My Fiancee Is a Stunning CEO Chapter 4375


Between the thunder sounds like heaven falls and earth rends, the black whirlpool above the sky descends like The black thunderbolt like a tsunami waterfall, the whirlpool seemed to have broken a big hole, and gradually descended a Demon Insect puppet with nine insect heads, dragon claw, human body, centipede tail, and black scales all over!

That Demon Insect puppet actually has an exaggerated one hundred ten thousand zhang long, each insect capital is very terrifying, its mouth is like a pool of blood, its teeth are like swords and halberds, and the horrible spiritual pressure storm moved towards like a hurricane. All directions diverge, releasing a terrifying force that disturbs the world!


The nine worms of the Demon Insect puppet raised their heads in the sky and screamed, and finally made a complete roar sound.

These are nine completely different roar sounds, either low, or sharp, or hoarse, or high-pitched. Heaven and Earth trembled, and all beings are ants!


Hearing the cultivator of the insect’s whistling sound, the brain seemed to be undergoing thousands of impacts, the headache was splitting, and the violent sound waves made the scalp Numb, many Blood Demon Race cultivators fainted directly.

This low roar seems to be able to attack the human Divine Soul, even the cultivator, which is also the Demon Race bloodline, is difficult to resist. I only feel the buzzing in my brain, breathing difficulties, and hands and feet trembling. All actions were lost in a short time.

Only the experts above Heaven Encompassing Exalted Immortal cultivation base can barely be unaffected, but they are still a little soft from scared. This is from instinctive fear!

“This is…that Puppet Beast?”

Xi Feng felt a little bit of breathing, thinking that this is the original form of the Blood Demon Race Puppet Beast, and it is really dangerous. Extremely!

The whistling sound is like a Divine Soul attack, such a terrifying puppet, he’s seen it for the first time!

Shen Lang, who was in the City Protecting Great Formation of Flowing Moon City, also noticed the Demon Insect puppet called by the Blood Demon Race.

Although the nine-star Tianchen array shielded all energy, when Shen Lang caught a glimpse of the form of the Vicious Insect, his heart still couldn’t help but twitch, and he instinctively felt a huge threat.

“The Liuyue tribe army listens to the order, pay attention to vigilance, and be ready to attack at any time!”

Shen Lang shouted.


Countless clansman has responded.


In fact, the Demon Insect puppet summoned by the Evil Dragon Demon Lord is transformed from the body of the ancient alien species “Nine Headed Demon Mirage” of Demon Domain , The puppet hides a Primal Chaos Heaven magic core, which is used as energy to drive the puppet to move.

The Demon Insect puppet itself is naturally extremely powerful, but every time it needs to absorb a lot of magic blood to wake it up, the process is quite cumbersome.

After experiencing the war of extinction, the magic core energy in the nine-headed magic mirage puppet has almost been exhausted, and now there are only one or two blows left.

Before the life and death of Demon Race, Blood Demon Race will not easily use the nine-headed mirage. But this time, in order to be able to defeat the Liuyue Clan in one fell swoop, the evil dragon demon king has also completely spared it.

“Lord Demon, please help me break through the Defensive Great Array of the Thieves!”

In front of the Blood Demon Race, the evil dragon demon fell on his knees, moved towards in the sky The Demon Insect puppet bowed down and snarled.

The Demon Insect puppet is guided by the divine sense of the Evil Dragon Demon Lord. As soon as the Evil Dragon Demon Lord’s voice fell, the Demon Insect puppet immediately screamed and used Magical Powers.

Suddenly, the nine worms of the nine-headed mirage puppet opened their huge mouths for the first time, and endless magic light burst from the worm’s head, turning into one after another black ball of light, releasing Indescribable terrifying energy!

The black light sphere is like a twisted black hole, and the periphery of the black hole is still burning with scorching black flames, like a twisted and rotating black sun.

I saw that the black sun’s core is constantly rotating, like one after another black hole, and even the space that drives all around is twisting and rotating, bursting out terrifying formidable power like the heaven’s Danger Land!

As the nine-headed mirages continue to cast spells and gain momentum, a total of nine rounds of black sun are condense, and the surrounding space of thousands of miles begins to be violently distorted.

“Quickly stay away from the mirage master!”

The evil dragon demon screamed loudly, warning the Blood Demon Race army to stay away from the Demon Insect puppet.

The Blood Demon Race army retreated one after another, away from this terrifying Demon Insect puppet.

Even if the Evil Dragon Demon Lord issued a warning in advance, some Blood Demon Race cultivators with a weaker cultivation base were too late to escape, and were torn apart by the force of the distorted space until the flesh was torn apart by the space.


The fleshy bodies of the Blood Demon Race cultivator who were too late to escape were swallowed by space, the skeleton flesh was crushed and crushed, and the mouth uttered a tragic scream sound.

Xifeng’s heart is so great, the energy fluctuations when using Magical Powers alone can distort and destroy space. It is conceivable that the “Puppet Beast” of Blood Demon Race will release Divine Ability formidable power. How far!

It seems that Puppet Beast is really possible to release a blow that is infinitely close to the Hunyuan Great Principle Golden Immortal!

In order to avoid being affected, Xi Feng also moved to the back of the Demon Insect puppet along with the Evil Dragon Demon Lord, and the expression waited nervously for the Demon Insect puppet to cast a spell.

When the nine-headed mirages reached their limits, they finally released the nine giant black suns in front of the worm’s head!

“hong long!!!!”

At this moment, the sky is shaking and the world is fission.

I saw the nine huge and weird black suns, carrying the appalling Destruction Strength moved towards The Liuyue City, which was shrouded by the nine-star Tianchen array, was overwhelmed!

Black Where the sun passes, the space is distorted like a whirlpool, confirming how powerful this blow is.

As the nine-color black sun hit, Shen Lang above Liuyue City couldn’t help taking a breath of cold.

Across the layer of City Protecting Great Formation, he can feel a threat of death!

This is definitely the strongest attack he has ever seen since he stepped into True Immortal Realm!

The old face of patriarch was extremely tense, and he felt an unprecedented horror.



The first black sun hit the nine-star Tianchen array that enveloped Liuyue City, and the heavy rumbling sound was like the end of the world.

After the black sun hit the barrier of the starlight array, it burst and exploded. Everything around was covered by black glow. The terrifying energy spread outward, and the formidable power instantly reached a chilling and terrifying To the point!

Wherever the black glow passes, all the rocks and lands are turned into powder and fly ash.

The entire Liuyue City was instantly shrouded in black light, and he couldn’t see his fingers.

The city shook violently, like a Level 12 earthquake, the ground and various buildings began to crack small cracks.

Endless starlight energy gushes from the barriers of the nine-star Tianchen array that was struck by the black sun, seeming to be trying to resist the impact of the black light.

Before everyone could react, the second, third, and fourth black sun continued to hit the same position, bursting one after another.

“Dongdong dong!!!!”

The destroying heaven extinguishing earth-like explosion made the heart stagnate, and the space inside Floating Moon City was shaking like crazy.

All cultivators, including Shen Lang, held their breath one after another, and a suffocating sense of tension enveloped everyone.

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