My Fiancee Is a Stunning CEO Chapter 4376

The black sun formidable power released by the Demon Insect puppet is so big that it is indescribable, and it is infinitely close to the one-stroke power of the Great Principle Golden Immortal of Hunyuan!

Without this nine-star Tianchen formation, it would be enough to kill Shen Lang in front of the formation a dozen times!

After the nine-star Tianchen array was hit and burst by four black suns in succession, the starlight at the Formation barrier was sharply weakened, the defensive power was attenuated, and the barrier surface was rippling with wave-like ripples, which seemed to be turbulent. Steady trend!


“dong! dong! dong!”

The fifth, sixth, and seventh black sun continued to hit the barrier surface, bursting out loud noises like planetary explosions .

Suppressing the Heavens and Earth-like black glow covers everything around you. The endless black light is like a wave of black tsunamis, repeatedly strangling against the nine-star Tianchen array, like the end of the world Like a terrifying scene.

Amidst the harsh roaring sound, the barriers of seven black sun arrays that were subjected to one after another made a sharp sound like cutting glass, and the space on the surface of the barriers was crazily distorted. It seems to be pushed to the limit.

A terrifying scene appeared.


An untimely crisp sound came, which has always been considered an indestructible nine-star Tianchen array. At this moment, a small crack appeared at the barrier of the array. crack!

“Not good!”

Shen Lang complexion greatly changed, and the patriarch in front of the crowd could not help but take a breath of cold.

It is this tiny crack that allowed a small amount of black glow to penetrate from the crack into the interior of Liuyue City, turning into a violent black storm, moved towards the Liuyue tribe army roaring!


The Liuyue tribe army suddenly became a mess.

The black light energy that penetrates through the cracks is turned into a black storm. The formidable power is extremely strong. The storm is mixed with densely packed black light silks, carrying a huge amount of destructive energy. The formidable power is afraid Not inferior to the Golden Immortal Technique!

“Shadow the magic light!”

Shen Lang’s eyes are fast and his hands are quick, the Asura pupil between his eyebrows opened, and the dark golden magic light like the raging waves, moved towards swept away. The black storm that came was overwhelmed.

“bang bang bang! ”

A series of bursting and harsh rumbling sound coming one after another, the dark golden magic light released by the Asura sacred pupil with crushing dry weeds and smashing rotten wood The momentum suppressed the black storm and strangled the threat.


“There is a play!”

In front of the blood demon race, Xi Feng and the evil dragon demon have already hit the seventh black sun. The barriers of the Jiuxing Tianchen array array were damaged, and the two of them suddenly lit up.

The defensive power of the Nine-Star Tianchen Array is amazing, but it is also a time-honored defensive prohibition. Even with the energy provided by the divine wood of the moon, the weakness of Formation itself cannot be restrained.

In several important battles in history, the Blood Demon Race army has attacked the City Lord of Liuyue several times.

After being consumed by several wars in history, the Nine-Star Tianchen Array is now falling into weakness.


Shen Lang in front of Liuyue City just resisted the black storm, he noticed the last two black suns coming one after another, and his heart was terrified, and shouted:

“The entire army of the Liuyue tribe, quickly deploy the group defense Magical Powers!”

Hearing Shen Lang’s loud shout, all Liuyue gathered in the sky above Liuyue City The clan army began to use the art of group defense, and countless cultivators moved towards in the sky to play multi-colored auras, and the huge auras that spewed like a tsunami quickly condensed and turned into a huge defensive mask.

However, before the Liuyue tribe army had completely condensed the defensive mask, the eighth black sun swiftly struck, and smashed it firmly against the cracked array barrier.

“hong long! !!!”

Another earth shattering sound came, the black sun exploded, and the tyrannical black glow turned earth-shaking.

The small cracks in the original Formation barrier quickly tore and expand, like a mirror about to collapse. The number of cracks has changed from the previous few to thousands. The longest crack is thousands. zhang is long.

A large amount of black glow penetrated into Liuyue City from the cracks and turned into thousands of horrifying black tornados. Tornado was even mixed with a large amount of black lightning to destroy momentum of destroying the Heavens and exterminating the Earth moved towards Liuyue tribe army blasted away!

These black tornados that attacked are not only powerful, but also horribly fast. Many clansman of the Moon Clan have not had time to open the defensive barrier, and the tornado has already flew to the front of the army!

“Hah! ”

Shen Lang’s eyes are like electricity, urging the Asura sacred pupil at the center of his eyebrows to the extreme, and the dark golden magic light rushes into the sky, trying to offset it Thousands of black tornado from these rushes.

However, the power of this storm is far beyond Shen Lang’s imagination.

Shadow Magic Light failed to resist even for a moment, and was crushed by the blockbuster black tornado.

Seeing the tornado that is hiding the sky and covering the earth swallows, Shen Lang does not retreat but advances, his whole body soars into the sky, his palms are pushed forward hard, and he looks up to the sky and screams: “Jin Immortal Technique, crystalline barrier!!!”

In an impressive manner, Shen Lang’s palm shot out a huge tsunami-like cold light, a huge amount of cold light almost condensed in an instant. Thousands of ten thousand zhang crystal walls, the surface of the wall releases amazing cold light.

In desperation, Shen Lang successfully displayed the newly completed astral Magical Powers, which is also the defensive Magical Powers “crystal barrier” of the Golden Aquarius.

The huge crystal wall is like a moat, which prevents the black tornado from coming.


Thousands of black tornado hit the surface of the crystal barrier, and the harsh rumbling sound was like pierce gold and split stone, extremely sharp.

Shen Lang alone propped up the huge crystalline barrier and stood up ahead of the Liuyue tribe army, doing all he could to resist the penetrating black tornado.

It was this short blink of an eye that allowed the Liuyue tribe army to successfully deploy a group defensive mask.

The huge defensive barrier enveloped the entire Liuyue tribe army, and the Spirit Boat of the Liuyue tribe in the sky also opened the Defensive Array at the fastest speed.

At this moment of dizziness, the last black sun spit out by the Demon Insect puppet hit the cracked array barrier over Liuyue City.

“dong! !!!”

The terrifying crackling sound makes the scalp numb, and the original part of the cracked array barrier was completely destroyed by the last black sun Almost unable to withstand it, a large number of cracks spread from the barrier of the attacked array to the entire front of the Formation, extending to the height of nine ten thousand li.

“bang bang bang!”

The black sun cuts and rotates like a spiral ball of light, trying to break through the cracked array barrier.

Fortunately, although the barriers of the nine-star Tianchen array array are cracked, they still have strong defensive power. No matter how the black sun rotates and cuts at the cracked array barriers, it still cannot be completely cut. Punch through this Formation!

Although the Jiuxing Tianchen Array has not collapsed, the black light with no opportunity has invaded Liuyue City from the numerous cracks in the Formation.

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