My Fiancee Is a Stunning CEO Chapter 4377

The terrifying black storm stormed the entire city of Floating Moon.

Where the black wind passed, countless buildings in the city were completely destroyed. Various pavilions, pavilions, and palace towers were all turned into ruins in the whistling of the wind.

Even if Shen Lang in front of the army of Floating Moon City releases the Power of Stars within the body to the extreme, the crystal barrier in front of him cannot withstand the extremely violent black storm.

“crack crack ka-cha!”

The surface of the crystal barrier has begun to crack with a large number of cracks, and it will not be able to support it.

Just at the crucial moment.

“Shen Lang Fellow Daoist, the old man will help you!”

“Young Master, beware!”

Xing Can and Le Feier took the lead in supporting Shen Lang.

Xing Can took out the Aoki Scepter, which releases azure light energy like a blazing sun, forming a distorted cyan space, blessing it on the surface of the cracked crystalline barrier, assisting Shen Lang with all his strength Withstand the impact of the black storm.

It is worth mentioning that the Immortal Treasure of the Great Elder Star Remnant was originally called “Qingping Staff”. It was the Spirit level Immortal Treasure given to him by Cang Yue Saintess in the early years. Can be useful.

Le Feier came to Shen Lang’s side at the fastest speed, played the white jade harp in his hand, and the white jade hand quickly plucked the strings.

The sound of the melodious piano is melodious and rapid, as clear as splashing jade!

In a flash, the white jade harp in Le Feier’s hand bursts with countless white filaments, transforming into a thousand zhang ice phoenix phantom, carrying a dazzling cold glow and hitting it The black storm that keeps coming.

“bang bang bang! ”

A series of rumbling sounds followed, and Le Feier hit Divine Ability. Although it didn’t play much use, it was better than nothing.

“My messenger, I will help you!”

“I will come too!”

The Liuyue patriarch in the rear rushed forward, or Use defensive Magical Powers to help Shen Lang reduce stress, or use Magical Powers attacks to offset the formidable power of the black storm as much as possible.

Naturally, the cultivator of the Liuyue tribe army is not idle. Under the orders of the leaders of Heaven Encompassing Exalted Immortal, they counterattacked one after another, or they used defensive Magical Powers to resist the engulfed black tornado.

At the same time, the black sun that failed to penetrate the Formation barrier finally burst.

“hong long!!!!”

At this moment, it seemed as if the sky had fallen.

The terrifying black light rose up, and Liuyue City became pitch black in an instant.

Time stops at a moment.

The unimaginable destructive energy burst out on the verge of collapsing the barrier of the array. The barrier of Formation finally reached its limit, and a hole with a length and width of thousands zhang was exploded!

The destructive energy released by the black sun burst violently invaded Liuyue City.

The weird black glow of the blockbuster is like a huge flood, moved towards Shen Lang and the army of the Liuyue tribe swallowed and attacked, terrifying!

“Bang! Bang! Bang!”

The crystalline barrier opened by Shen Lang was instantly torn apart by the black light energy that Danger Land extinguished that day, and ice chips flew up and turned into nothing. .

The defensive barriers that the other patriarchs of Liuyue tried their best to open were also destroyed in an instant, with no resistance.

“It’s over!!!”

Seeing that the black light of destroying heaven extinguishing earth wants to swallow everyone up and destroy everyone, Shen Lang is so distraught that he is already desperate.

Unexpectedly, the Liuyue tribe’s nine-star Tianchen array, after all, failed to hold up the power of the Demon Race that mysterious “Puppet Beast”.

The destructive energy that invaded Liuyue City alone was enough to kill the one third Liuyue army in the front row!

This is not the point yet, the point is that the old Liuyue patriarch in front of the battle may have to die here!

Even if Shen Lang sacrificed his life and tried his best, he could not withstand this level of attack.

Shen Lang in despair had to grab the arm of Le Feier beside him, preparing to hide in the Heavenly Palace before the black light hit.

However, something unexpected happened.

At this moment of extreme crisis, the Great Elder Star Remnant rushed to the billowing black glow that swept by himself, his muddy old eyes flashed with a touch of determination, and his mouth made a hoarse cry: ” In the future of the Liuyue Clan, please entrust your envoy and clansman!!!”

As soon as the roar fell, the star-remaining old body shot out ten thousand azure light, and the Qingping staff was also in his hand. At the same moment, a dazzling cyan ray light burst out, like stars in the dark night, illuminating the city of Liuyue covered by a black storm in an instant.

“Great Elder!!!”

Li Feng’s eyes were splitting, he knew what Xingcan wanted to do, and his mouth let out a heart-piercing roar.

“Star Can Fellow Daoist!”

Shen Lang complexion greatly changed, watching the star can burn Divine Soul frantically, making the Qingping stick in his hand release destroying heaven and extinguishing earth. With energy fluctuations, he suddenly realized what Xing Can wanted to do.

This is a precursor to Spirit level Immortal Treasure self-destruct!

Xing Can want to make the Spirit level Immortal Treasure Qingping rod in his hand self-destruct, create a huge Destruction Strength, counterattack against the black light energy in front of the invading Moon City array.

The sealing of Spirit level Immortal Treasure is quite special. It can indeed create a self-destruct spell at the time of forging. In extreme cases, the treasure holder can use the method of burning Divine Soul to detonate the Immortal Treasure and create Extremely powerful Destruction Strength!

In the spirit level of Long Ming in the past, there was a similar self-destruct function. At that time, it was also perish together with the emperor shadow by self-destruct.

Looking at Xing Can rushing into the black light sweeping like a moth flies into the flame, Shen Lang gritted his teeth, feeling a kind of hard to describe sadness in his heart.

Xing Can knows that Shen Lang and the others will not be able to resist the black light energy that invades Liuyue City. Sacrificing himself is the last thing he can do for the Liuyue Clan as the Great Elder.

“The dregs of Blood Demon Race, don’t want to hurt my clansman of the Moon Clan!”

Xing Can roared wildly, burning his Soul Power to the extreme, and the Qingping staff in his hand poured out infinitely The endless azure light, plunged into the billowing black glow, finally burst!

“hong long!!!!”

The brilliant cyan ray rose from the raging black light and spread rapidly.

“bang bang bang!”

With the violent rumbling sound, azure light and black glow interweave and collide, and Heaven and Earth change color.

Two huge destructive energies are entangled endlessly, and the heavy crackling roars endlessly, endlessly!

Xing Can sacrificed himself and detonated the Destruction Strength created by Qingping Staff. The formidable power is beyond imagination! Actually forcibly resolved the power of black light and blocked the spread of black light.

Relying on the power of the Spirit level Immortal Treasure self-destruct, Shen Lang in the rear, Le Feier, the patriarch and countless clansman of the Liuyue tribe survived.

Shen Lang and the digital Liuyue patriarch only opened a defensive barrier to withstand the aftermath of the oncoming explosion.

“Great Elder…”

Seeing the Great Elder’s self-destruct body fall, just to defend the Liuyue tribe from a fatal attack, all the Liuyue patriarchs were shocked and knelt down. In front of the azure light that hadn’t faded, I was distraught.

The clansman of the Liuyue tribe who peeped into this scene before the battle burst into tears and wept in tears.

Shen Lang clenched his fists, gritted his teeth and muttered silently: “Xing Can Fellow Daoist, Shen will not let you sacrifice for nothing!”

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