragon demon has time to wait, but he has no time to wait.

Shen Lang and more After staying in the Liuyue clan for a day, Xi Feng felt that the variables would be getting bigger and bigger.

But at this point, Xi Feng didn’t feel anxious and could only hope that the “Puppet Beast” from the Blood Demon Race “I really have the ability to break the formation.

In order to avoid the consumption of the cultivator to the greatest extent, the Evil Dragon Demon Lord also has his own strategy.

He divides the Blood Demon Race into an army. There are three batches, and the three groups of armies take turns to attack.

Continue to attack for a few hours. After the chaotic spirit strength of the first batch of troops has been consumed more than half, the second batch of troops quickly rotates to replace the first batch of cultivator troops. Continue to attack the Defensive Great Array outside Liuyue City.

At the same time, the first army meditates in place, and the Blood Demon Race cultivator in the army restores its chaotic spirit strength and is temporarily rested.

After the chaotic spirit strength of the second batch of cultivators has been consumed more than half, the third batch of cultivator troops can connect to the offensive position and continue to attack.

At this time, the second batch of troops began to meditate and recover. , Temporarily rest and reorganization. And the first batch of troops have recovered and are on standby.

In this way, the rotation of the three batches of troops can ensure the strength of the attack while minimizing the consumption, ensuring that oneself is always available There are 2/3 of the cultivator personnel in good condition. Although the other one third cultivator is consumed, it will not have a subversive effect on the outcome of the battle.

Although you listen to the tactics of the evil dragon demon lord It looks very reliable, but the immortal spirit stone consumed by this kind of protracted battle will be incalculable.

Blood Demon Race itself does not have much hidden goods. For this battle, the evil dragon demon is a container cargo. They are all taken out, it can be said that they are determined to win.

In this way, the Blood Demon Race army took turns attacking for five days and five nights, and finally it took all the Defensive Great outside of Liuyue City. Array was completely defeated, and the terrain of the entire several tens of thousands of li in Liuyue City was completely changed, and a large area of ​​land collapsed and disappeared.

On the night of the fifth day, the Blood Demon Race The army finally broke through the last Defensive Array outside the City Protecting Great Formation of Liuyue City.

“hong long! !!!”

The heavy loud noise was like the sky collapsed, and a large number of multi-colored Divine Ability attacks fell on the Jiuxing Tianchen Da, who guarded Liuyue City. Above the array.

Above the Blood Demon Race, the evil dragon demon expression exclaimed with excitement: “The Liuyue City array is about to be destroyed. There is nowhere for the trash to run!”


As the evil dragon demon screamed, the three batches of cultivators of Blood Demon Race were not rotating and attacked at the same time. The nine-star Tianchen large formation, one by one, as if they had been hit with chicken blood, exhausted twelve points of full force to cast a combined attack spell to attack the Formation barrier.

The multi-colored flame storm thunder and lightning beams rush out like huge waves. Hundreds of thousands of attacks use heaven falls and earth rends. The power of tsunami and landslides swept across the nine-star Tianchen array!

“bang bang bang!!!!”

The thrilling sound of bursting seemed to collapse, and the strong light from the explosion swallowed and drowned the nine-star Tianchen array!

Under the full attack of Blood Demon Race, the nine-star Tianchen array that had been hidden in midair finally appeared.

“bang bang bang! !!!”

In an instant, nine huge pillars of dark light suddenly rose from the roots of the divine wood in the center of Liuyue City. Rising from the nine corners of East, West, North, and South of Liuyue City, it rises straight into the sky.

The beam of light reached the end of the sky, and suddenly turned into nine extremely bright stars, which complemented each other with the flowing moon emitting nine colors of moonlight, brilliant and profound.

The nine stars that emerged in the sky suddenly descended a large starlight light wall, enveloping the entire Liuyue divine wood and even the Liuyue city below the Liuyue divine wood!

At this point, the nine-star Tianchen array in Liuyue City finally appeared!

The endless starlight seals Liuyue divine wood and Liuyue City tightly in it. The horrible energy fluctuations even form violent star storms around Liuyue City and Liuyue divine wood.

This astonishing energy of the star storm completely blocked the attack of the Blood Demon Race cultivator army and blocked all forms of energy.

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