My Fiancee Is a Stunning CEO Chapter 4374

Unbelievable, Blood Demon Race’s full attack of more than two billion cultivators can’t even break the energy storm triggered by the surface of the nine-star Tianchen array. This shows the defense against the sky. Power!

Shen Lang in front of the army lined up in the flow of the month, seeing this shocking scene, and his scalp numb.

He has never seen such a Defensive Array of formidable power. I am afraid this Formation is infinitely close to the level of “law barrier”!

The so-called law barrier refers to the defensive barrier arranged with Law Power. It is stronger than the Great Principle Golden Immortal. It may not have the ability to arrange the law barrier. Probably only the Dao Ancestor Tianzun has this ability.

Legendary Chaos Fairy Array is an advanced form of expression of the law barrier.

Blood Demon Race is in front of the army.

Xi Feng’s face is black at the bottom of the pot.

The Blood Demon Race army has obviously output like a mad dog, but Divine Ability is like throw a stone and see it sink without trace in the sea, in the City Protecting Great of Liuyue City There is no water splash in front of Formation.

In the dark night, through a variety of aura explosions, you can vaguely see the towering Liuyue divine wood body, shining with dim glaze-colored glow, which seems to prove that the nine-star sky of Liuyue City The array is indeed the energy provided by Liuyue divine wood.

Liuyue divine wood is one of the Primordial Three Sacred Divine Wood that feeds the entire star realm. The energy contained in it can be described as infinite. The Blood Demon Race army wants to defeat this with the Combined Assault Technique of this formidable power The nine-star Tianchen formation is almost impossible.

Not only Xi Feng, but also the numerous Blood Demon Race troops, looking at the defensive barrier like a moat in front of them, each one feels weak.

“Evil Fellow Daoist Long, if you continue to attack like this, it won’t be of any use. Don’t hurry up to show your family’s Puppet Beast and create a breakthrough!” Xi Feng couldn’t help but urged.

The evil dragon demon also knows that the time has come, he first glanced at Xi Feng, and said in a secretive tone: “At that time, I hope that Fellow Daoist Feng can take the lead in the charge and set an example!”

Xi Feng immediately agreed: “As long as you can open the breach, Xi will naturally take the lead and stop the thief Shen Lang for the first time!”

“Very good.”

Evil Dragon Demon Lord nodded, took a deep breath, and then took out a bloody treasure box from the storage ring.

The treasure box is shaped like a blood jade, surrounded by a large number of tiny runes. It seems to have been sealed with multiple seals, and the surface is still entangled with chains.

Evil Dragon Demon Lord pinches with two fingers and begins to cast spells to remove the seal on the surface of the treasure box.

It took him a full 5 minutes of time before he lifted all the seals, and the rune around the treasure box disappeared, and then he unlocked the chain that was entwined on the treasure box.

After a series of complicated operations, the evil dragon demon king finally opened the treasure box.

Seeing him so mysterious and mysterious, Xi Feng couldn’t help but glanced more.

However, the evil dragon demon lord cautiously took out a shriveled worm corpse from the treasure box. The whole body was black, the size of chalk, and the shape of leeches, shriveled like straw, without a trace of anger.

Look carefully, the head of this worm-like worm seems to have nine small antennae.

Xi Feng was taken aback for a moment, and then the complexion is gloomy said: “Evil Fellow Daoist Long, don’t you tell me, this thing is your Puppet Beast, right?”

” Yes, it is this thing.”

The evil dragon demon lord facial expression grave looked at the black worm corpse in his palm, as if something was brewing.

“Evil Fellow Daoist Long, are you sure you are joking?”

Xi Feng’s face twitched slightly, he really couldn’t believe that just such a tiny unremarkable corpse could be released Out of the Hunyuan Great Principle Golden Immortal level Divine Ability attack.

The evil dragon demon lord ignored Xi Feng’s doubts, his right hand claws cut his wrist, dripped a lot of blood into his palm, and was absorbed by the shriveled corpse.

The corpse of the worm absorbed part of the blood of the evil dragon demon king, and its body gradually expanded, from the original chalk size to the size of a bamboo shoot.

At the same time, Evil Dragon Demon Lord injected a large amount of Soul Power into the corpse, but the corpse is still lifeless.

But then, the evil dragon demon lord made an amazing move.


The evil dragon demon king suddenly uttered a loud and violent shout, and a large block of blood light emerged from the evil dragon demon king and rose into the sky. , Illuminating the entire battlefield impressively.

In the bath of blood light, the evil dragon demon’s fleshy body quickly swelled and transformed into a ten thousand zhang, two horns growing on the head, the body of the dragon’s head, bones and wings on the back , The tyrannical dragon!

The dragon is covered with blade-like black dragon scales, and crimson’s pupils are burning with intense blood flames, like bright blood-colored stars, and a dazzling blood-colored halo like the sun emerges behind the bone wings. In addition to the horror, it actually gives people a sense of noble and unrestrained hard to describe.

This is the “Blood Sun Demon Dragon”, the main body of the evil dragon demon, and it is also the top bloodline of the Blood Demon Race.

The Blood Sun Demon under the same realm is much stronger than other great heavenly demon!

Of course, the incarnation cost of the evil dragon and demon lord is not to pretend to be cool.

I saw the blood sun demon dragon in the instant after transforming, throwing the corpse in the sky, then spit out a lot of blood, dragon claw quickly drew a seal.

The blood turned into a waterfall of blood-colored spirit strength, which was absorbed by the Dharma seal, forming the rudiment of a Formation. A large amount of blood-colored aura enveloping the corpse of the worm, floating above the sky, like a twisted giant snake Surging endlessly.

“All Blood Demon Race cultivators listen to orders and sacrifice!”

The evil dragon demon Lord shout out loudly and spread throughout the entire Blood Demon Race army.

Blood Demon Race cultivator immediately stopped attacking, cutting their wrists with sharp blades.

Countless demonic blood gathered into a huge red and black wave, rushing into the array of in the sky.

In an instant, the entire sky was enveloped by the thick rays of demon blood, and the array gradually turned into a black whirlpool, absorbing the essence and blood provided by the Blood Demon Race clansman.

Xi Feng has a look of shock. His eyesight can naturally tell that the blood essence provided by the Blood Demon Race cultivator seems to be completely absorbed by the corpses in the whirlpool.

With such a large “sacrifice array”, it seems that the killing move of the Blood Demon Race should not be underestimated!

Evil Dragon Demon Lord did not hesitate to consume a large amount of blood essence and Soul Power, and successfully put down the sacrificial formation, making the Puppet Beast of Blood Demon Race appear its original form.

“hong long! ”

A deafening thunder sound resounded through Heaven and Earth, and a terrifying black thunderbolt suddenly surged in the black whirlpool, releasing billowing demonic energy, eternally heavy .

The black demonic energy, which is like ink, seems to come from the primitive wilderness, contains indescribable fierce power, is breathtaking, and gives people a strong sense of anxiety!


Even the powerful Great Principle Golden Immortal like Xi Feng can’t help but take a breath of cold at this moment, and feel a strong to the extreme palpitations. sense!

The three silver ambassadors beside him did not dare to take a breath.

next moment.


In the raging black whirlpool of thunderbolt, a low and hoarse roar suddenly sounded, sending cold shivers down one’s spine.

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